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Patsy Palmer Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth, and more

Posted By: Saba Altaf | November 22, 2018

Who is Patsy Palmer?

Patsy Palmer is an English well-known actress, and also radio representative worked in some TV dramas. Patsy career starts from a children’s program named as “Grange Hill,” but she was famous for soap serial EastEnders “Bianca Jackson” in which she was cast since 1993-1999 and leave this drama in 2014. Palmer performed in some TV dramas and released her on her autobiography. Her mother was the first supporter of her she believes in the talent of her daughter. In 1984 patsy was a screen debut on the TV show “The Gentle touch in 1984”. She became famous for the passage of time. Palmer was always very talented and won the hearts of many with her acting skills.

Patsy Palmer

The early life of Patsy Palmer:

Patsy Palmer was born on 26th May 1972 her birthplace was Bethnal Green, London. Palmer started her education career from “Global primary School” and got her secondary education from “Hagerstown Girls secondary school” she has two elder brothers “Albert and Harry” her mother give her a nickname pat. Patsy mother encourages the abilities of her daughter she wants her to learn that talent of acting professionally. As a result, she gives a chance to Patsy Palmer learn, and she from “Anna Scher’s” this was a reputed acting school in London. Pat belonged to a good family and had a good early life. She got good studies.

Professional Life of Patsy Palmer

Patsy Palmer

When she starts with “Anna Scher’s her name was Julie Harris after that she changed her name, and her mother’s given nickname used as her first name. Patsy was screen debut after her TV show “The Gentle Touch” She took part in the small series roles like “Tricky Business” Making News”  “Clarisse” etc.

Moreover, she cast in a series Bianca Jackson” in 1983 which give her more popularity and publicity in her field. She got her a lot of fan from this show. Other projects didn’t give her that much progression.

Achievements of Patsy Palmer:

Patsy nominated for national TV award in 1996; the nomination was for the award of the most popular actress. It was the biggest achievement for her.

She won Award as the best actress in 2000 for her acting from 3 different platforms name as “TV Quick/TV Choice Award, inside soap award, British soap award” and get awards in 2008, 2009, 2010. This was the biggest achievement for her.

Latest work of Patsy Palmer:

Palmer is working on some of the new projects and soon we will able to see her in new dramas. Some of the dramas will become a super hit.

Interesting Facts about Patsy Palmer:

Patsy Palmer used drugs and got caught for that in the 1990s she also admitted it that she was taking them from the age of ten.

Palmer married two times in her life. She has a lot of children and now living a happy life with her children.

She was one of the most seen celebs of soap serial who got too many awards for her acting skills.

Patsy Palmer Relationships:

Patsy Palmer

Patsy got married two times in her life. Pat has four children. Her first baby born in 1962 named as Charley she was in a relationship with boxer his name is “Alfie Rothwell,” in 2000. She gives birth to one more baby Fenton, then in 2001 patsy give birth to Emilia than Palmer gave birth to one more kid after ten years Bertie. Pat settled with her family in “Western Terrace” and later on shifted to “Kemptown Brighton,” England.

Palmer proved as Drug addicted in the 1990s and admits this fact and told that. “I have started “experimenting” with alcohol and drugs from the age of ten “and at the age of 24she strop addiction and she speaks publicly that “We don’t have a drink in our house.”

Patsy Palmer Net Worth:

Patsy Palmer 26 May 1972 in “Bethnal Green,” London is a British nationality holder actress. Palmer performs on a “children shows Grange Hill,” but she got publicity from her character in the “Bianca Jackson” after that patsy appeared in the British TV “soap opera EastEnders.” Palmer cast since from 1993–1999, and again appeared in this serial April 2008 and left that in 2014. Actress performed in numerous TV dramas. The actual worth of this lady is $100000, and she is living a lush and stable life.

Patsy Palmer Houses:

Patsy is living with her family in Kempton Brighton. This is her property this is the reason she has shifted here. No other property is present on the record.

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