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Bull Nakano Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Net Worth, Personal Life and Affairs

Posted By: Noor Ul Huda | September 16, 2018

Bull Nakano Biography

Bull Nakano was the famous former wrestler. She has taken retirement from wrestling, and now she is a golfer. Nakano started her career with All Japan pro-wrestling. She was a villain as a wrestler. She was the part of a team of her mentor dump Matsumoto.

Early Life of Bull Nakano

Bull Nakano

She was born on 8th January 1968 in Kawaguchi, Saitama She got married in 2011 to Daisuke Aoki. When Nakano was just 15 years old, she appeared in all Japan wrestling pro. Bull Nakano is known as the villain of the wrestling. She was the first woman player World women’s Champion in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. Nakano is now retired from the wrestling and start playing golf. She is now known as a professional golfer from 1998, and she also qualified the LPGA tour.

Professional Life of Bull Nakano

Bull Nakano

She started her career when she was just 15 years old. It was 1983-1992. She played junior championship in 1983. Her ring name was Bull Nakano. She holds the championship for three years.

She made the team with her mentor and both named as the villains in wrestling. They both won WWWA tag team championship. She played this championship for three years and teamed up with Condor after the retirement of her mentor Dump Matsumoto.

Bull Nakano traveled to Mexico in 1992 and stopped playing for AJW. She was the finalist for women royal battle.

Nakano started playing with WWF and make her way to the US. She then traveled to North Korea in 1995. She was famous as a good-hearted person, and she has incredible talent.

Relationship details of Bull Nakano

She married to Daisuke Aoki in 2011. They have children together. No other affair details are present on the internet.

Bull Nakano Retired

Bull Nakano

Due to the several injuries in her wrestling, she has to take the retirement in 1997. She produced her own wrestling event. At the end of the event, she celebrated her retirement. She was not an active wrestler.

Golf Professional

Nakano started playing golf in 1998. She played in Florida in November 2004. She ended this tournament when she was 250 out of 251. Afterward, she ended every tournament at 261 out of 271. Bull Nakano failed the qualification of LGPA. But she, later on, qualified the LGPA and joined Duramed Futures tour in January 2006.

Bull Nakano Net Worth

Bull Nakano

Her original name is Keiko Nakano. She was born on 8th January 1968. She got the fame from her ring name which is Bull Nakano. Bull Nakano was playing for all japan wrestling championship. She was known as the villain in wrestling. She teamed up with her mentor named Dump Matsumoto. Nakano played in Mexico, US, and North Korea. Due to a lot of injuries in wrestling, she decided to take the retirement. She arranged her own wrestling event, and at the end of the event, she celebrated her retirement. After saying goodbye to wrestling, she started playing golf. At first, she didn’t win the LPGA, but later on, she got the success. Her net worth is $100k which is growing with every passing year. She is still an active golf player.

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