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Robert Hawking Biography, Wiki, Affairs, Career, Net Worth And More

Who is Robert Hawking?

It is a fact that the children of a famous celebrity or a person get fame. Robert Hawking is famous for being the eldest son of a very talented physicist, cosmologist, author, and professor Stephan Hawking. He is a 49-year-old man, living in the United States of America and working as an engineer in Microsoft.

Robert Hawking Biography  
Real Name: Robert Hawking
Nick Name: Robert
Profession: software engineer
Birth Date:
52 Years
Birth Place:
United Kingdom
Zodiac Sign:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Animal Pet:

Robert Hawking Biography:

Robert George Hawking was born in May 1967. He was born to parents Professor Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde Hawking. His father is well-known for his works in theoretical physics and cosmology, his mother is the best- known for her memoir, Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. The Academy Award-nominated movie and The Theory of Everything adapted from the same book. There are two siblings of Robert Hawking 44 years old Lucy Hawking and 36-year-old Timothy Hawking. Lucy is known as an English journalist and novelist. She got fame for her notable work including the children’s book, George’s Secret Key to the Universe, which she wrote with the help of her father, Stephen Hawking and his former student, Christophe Galfard.

Lucy started to study French and Russian at The University of Oxford. She married once. Robert and Lucy’s younger brother, Timothy “Tim” Hawking came into this world in April 1979. He began his study of Spanish at Exeter University and is the biggest fan of Formula One racing. Professionally, Robert is a software engineer who works for Microsoft. He is presently living in Seattle, Washington, USA, although he is a British. He has spared some part of his life in Canada as well. So far as Robert Hawkings’s educational background is concerned.

Robert Hawking Education:

Robert Hawking completed his graduation from one of the best and well-known universities, Oxford University. Stephen Hawking stated that as a child Robert Hawking wanted to study science but being the eldest son and eldest brother, Robert must have taken care of his beloved father who is ill due to a slowly progressing form of thyrotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Robert Hawking Career:

Robert Hawking wanted to become a scientist like his father, but he turned out to be a product engineer. He is presently working at Microsoft in Seattle Washington USA. Robert has done the job in Canada as well, in spite of being a British posterity after coming to Washington. He is such a feverish and passionate engineer that he is calling by an engineer. While on the contrary, her sister Lucy Hawking studying Literature and known as an English columnist and author. A few books are mentioning here in which “George’s secret key to the universe” is of much significance which she wrote and composed with the help of her father. At the University of Oxford, Lucy is a French and Russian examiner as well.

Robert Hawking Personal Life:

Robert Hawking is a family guy with a wife and two children who are passing content and happy life. He blessed with a son and a daughter. Robert Hawking seems to be great and satisfying with his life. He is very grateful for everything he has in his life. He loves to spare his time with his children. Robert wants to keep his personal life away from the media.

Robert Hawking Net Worth:

As mentioned above that Robert is an engineer by profession, so he has done a great job as in the field of information technology for a large part of his life still. Robert Hawking is presently working for a Microsoft company. It said that the estimated net worth of Hawking is around million.


Robert Hawking is the eldest son of a well-known scientist and cosmologist. Stephan Hawking, but unlikely, Robert doesn’t like to be famous. Therefore he kept his personal life away from publicity. He is working in Microsoft company and earning a good amount of salary.

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