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Amber Rose Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Net Worth, Affairs and More

Posted By: Ejaz Abbasi | January 17, 2019

Amber Rose is the famous actress and model. She also has her own eyewear line which makes her more famous among the audience. Amber Rose was the guest star on the channel MTV and MTV2. She also came as the dancing star in the competition 23rd season of the program named Dancing with stars. Rose was the partner of a famous dancing star named Maksim, but they didn’t win the show and eliminated in October.

Who is Amber Rose?

Amber Rose

Amber Rose is one of the famous American actress and model. Started her career with the guest star in the channel MTV, and MTV2. She also started her own eyewear line which makes her even more famous among the audience. Amber has the passion for the dance also. Rose worked in the dance show named dancing with stars. She was the partner of skillful actor and dancer Maksim. But they failed to win and eliminated on 17th October. It was the 23rd season of the show which was equally famous among the audience.

The Early Life of Amber Rose

Amber Rose was born on 21st October 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her father name is Michael Levonchuck, and mother name is Dorothy Rose. Amber’s father is from Italy, and her mother is from Cape Verdean. Rose began stripping when she was only 15 years old. Her parents got the divorce when she was 15 years old. This is the reason she faced a lot of troubles in her life.

Professional Life of Amber Rose

Amber Rose

In 2008 she started her career by appearing in the Young Jeezy and Kanye’s Put On which caught a lot of attention from the west. When she posed for Louis Vuitton, she got a lot of exposure from the audience. This was one of the sneaker lines. On the other hand, she played a lot of videos such as Massive Attack, Vacation, No sleep, Fabulous, and many more. Amber became a model in the year 2009 to 2010. She appeared in Russell Simon’s reality show about his assistant. This is the journey of her success.

Achievements of Amber Rose

Amber Rose has won many awards in her career life and some of them she shared with her audience, and those are

She has her own eyewear line, and she started it now this is the reason she is giving a lot of time to it, and this is one of the biggest achievement of her life.

Amber has faced a bad childhood but she is much stable now, and this is one of the biggest achievement for her too.

Amber Rose

Latest work of Amber Rose

Amber Rose has done a lot of work during her career life, and she is still passionate in some of the New Year projects. These projects will air soon. On the other hand, she has started her own eyewear line and focusing on it. This is one of the biggest achievement, as well as this work of her, liked by her audience.

Interesting Facts about Amber Rose

Amber Rose was doing stripping to pay her bills before coming into the entertainment field.

She has done slut walk which was for those women who got different sexual behavior.

Amber Rose and Relationships

Amber Rose was dating a rapper named Wiz Khalifa in the year 2011. Both got married in two years of their relationship on 8th July 2013. Both were in love and had a kid together. In 2014, the couple decided to go for the divorce because both cannot continue the relationship because of irresponsible differences. Both have the custody of their son. Now she is dating a rapper named Savage. The relationship is not much close because Rose committed that she is sexually opened and can love to any man or woman who is beautiful.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose Net Worth

Rose net worth net worth is $1 million which is not that much good, but she is working hard to get more. Amber know the worth of money well this is the reason she is doing some of the bigger projects in the coming year which will increase her net worth. This will increase her net worth easily.

Amber Rose Houses

Rose owns her own beauty and one of the luxury houses in CA. The cost of this house is around $4 million. This house has a big garden a huge car parking. On the other hand, the house filled with a lot of beautiful furniture and modern facilities.

Amber Rose Car Collections

Amber Rose has a variety of luxurious and beautiful cars on which she uses to travel around the city, and some of them are Gallardo Spyder made by Lamborghini cost of this car is around $181,000. This car is Black in color. Amber also has Ferrari of upgrade model which has the cost of $4200, 000, and Amber rose also have Jeep in Pink color which has cost her around $22,595

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