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Russell Wilson Bio, Age, Height, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth, Facts & More

Posted By: joy root | March 8, 2018

Russle Wilson American Football Player. Playing as Quarterback for Seattle Seahawks. he played college football for the University of Wisconsin during in 2011 season, in which he set the single-season Football Bowl Subdivision record for passing efficiency (191.8) and led his team to a Big Ten title and the 2012 Rose Bowl. Russell Wilson played Baseball and Football for North Carolina State University from 2008 to 2010 before transferring to Wisconsin. Russell Wilson also played minor league baseball for the Tri-City Dust Devils in 2010 and the Asheville Tourists in 2011 as a second baseman.

Russle  Wilson signed $87.6 Million Deal in July 2015, and  that contract was for 4  years, made him 2nd Highest Paid Footballer in NFL history at that time.

 Here the below article ”Russell Wilson Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Facts, Controversies, Net worth, Family Tree, Personal Life” contains almost each and everything you need to know about him.

Russell Wilson Personal Life:-

Russell Wilson Personal Life

With Girlfriend

Russell Wilson Controversies:-

Few of the controversies that have been following the life of the star quarterback from Seattle Seahawks are as follows.

  • There was a lot of uproars on social media and news media about the controversial video made public by Russell Wilson himself on facebook. In this video, Russell asked Yolanda Fredrick to sit on his lap all the while discussing the International Women’s Day with her. Yolanda is Ciara’s best friend, and this was not liked by Ciara fans.
  • On Mother’s Day, Russell posted a heartfelt note to Ciara, commending her for her efforts to be not only his wife but also raising their children with attention and care. Many of Ciara’s fans took Our Children part in tweet personally and commented on Russell not being the dad of Ciara’s three-year-old son. However this was only an outburst of hate but still was tackled by Russell’s and most of Ciara’s fan base.
  • There was controversy about the Seattle Seahawks that their quarterback Russell Wilson and the defensive line were under some heavy disagreement and fight. The main suspect for the defensive line was Richard Sherman. He also called Russell the comment You Suck on the field. However, Russell cleared that controversy that Russell and all the team members’ are all like family. We sometimes fight but most of the time we firth with one another and for each of us.

 Russell Wilson Favorite Things:-

Ion this portion of bio we have decided to include all the innermost liking feature. The celebrity about which type of favorites are there for them in their normal routine life.

Russell Wilson Affairs:-

Russell’s first wife was Ashton Meem, and they were together from high school. Russell Wilson Bio. They got married in 2012 but divorced each other after 2014.

Russell started dating the R&B American singer plus entertainer Ciara in 2015. They got engaged in March of 2016 and got married in July 2016.

Russell Wilson Affairs

Wilson with Beautiful Girlfriend

Russell Wilson Facts:-

Some of the known cool facts about the celebrity are as follows.

  • Dude Perfect is a group of trick shot video artist that have been blowing minds of people with their amazing trick shots. Recently they have been in contact with Russell Wilson and the coach Pete Carol of the Seattle Seahawks to make some trick shot videos.
  • Russell Wilson has a degree in communications. This degree has made him one of the articulate NFL players. He wrote an article on the domestic violence on women. Other than that to most people’s surprise Russell Wilson is also the senior editor at The Player’s Tribune magazine. The magazine is head by Derek Jeter.
  • In his college, Russell Wilson was fairly popular and was voted to be “Most likely to be seen on TV”. This turned out true after he made the Seattle Seahawks quarterback position.
  • Not only Wilson is great at football, but he is also proficient in baseball too. The fact is evident from the history of him being recruited and drafted by almost two major baseball teams, and that was after high school alone. The names of the teams are Baltimore Orioles and NC State.
  • Not many of the Russell Wilson’s fans know that he has worked in a Starbucks in the prime of his career although for a short period of a night. He put on the traditional Starbucks Green apron and made Pumpkin Spice Lattes for the customers in Seattle city.

Russell Wilson in Alaska:-

  • Russell Wilson performed in an Alaska Airlines advertisement as the Chief Football Officer Wilson. This advertisement is one of the most innovative and hilarious commercials on national TV. The airline to show appreciation to Russell Wilson allows the passengers are wearing Wilson Jersey to board early than other passengers.
  • According to Wilson Himself that he became a devout Christian when at age 14, Jesus came into his dream and asked him to look for him. In this dream, Wilson also informed of his father death who died six years after that dream night.
  • According to Wilson himself, until 6th grade, he bullies and used to shake kids down for their lunch money. Seeing him being not only as an athlete but also as a role model and a spokesperson, he has come a long way and nicely too.
  • Billy Jean King is the 39 times Grand Slam Champion. Along with that she is an advocate and acts as an activist for gender equality rights. When she saw Russell Wilson on “Charlie Rose,” she made a tweet about him to be his new favorite hero on and off the field.
  • Russell Wilson is by far one of the most talented NFL players not only on the field but also off the field.

Russel Performed Concert:-

  • Russell co-performed concert with music sensations Preston Phil and Trenton George without feeling any pressure.
  • At the age of 145, Russell was able to meet the Former Baseball Celebrity Cal Ripken Jr. aka The Iron Man.
  • To pay the tribute, Russell Wilson, the Amazon Executive Brian Valentine, and his friends came up with an idea to convert a school bus into a party bus and also named it after Russell. The name is Bussell Wilson.
  • All of us are aware that Russell Wilson is a serious and devout Christian, but very few of his fans are aware that Russell Wilson wears the Number 3 jersey only to pay his tribute to the Holy Trinity. One other reason to wear number three is that Seattle Seahawks selected him during the third round.
  • Wilson has the record for having the 100 plus passer rating by any quarterback in the history of Super Bowl. The record is held in only first two NFL games.
  • It is one of the strangest facts about the Seattle Seahawks fans that Russell Wilson chose Seahawks by making a lottery. He placed all the 32 team names in a hat and chose Seattle Seahawks at random.
  • One other NFL record held only by Russell Wilson is that he made 300 plus Pass Yards and 100 plus rush yards in the single game.
  • Russell Wilson likes to dance and has also made a notion in an interview that if. He gave a chance he would like to dance on the show called “Dancing with the Stars”.

Russell Wilson Net Worth:-

To let the avid fans of this celebrity be aware of their idol’s true net worth in the world. Today we have placed all of their known financial assets and earnings up to date.

Russell Wilson Net worth is estimating at about $42 million.

Russell Wilson is currently one of the top NFL players in the NFL world. He is acting as the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and has made his name echo in the NFL. Russell Wilson Bio. This has not only increased his fan base but also has earned him lot of money. With all the money earned by him during the years of him being an NFL player, he amassed a larger amount of net worth. The current estimate for Russell Wilson’s net worth is at about $42 million. This net worth is the current estimate of all the assets and the money he has in his possession to date. His other sources of income include the following.

  • Salaries from his team
  • Brand Endorsement Fees
  • Personal investments

Other assets that contribute to his net worth are

  • Car collection
  • House

Russell Wilson Cars:-

All the celebrities tend to move around in luxury cars and planes all across the globe.Russell Wilson Bio. Since being very rich, they are bound to be in possession of some cars that depict their physiological taste.

Russell Wilson like any other sports athlete is an owner of a lavish and expensive car collection. The cars are certainly best of the brands and are according to the persona of the famous quarterback. Russell Wilson Bio. He is the currently proud owner of three expensive cars, and the net worthy of these cares is estimating to be around $1.5 million. The names of the cars are as follows.

  • Audi
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes Benz G63 AMG
Russell Wilson Cars

Russell Cars

Russell Wilson Houses:-

Houses are also one of the most important parts of a celebrity’s life, especially for their fan. They want to know what their idol’s net worth, what does he like what is his likeness on anything. Russell Wilson Bio. Same goes for the houses too.

Russell Wilson is currently residing in Bellevue Washington. Bellevue city is locating in the eastern region of the King County of Washington State. He is living there in the designer mansion he bought and remodeled back in 2015. The house is currently estimating to be at a price of about $6.7 million.

Russell Wilson Family Tree:-

For this portion, we have done conclusive research to tell our readers about the lineage of this celebrity for a better understanding of any question that arises in the minds of fans.

Wilson born at Cincinnati Ohio’s hospital called The Christ hospital. He is among one of the few footballers in NFL that has quite a history available on their family tree. Russell Wilson Bio. The following are some of the notable details about his family.

Russell Wilson Father Name:-

The name of his father is Harrison Benjamin Wilson III. His father was a lawyer by profession. His father was a great football player at Dartmouth College team. He played there as the wide receiver. Russell Wilson Bio.  Other than that he also played at San Diego Chargers Wide Receiver at the 1980’s game. Russell and his Brother Harrison used to play football with their father on Sundays.

Russell Wilson Mother Name:-

The name of his mother is Tammy Wilson Turner. Russell Wilson Bio. She was a legal nurse consultant by profession. Although life was tough to keep up with the bills of a huge family still, she raised her family with love and care.

Russell Wilson


  • Russell’s Great Great Grandfather was a salve to Confederate army and was freed by the army after the American Civil War.
  • The name of his paternal grandfather is Harrison B. Wilson Jr. This grandfather of his was the president of the Norfolk State University. His grandfather used to play football and basketball on the teams of Kentucky State University.
  • Russell’s paternal Grandmother was the member of the faculty at Jackson State University.
  • Maternal Grandfather of Russell, a renowned painter by the name of A.B. Jackson.

Russell Wilson Siblings:-

Russell grew up with following two siblings and their names are as follows.

  • An Older brother named Harrison IV.
  • Younger sister Anna

Russell Wilson Children:-

At the moment Wilson is a father to a daughter from Ciara named Sienna. Russell Wilson Bio. She was born on 28 April 2017.

Russell Wilson Children

Wilson with Wife and Children

Best Friends:

  • Scott Picket (Childhood Bets friend)
  • Mark Rodgers (his agent)
  • Jimmy Graham (his teammate)
  • Robert Turbin (former teammate)


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Vacation on beaches
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