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Zlatan Ibrahimović Net Worth, Career, House, Cars, Family, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 8, 2018

Zlatan Ibrahimović is a Swedish international footballer who has reached stupendous heights with his performance as a soccer player. Due to his performances, Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth has also taken a leap upwards, thus helping him to live a luxurious life too.

Here is a look at his career, net worth, and achievements.

What do we know about Zlatan Ibrahimović early life?

Zlatan Ibrahimović was born on October 3, 1981, in Malmo, Sweden. The parents of Zlatan Ibrahimović were immigrants: father from Bosnia and mother from Croatia. Early in his infancy, his parents divorced, thus making Zlatan Ibrahimović life difficult than ever. With his parents divorced, Zlatan Ibrahimović spent most of his early childhood in the district of Rosengard. The district was populated heavily with immigrants who strived to get basic necessities of life. With condition worsening for the Zlatan Ibrahimović family, he indulged into stealing bicycles. Zlatan Ibrahimović lived with a segregated family and braved an abusive childhood with meager basic resources. However, he endured through the circumstances to become one of the best footballers in the history of the world, and amassed unprecedented wealth. By virtue of his performance and efforts, Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth increased excessively and today he is one of the richest footballers in the world.

Zlatan Ibrahimović Career

Zlatan Ibrahimović Net worth

Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth is estimated to be $270 dollars. The net worth is expected to tower pass 300 million USD in the next couple of years. The footballer is having a salary of above $3, 00,000 with Manchester United.

Weekly Salary    $3, 00,000

Personal Investments    $185 Million

Luxury Cars Owned    $3.5 Million

Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth usually flows from different sources. The most potent source of his income remains his salary from Sweden Football Association and Manchester United. Endorsement price of Zlatan Ibrahimović is also insanely high as he charges more than 2.5 Million dollars for each of his endorsement deal.

Some of the major brands that are endorsed by Zlatan Ibrahimović are

  • Nike
  • Nivea Men
  • Volvo
  • Vitamin Well

Nike sponsorship deal has remained the most important deal for the footballer as it made him the highest amount of wealth. Lately, Zlatan Ibrahimović has had some contract issues with the Nike, but things settled out well after ‘Nike’ and Zlatan Ibrahimović discussed the matter between them. However, the footballer has recently been offered endorsement deals by other companies too. Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth is expected to increase in 2017 because of various new contracts in line for Zlatan Ibrahimović.

How Zlatan Ibrahimović achieved stupendous heights in his Professional Career?

Malmo FF (1999)

Zlatan Ibrahimović professional career started with his very first contract with Malmo FF in 1999. The performance of Zlatan Ibrahimović helped him the team to leap up to the first level from the second level. The performance of Zlatan Ibrahimović showed consistency and the striker were offered a contract from a Dutch Club AFC Ajax. With performance being adored by the clubs, he was also criticized for his short temperament and an immature personality. During his four-year tenure with the Ajax, Zlatan Ibrahimović scored 34 goals in 75 games from 2001-2005.


In the year 2005, Zlatan Ibrahimović left the Ajax and played for Juventus F.C, AN Italian Football club. Soon in the next year, the team won Serie A championship. However, the club was later on allegations of spot-fixing in matches, and consequently, all the awards were stripped from the club. Along with the management, the player also felt the humiliation. Consequently, Zlatan Ibrahimović left the club and joined Inter Milan. In 70 appearances for Juventus, Zlatan Ibrahimović scored 25 goals.

F.C Barcelona

In the year 2009, Zlatan Ibrahimović moved to F.C Barcelona. During his tenure as a player for Barcelona, he played 29 games and scored 16 goals. During his presence in the club, he won Barcelona a league title and Sup cup victory. However, the stay at the Barcelona also lived a fragile life when striker locked head with Pep Guardiola. Following the skirmish with the manager, the footballer was left out of the Barcelona team. However, he was good enough player to find another team.

Paris Saint-Germain

Zlatan Ibrahimović joined A.C Milan for the year 2012 and was purchased by Paris Saint-Germain in 2012. Contend to prove his worth once again, the footballer scored 30 goals in 34 games, thus powering club to the first Ligue title in 20 years.

Manchester United

In 2016-17, Zlatan Ibrahimović once again changed his club and moved to Manchester United. He has scored 16 goals in 26 games playing in the premier league championship.

Zlatan Ibrahimović Soccer

How did Zlatan Ibrahimović perform in the international arena?

Zlatan Ibrahimović was eligible to play for three teams: Sweden, the place of his birth; Bosnia, the birthplace of his father; Croatia, the birthplace of his mother. However, he chooses his own birthplace Sweden and made his debut for Sweden against Faroe Island on 31 Jan 2001. After his debut, he was kept under the radar and selected for FIFA World Cup 2002. The team had a bad 2002 world cup, and eventually, they got out of the round of 16. It was with his performances in the international arena that made Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth swell.

Euro 2004 and 2006 World Cup

Sweden qualified for the UEFA Euro cup 2004. Zlatan Ibrahimović scored 3 goals in the qualifying campaign and was slightly struggling to get into the top gear. Eventually, his form returned in the opening match of Euro cup 2004 as he scored a goal to gain the form back. In the next two games, Zlatan Ibrahimović scored goals to seal the berth in quarterfinals where he missed a penalty stroke and Sweden was subsequently eliminated from the tournament.

Zlatan Ibrahimović scored four goals in 2006 World cup qualification campaign but was unable to make any mark in World Cup 2006. The team was again knocked out of the round of 16 by Germany. Despite the bad show of team, Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth increased virtue his presence in the team.

Sweden’s top scorer, Euro 2016 and retirement

Zlatan Ibrahimović scored his 50th international goal against Estonia in a friendly match and was crowned as the all-time best goal scorer for Swedish football team. In 2016 Euro cup, Zlatan Ibrahimović played as the captain but was unable to score any goal. The team was humiliated through the course of the tournament and finished last in the group, and was consequently eliminated. The mediocre performance of the team forced him to take retirement from the international football. Zlatan Ibrahimović announced retirement from international football on 21 June 2016 but continued to play for clubs.

What is Zlatan Ibrahimović Family life like?

The soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimović is married to Swedish Model Helena Seger. Both of them met in 2003 when Zlatan Ibrahimović was fresh on the football field. They have two children together and are living a fulfilling life together.

What Kind of House Zlatan Ibrahimović possesses?

Zlatan Ibrahimović is the owner of two houses: one is situated in Manchester and the other is in Manchester. The house in Manchester is bought by him recently for $6 Million. His house in Manchester is a luxury mansion that has six bedrooms and an indoor swimming pool. The house has an advanced security system installed too. It also embodies a technically advanced gym and double garage that makes it a perfect house. Obviously, Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth can afford such mansions.

Zlatan Ibrahimović Net Worth

What Cars does Zlatan Ibrahimović own?

Zlatan Ibrahimović has recently shipped a fleet of cars from France to England. The cars are estimated to be worth 1.5 million pounds. Without any doubt, Zlatan Ibrahimović net worth can help to maintain such incredible fleet of cars.

Swedish international has a number of cars but the most special one is indeed Swedish Volvo.

With three-door hatchback, the car has an epic external design and five-cylinder engine that makes it absolutely unique in the car market of Sweden. While talking about the Swedish Volvo, Zlatan Ibrahimović said that the car’s comfort makes it the best pick for him because he can drive it with a sense of comfort and style.

However, Zlatan Ibrahimović also likes –, the famous Italian brand. Yes, we are talking about Ferrari. With Ferrari 360-spider in his armory, he has recently picked Ferrari Enzo which is a real jewel in the market of cars. The car had only 400 units produced and the owner of one of those units is Zlatan Ibrahimović who cherishes the ride on one of the most expensive cars in the world.

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