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Samuel Eto Net Worth, Career, Awards, Salary, House, Cars, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 7, 2018

Samuel Eto was born on March 10, 1981, in Nkon, Cameroon. Born to an accountant father, Eto enjoyed a comfortable childhood. Kadaji Sports Academy nourished him in the early childhood. Later on, in the 1990’s, Eto applied for a French youth academy. Luckily for the footballer, he was selected for training in Real Madrid’s youth academy in 1997. The moment changed his career and he rose to fame. With the passage of time, Samuel Eto net worth increased and reached unfathomable heights.

When did Samuel Eto reveal himself on the scene?

The experience Eto gained by playing with the quality football club like Real Madrid helped him to bring confidence in his game. The striker took his experience of club football at the national level and helped Cameroon to achieve a gold medal in Africa cup of Nations 2002 and a Gold medal at the Olympics 2000. Without any doubt, winning Olympics so early in his career also proved important for his career growth. Needless to say, Samuel Eto started to gain the international attention.

Meanwhile, his unsettling club career also seemed to settle when the footballer signed a deal with RCD Mallorca. The signing with club proved fruitful for the club when he scored to help his team win Copa Del Rey. The club showered him with praise and money, and he won three consecutive African Player of the awards virtue his bossy performance for the club. Successful beginning to the career helped Samuel Eto net worth to grow.

Samuel Eto Career

Samuel Eto net worth

Samuel Eto net worth is $98 Million. The footballer has not only earned his money by signing contracts with different football clubs but has also bagged several endorsement deals. The endorsement deals have proved to be pivotal in making the footballer earn hefty amount of money.

What are Samuel Eto endorsement deals?

Our estimate shows that Samuel Eto has earned around $653,595 in last year endorsement deals with different organization. If all these deals are added to the repertoire of the footballer, his wealth reaches stupendous heights. Evidently, the wealth of Samuel Eto comes through different sources but the important thing is that it all adds up to Eto net worth.

What is Samuel Eto Salary?

Samuel Eto net worth has increased on the behest of his lucrative salary. With 2010 onwards, his salary saw significant increase every single year and he amassed a considerable amount of money.

Here is the list of Samuel Eto Yearly Salary

Samuel Eto’o Yearly salary    $2,941,176

2014-2015    $2,941,176

2013-2014    $2,557,545

2012-2013    $1,960,784

2011-2012    $1,589,825

2015-2016    $3,382,353

Samuel Eto has won numerous awards in his illustrious career. These awards have also helped him to strengthen his posture as a wealthy man.

How Much Money Samuel Eto Earned Via Awards?

Samuel has won the African Player of the year award twice during his illustrious career. The prize not only brought him fame and respect but also blessed him with $349,650 worth. This was one incredible leap towards stupendous wealth that showered the footballer. Other awards of significance include FIFA World Player of the Year in the year 2005. All these awards helped Samuel Eto net worth to leap up within a short period of time.

The awards also helped him rise as a potential star in the endorsement industry. Before this award, Samuel Eto income from endorsement sources was really low initially because of his African background, but it started to pick the pace up when he won the 2005 FIFA World Player of the year. Here is the full list of Samuel Eto awards and the income he has amassed from these awards.

African Player of the Year:    $349,650

Pichichi Trophy:   $284,091

UEFA Club Forward of the Year: $216,450

2005 FIFA World Player of the Year: $162,338

Young African Player of the Year:    $138,581

Olympic Gold Medal:  $126,263

Total Earning of Samuel Eto’o

2015    $25,000,000

2014    $21,739,130

2013    $20,000,000

2012    $14,285,714

Samuel Eto Soccer

What about Samuel Eto career through the years?

Samuel Eto signed a deal with Real Madrid in 1997 but warmed the bench for most of his contract days. In total, he played 3 games and was unable to make his mark, though to be fair to him, he was not given enough chance to display his skills. However, he gained valuable experience by seeing his seniors perform in the middle.


From 1997-2000, the player played the total of 49 games for three teams (Leganes, Espanyol, and Mallorca) and scored 10 goals. The time period was the most turbulent part of his career as he was unable to adjust into on particular team of substance and moved from one place to another without any sense of serenity.


The time period 2000-2004 proved helpful for the player to gain confidence and adjust himself as a player in the team. During the course of these years, Eto played for Mallorca and scored 48 goals in 120 games. The stint with Mallorca also came on the behest of his performance in the Olympics 2000 where he won Gold Medal for his team. It was around this time when Footballer felt confident about his skills. Samuel Eto net worth also saw a major upshot following the win in the Olympics.


Eto has scored 108 Goals for Barcelona in 145 appearances. The performance of Samuel Eto is unprecedented in the Barcelona history. Without any doubt, it was his deal with Barcelona that fully introduced him on the international stage. The revered footballer builds a revered fan club, thus ensuring a proper flow of money and fame. However, all of this success came upon his superior performances on the ground.


Samuel Eto has scored 33 goals in 67 games while playing for Inter Milan. It was his peak time in the career where whatever he touched turned to gold with little effort.

2011-15 ( Anzhi Makhachkala, Chelsea, and Everton)

After a period of calmness, there was again shuffling in his career. The footballer moved through three teams in the course of four years. However, his performance remained steady for each of these clubs and he managed to perform despite consistent chopping and changing.

2011–2013    Anzhi Makhachkala

53    (25)

2013–2014    Chelsea

21    (9)

2014–2015    Everton

14    (3)

In 2015, he again decided to make an Antalyaspor. However, he decided to stay at the club for the longer duration of time. He has played 47 games for the club and scored 28 goals so far. It is amazing that his impressive run continues for so long despite several interruptions and changes.

What do we know about Samuel Eto Family Life?

Eto has four Children Marella, Etienne, Siena, and Lynn. Married to Georgette in 2007, Eto lives a charming life in Paris. The Personal life of Eto has mainly been controversy less. But unfortunately, Eto has faced blatant racism while playing the game in Spain. The outrage of the crowd has even forced him to not bring his family members to the football stadium. Commenting on the situation, Eto said ‘I prefer my children not to go to football stadiums because it would be difficult to explain these sort of things to children and it is better not to expose them to all this’.

How Samuel Eto Performed for Cameron International Team?

Eto has remained one of the major stars in the footballing history of the Cameron.  Starting his career in 1997, Cameron has played 118 games for the Cameron national team and has scored 58 goals so far. His career started perfectly when his heroics enabled Cameron to bag Gold in Olympics 2000. His best year for the national team came in 2008 when he scored 11 goals in 11 games. However, the footballer has last appeared for Cameron in 2014. Since then, he has marked his absence from the team. But, Samuel Eto net worth continued to increase despite his absence from other sources.

What about Samuel Eto House?

Samuel Eto has recently bought a mansion worth 18.5 Million in Italy. The locals have warned him against buying the house because of their apprehensions that alluded that house is haunted by the curse of Tutankhamun. The house has more than 40 rooms with gorgeous swimming pool and interior design. Moreover, the house is situated at 30,000 square meters of the land. No doubt that Samuel Eto net worth can only suffice such an expensive mansion!

Samuel Eto Net Worth

What are some favourite cars of Samuel Eto?

Eto owns the most expensive car present on the face of the earth- A Bugatti Veyron. Probably, he is the only African footballer to own such an expensive car. However, this is not the only car owned by the footballer. Samuel Eto owns

  1. Ferrari
  2. Bentley
  3. Lamborghini
  4. Hummer Jeep
  5. Porch
  6. Family Bus

While giving an interview to The Sun, Eto said that cars are his passion and whenever he feels down and intimidated, he rides one of his cars and feels relaxed.

Although the footballer lags behind the stars like Ronaldo and Messi, but still amasses a considerable amount of fortune to list in the top 10 richest footballers on the planet earth.

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