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Ronaldinho Net Worth, Early Life, Original Name, Career, Family, Cars, House, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 8, 2018

Ronaldinho Introduction

Ronaldinho was the member of Brazil 2002 World Cup winning Team. With his guile and persona, the footballer has left an imperishable mark on the soccer field. The popularity of the footballer reached its climax when Ronadhino won the World Cup 2002 with his outstanding performance. He also won FIFA player of the year twice. Ronaldinho leads an exemplary revival of Brazilian Soccer Team to unprecedented heights in the realm of football. With fame on his side, Ronaldinho net worth also reached stupendous heights.

Here is a look at his illustrious life and career.

ronaldinho Biography

What was Ronaldinho Early life like?

Ronaldinho was born on 21 March 1980 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. By the stroke of luck, Ronaldinho finds himself in the company of footballers: the father and brother of Ronaldinho were both professional soccer players who nourished Ronaldinho into a top-notch footballer. Ronaldinho has also acknowledged the fact that his family has played a significant role in shaping his career as a professional footballer. When questioned about the role of the family in shaping his career as a Footballer, he replied

‘Living with that kind of environment, I was immensely motivated and learned a great deal from them.’

Ronaldinho does credit his father for his success in the field. According to Ronaldinho, the father was the best mentor he has ever had in his professional career. ‘He gave me the best piece of advice on and off the field,’ says Ronaldinho. Later on, Ronaldinho net worth got a stupendous boost with rising fame in the field.

Due to his family’s presence in the football arena, Ronaldinho received an early chance to play organized football than most of the other players of that era. Ronaldinho was only seven years old when started exerting energy in the football ground, and consequently, building himself up in the field of his choice. There is also an interesting story related to Ronaldinho name.

What was Ronaldinho original name?

Ronaldinho was originally named Ronaldo but was always called Ronaldinho by his fellow footballers because he was just only a ‘little kid’ with a very short height among teenagers. Ronaldinho played most of his childhood football with players older than him in age. When he reached the national football team, there was another player named Ronaldo in the team, so the national team also preferred to call him Ronaldinho instead of Ronaldinho. Consequently, the footballer received fame by the very name of ‘Ronaldinho’ and he also accepted that name on the personal level.

How poor was Ronaldinho poor in his Childhood?

Though there was unusual interest shown by Ronaldinho family in soccer, the economic condition of the household remained consistently poor. Therefore, Ronaldinho needed to brave them and somehow carve a way to develop as a professional a Footballer.  Ronaldinho braved the conditions and developed into one of the finest talents in the Brazil soccer history. Today, Ronaldinho net worth makes him one of the richest footballer on the planet earth.

Ronaldinho net worth

$90 Million

Ronaldinho net worth towers above most of his competitors who haven’t been able to compete with the famous footballer. The net worth of the footballer roused to new heights after successful World Cup campaign. Following the campaign, the Footballer was also named the Footballer of the year twice. The performance of the star helped him to amass a substantial amount of money through the course of his career.

Due to his merchandise deals and on the field skills, footballer gained unprecedented money during his stay at the football arena. The prize money Ronaldinho received during his career is also amazingly high. With all the income through his years of success, he is the tenth richest footballer on the planet earth with the net worth of $90 Million.

ronaldinho Net Worth

How did Ronaldinho Rose to fame?

The star announced himself when he scored 23 goals in a single game. The performance introduced Ronadhino into the limelight, and ultimately, he leads a variety of Brazilian junior teams before coming into the national side. With his consistent performance, the teenager won a birth in Brazilian under-19 national team. Ronaldinho’s heroic performance in the tournament resulted in Brazil winning the World Cup. Ronaldinho was justly awarded FIFA player of the tournament for his astonishing performance during World Cup. Soon afterward, the cherished footballer earned a contract deal with Gremio, one of the most famous Brazilian Football Club.  Ronaldinho net worth also got a stupendous lift after his success in the ground.

What was Ronaldinho journey like in International Football?

Ronaldinho debuted for Gremio in 1999. One year later, the footballer got the dream of his life fulfilled when he got a call from National Brazilian Side. Ronaldinho calls it the most significant event in his football career. The confederation cup in Mexico was his first assignment as a player. Ronaldinho surpassed all the expectations and performed exceptionally well in the tournament. Although the team lost the final of the tournament, the leading goal scoring performance of Ronaldinho earned him ‘Golden Boot Award’ as well as ‘Golden Ball Award.’ Suddenly, Ronaldinho became a superhero not only in Brazil but also in the world due to his tremendous performances in the field.

Brazil was in red-hot form before entering into World Cup 2002. The team was filled with superstars such as Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Ronaldinho too was expected to do well in the tournament. During the campaign, the revered footballer scored two goals in five games while assisting many other. The purpose of Ronaldinho against England in Quarter Final proved match is winning, and Brazil went on to lift its 5th World Cup Title with the win over Germany in the finals.

What was Ronaldinho’s contribution in 2002 Soccer World Cup?

A year later, he participated in his first World Cup in a squad loaded Brazilian team that also featured Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Ronaldinho scored two goals in five matches, including the game-winner in a quarter-final victory over England, and Brazil went on to defeat Germany in the finals to claim its fifth World Cup title.

After World Cup success, Ronaldinho got multiple offers from various clubs worldwide, but the footballer chose to pursue his career only with FC Barcelona.

Barcelona also returned the favor by bestowing him with the number 10 jersey that was usually given to the most creative soccer player in the team. Ronaldinho also helped Barcelona to win the 2006 Champion League Tournament, thus further adding to the tally of his awards. With every year passing by, the footballer amassed all the awards of prestigious nature but none greater than FIFA player of the year’s awards: Ronaldinho has twice won player of the year award in 2004 and 2005.  Ronaldinho net worth increased heaps and bound during these five years stay in the arena.

When did Ronaldinho decline start?

In the year 2006, the Brazilian squad once again entered into World Cup with high hopes. Though this time, the team ended up disappointing fans when it suffered humiliation from France in the Quarter Finals of the tournament.

With time running out of hand, the Brazilian footballer performance also saw a dip in the latter half of last decade. Consequently, he was left out of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Ronaldinho tried to rejuvenate his career in 2012 by signing a contract with Atletico Mineiro in June 2012. The performance remained inconsistent, and the famed footballer slowly faded into the oblivion with time running against him.

What is Ronaldinho Personal life like?

Ronaldinho personal life is almost controversy-free. Ronaldinho and her girlfriend Janina Mendes decided to have a baby in 2005 and named him Joao. The family has enjoyed a smooth relationship afterward in a harmonious home environment. Ronaldinho is also a family man too. He has his Brother Roberto serving as his agent. The sister Daisy also acts as press coordinator to Ronaldinho and helps him to attain heights in his life. All in all, the family enjoys exuberance intimacy and reverence between each other.

ronaldinho Career

Does he own a House in Spain?

Ronaldinho is a perfectionist when it comes to the selection of house. Some might say that he is a spent thrift when it comes to buying a luxurious home, but again, he has the wealth to do so. In recent years, the Brazilian International has a luxurious mansion in the country.  The house is specifically designed according to the needs of Ronaldinho. The house contains many washrooms, bedrooms, and insanely large living rooms. With swimming pools standing overlooking the ocean, the view presents an enthralling picture of joy and pleasure. The interior of the house is even more beautiful. Ronaldinho has taken special care to make it comfortable for living. However, only Ronaldinho net worth could dare to dream of such a luxurious house!

What are Ronaldinho favourite Cars?

Ronaldinho is also a car lover. Through the years he had many different cars, but his favorite remains the Bugatti Veyron. The car is insanely expensive and costs 10 million Dollars. But Ronaldinho prefers it because of its insanely modern look and comfort. Other cars in Ronaldinhoarmoury are

  1. Audi Q7:  Model: 2014 | Price: R600 000
  1. Hummer H2: Model: 2010 | Price: R700 000
  1. Mercedes Benz E Class: Model: 2013 | Price: R599 000

With all his fame and wealth, the revered footballer has earned a place in football history that others dreamt. Although he will move away from the limelight with every passing day, a thousand memories he left in the heart of his fans will always remain fresh.

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