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Rey Mysterio Net Worth, Career, Family, Cars, House, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 7, 2018

Mysterio is one of the most cherished wrestling superstars in the WWE world. Loved by millions of fans, Rey Mysterio brings such innovation and class to the wrestling ring that even his most furious enemies feel the need to applaud him. Famous for his mask and flying ability, Rey Mysterio consistently punishes his opponents to oblivion, and consequently, keeps on winning fame and fans. He emerged on the WWE stage in 2002, but his wrestling career dates back several years back to 1990 when he started performing in the wrestling ring. The real name Of Rey Mysterio is ‘Oscar Gutierrez.’ With time, Rey Mysterio net worth also increased, and he amassed stupendous money during his career.

Here is more about Rey Mysterio:

How did Rey Mysterio career start?

Mysterio first thought to pursue his career in boxing, but once his body grew, coaches advised him to continue his career in wrestling. Mysterio considered the suggestion of his coaches and though hard about it before making a decision. Eventually, he made a decision that bestowed boxing ring with an extraordinarily capable wrestler who made his name in coming decades. The net worth of Rey Mysterio has also leaped beyond expectations after his success in the ring.

Once the decision was taken, Rey Mysterio started training to gain appropriate skill required for wrestling. He got that by 1990 when he made his debut as a wrestler on the show ‘Day of the Kings’. Soon authorities realized his unique set of skills, and was given a chance to team up with Konnan in ‘World Championship Wrestling’s Starrcade 1990 pay-per-view’.  This was the point when Rey Mysterio Net worth started to grow slowly.

Rey Mysterio Career

Later on in the year, the star also made debut in “Pat O’Connor Memorial International Cup” where he represented Mexico. The participation of the star in these major events transformed his career and started to gain confidence in his ability. After that, there was no stopping him from achieving unparalleled glory and wealth.

However, the biggest leap in his career arrived when Mysterio made his World Championship Wrestling debut on June 16, 1996. Mysterio defeated Dean Malenko and the other leading stars during his stay at World Championship Wrestling and truly announced himself as the major contender in the wrestling ring. At this point, Rey Mysterio net worth seemed to increase swiftly towards a million dollar point.

What was his performance like in WWE?

In June 2002, the wrestler was offered a contract by the WWE which he gladly accepted. Promos were used in numbers to create hype and aura around his arrival in the WWE. Along with giving him the name Rey Mysterio, he was asked to wear a mask that he readily agreed. Since then, the well-known mask has become a part of his personality. WWE had censored the occasions when he was unmasked by the opponents for commercial purposes. Mysterio, though, made his debut on 25 July 2002 and won the match against Chavo Guerrero. After his entry in the field, the revered wrestler has won numerous prestigious awards and rose to fame.  WWE was a huge economic venture for the superstar as Rey Mysterio net worth increased heaps and bounds during his stay at WWE.

Rey Mysterio left WWE at the end of 2015 when he refused to extend his stay with WWE. The retirement from the WWE came on the back of multiple failures in the ring.

Rey Mysterio Net Worth

Rey Mysterio net worth is estimated to be above $9 million dollars in 2017. Most of his wealth was accumulated after his entry into the WWE.

The achievements of the wrestler brought him fame which consequently enabled him to amass immense wealth. The contracts of Rey Mysterio has brought him a stupendous amount of money in the recent years. According to WWE, the wrestler has earned $720,000 salary in 2014 and $990,000 in 2015 excluding the bonuses he received during this period. The money, as stressed earlier, bestowed superstar on the behest of two things: popularity and merchandise sales. The earning of the superstar can be compared to that of Randy Orton and Bautista, though Mysteries gets far greater money from merchandise sales as compared to other superstars in the wrestling ring. Whatsoever be the source of income, Rey Mysterio net worth is stupendous, to say the least.

Rey Mysterio WWE

What is Rey Mysterio Bonus Income?

  • 2014-2015: $697,223, $5,265,000, $206,584
  • 2015-2016: $961,686, $7,100,000, $309,87
  • 2016: $1,394,445, $8,500,000 , $464,815
  • 2017-2017: $1,605,000 =        =
  • Total= $4,656,965, $20,000,000, $981,276

Is Rey Mysterio retiring?

After so many awards in the field, it is even time for him to say goodbye to his career in wrestling. However, Rey Mysterio net worth won’t decrease because of his different business ventures and off the field commitments. But it is also understandable that his career as a wrestler is coming to an end.

What Music Songs did Rey Mysterio Produce?

‘Booyake 619′ was sung by Mysterio along with rapper Madd One. The venture has been quite a success as fans cherished his music skills along with his on-field skills. In recent years, he has also performed a rap song ‘Crossing Border’ which rose to fame and also got featured on the Album WWE Originals. All in all, Mysterio has had a fulfilling career in and out of the wrestling field. Though he is fading with time, people will always remember him with great admiration. Personally, Rey Mysterio net worth will help him to start even more business ventures, so it is all good as far as future is concerned for Rey Mysterio.

How is the family life of Rey Mysterio?

Along with his successful professional career, the revered wrestler has had a fulfilling family life too. In the form of wife Angie, the fighter has found a perfect partner for himself who understands him, and therefore, enabling a satisfying relationship between both of them. They have two children named Dominic and Aaliyah. Mysterio reverence for her kids is manifested in the form of tattoos he has made on his biceps. Both of his biceps are filled with named tattoos of his children. Regarding his lifestyle, he is a staunch Catholic who actively participates in the Church activities. His chest cross is also a reflection of his Christian beliefs. With Rey Mysterio net worth, his family will be able to live a reasonably comfortable life.

What Cars does Rey Mysterio have?

Like most of the other wrestlers, he is also obsessed with the cars. One of his hobbies is to drive cars worth millions around America. Presently, Mysterio has a plethora of cars at his disposal. Major ones are

  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Dub Latino
  • Along with these cars, Rey Mysterio also has some bikes.

Rey Mysterio Net Worth

What is Rey Mysterio House like?

Rey Mysterio has houses in various cities of the world, however, he still cherishes his home in California. The house is an architectural masterpiece that includes all the modern facilities like swimming pools and gymnasium. Along with its perfect look, the house also has a savvy security system that tracks anyone coming into the mansion.  Regarding the net worth of house, it is worth a couple of millions, but no final estimate is available to gauge the actual value of mansion.

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