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Madonna Net Worth, Business, World Tours, Cars, House, Awards, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 8, 2018

Madonna is one of the most famous and wealthiest singers in the world. Madonna net worth is second to none as she is the owner of more than $800 million dollars net worth. She has expanded herself in a plethora of fields ranging from music production to dancing, from acting to songwriting and script writing.

However, Madonna has not aimlessly thrown herself into every field with contempt and disregard for the area, but has considered her shortcomings and catered them to create an impact the field. Consequently, Madonna net worth has reached insane heights in recent years.

Madonna Net Worth

With the wealth of 800 million dollars, Madonna net worth towers above everyone else in the music industry. Madonna has sold over 250 million record albums worldwide. However, Madonna was not eagerly serious about his career into the music industry. In the year 1977, she moved from Michigan to New York to accumulate perfection in her dancing skills and get a job somewhere with her skill. Once into the New York, Madonna gradually discovered that her voice is not bad either. Suddenly she started to think about recording an album.

She took the step, materialized her thought into action and recorded ‘Madonna’ in 1983. The volume became the voice of young America. Madonna was a star now. A star that has rejuvenated her career on the behest of her singing was in a mood to fascinate the world with her stunning voice. She was something that no else was. She was mesmerizing; Madonna was captivating; she was enthralled by her charm. Ultimately, she was the voice of resurgent America that redefined the boundaries of Music worldwide.

Madonna Career

With the rise to fame in industry, Madonna net worth slowly increased, and she set on to reach ultimate heights in the entertainment industry.

Once confident, she moved out of her shell and started exploring herself in unique ways. Madonna’s second Album ‘Like A Virgin’ revealed itself in 1984. Soon, it became a global hit and astonished the critics and music stars of that time. Slowly gaining momentum, she appeared in MTV Video Music Awards.

 Her performance in the award captivated everyone. She literary announced herself on the stage.  Madonna net worth might t to seem insanely troublesome but she has worked earnestly to earn that too.

Madonna was a character in herself.

She won fame and admiration by cultivating new dress designs and maintaining a posture that seemed unique to the audience.  Due to the newness of her fashion, Madonna found the blind following from across the globe and young girls starting copying her dress code and style during all of the 1980’s. She became the trendsetter, someone who audaciously planned things and stuck to them.

Her style landed her in 1985 ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ where her sexual objectification was put under enormous scrutiny, but she maintained herself and pushed her sexual boundaries to the extreme.  No doubt, her boldness made her the most followed star in the USA. People followed her with a sense of joy and an air of expectancy. She is currently the number 2 bestselling artist in the USA with 65 million sold Albums.

Madonna also got acknowledgment from the Guinness book of world records where she got placed as the most popular singer of the 19th century. With applause pouring in, Madonna net worth got boosted sky high.

What are Madonna’s investments in Business field?

Madonna was also aware of the fact that she can only earn a certain amount of money from her singing career. To expand her earnings, she ventured into the business field too. Though slow with a start, the business picked up itself in recent years, and Madonna made more than $12 million dollars last year from her Material Girl Clothing and shoe business.

She also has a perfume that makes her more than $60 Million dollars per year. Her business model has become an inspiration for the younger generation of artists who have picked up from the lady and have started various business projects along with their singing and acting careers. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that Madonna net worth is not only the product of her acting career but also of her successful business activities.

How successful are Madonna’s world tours?

Wherever Madonna tours, she extracts audience. Her tickets get sold in a jiffy, and she gets a huge audience to her performances. No other singer has crossed the barrier of 1 billion dollars on more than two tours, but Madonna has been in five tours where her income excelled billion dollars. The latest of her tour ‘The Rebel Heart Trek’ grossed 170 million dollars from 1,045,480 tickets that were sold out in more than 80 concerts. It would be appropriate to describe her as a chilling wind that takes everything with itself when in the mood.  One can well imagine Madonna’s net worth in the light of these tours earnings.

Here is the list of 5 most healthy gross touring incomes for Madonna

The Rolling Stones — $1.84 billion

  1. U2 — $1.67 billion
  2. Madonna — $1.31 billion
  3. Bruce Springsteen — $1.25 billion
  4. Elton John — $1.05 billion
  5. Bon Jovi — $1.03 billion

What is Madonna House Like?

Madonna House in the New York is worth 40 million dollars. Well, only a person with Madonna net worth can buy such a luxurious house. The house also has the luxury of getting featured in Architectural Digest. However, the house has changed its complexion significantly from then onwards. During Madonna’s relationship with Sean Penn, she settled in this revered house and lived there for many years.

Madonna house in the Los Angeles was bought in 2003 and is worth 25 million dollars. It is a four bedroom and five bathroom home that she is willing to sell now. The mansion is a paradise in itself with top-notch facilities. The house includes a swimming pool and tennis court. The unique thing about this house is that Madonna personally decorated this mansion.

The current residence of Madonna is an 11 bedroom house in the London. The house also possesses the uniqueness and qualities of a millionaire home, but it also has a sense of calmness and solace in it. Madonna has always cherished to live there because of the comfort it brings into her life.

Madonna Albums

Is Madonna crazy about Cars?

Unlike many other superstars, Madonna is not super excited about cars, but still, own some of the most expensive cars available in the world. Most of these cars are used by her when she travels with her four children in America. Of course, these cars also reflect Madonna net worth which is towering in comparison to other stars in the industry. Maybach 57 S- is her favorite car along with four other expensive cars.

Maybach 57 S – car ($358,000)

BMW 7-Series – car ($74,000-141,200)

Audi A8 – car ($77,400-137,900)

Cooper S – car ($20,700-35,850)

What prestigious awards Madonna have won?

Although she has won an array of awards and it is not possible in the domain of this article to mention all of them, we will mention the most prestigious awards in this list.

MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year

1998 · Ray of Light

Billboard Music Award for Woman of the Year


MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award


Grammy Award for Best Music Video

1999 · Ray of Light

Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album

1999 · Ray of Light

MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video

1998, 1995, 1987 · Ray of Light,

Take A Bow, Papa Don’t Preach

Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song

2012 · W.E., Masterpiece

Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording

1999 · Ray of Light

Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

1997 · Evita

MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography

1998 · Ray of Light

Billboard Music Award for Top Touring Artist


MTV Europe Music Award for Best Female

2000, 1998

MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction

1998, 1990, 1989 · Ray of Light, Vogue, Express Yourself

Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album

2007 · Confessions on a Dance Floor

MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction

1993, 1989 · Rain, Express Yourself

MTV Video Music Award for Best Editing

1998, 1990 · Ray of Light, Vogue

Madonna Net Worth

All these awards are the manifestation of her grandeur in the music world. Her ability and talent have made her famous to the extent that no one else has been able to achieve. Now 59 years old, she stills grips the music world with her incredible voice and style. With her incredible fame and business ventures, Madonna’s net worth is expected to cross 1 billion dollars mark this year.

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