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Justin Bieber Net Worth, Life Style, Career, Girl Friend, House, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 8, 2018

Justin Bieber is a Canadian Singer who has accumulated fame and wealth in the recent times. His voice has enthralled many, and his voice has been a cause of enjoyment to the listeners from around the world. The master blaster singer was born on arch1, 1994, Canada to a single mother. Justin Bieber net worth has blossomed every day after he got the fame in the music industry.

How did Justin Bieber Start his Career?

To the credit of the singer, 11 million albums have been sold so far in America, and even more astonishingly, above 25 million copies in the world. Naturally, such class apparently added to the Justin Bieber net worth and he became one of the richest singers in the world.

Justin career got started at a very early age when he displayed great skill and honor in creating beautiful music clips.

He got himself famous earlier by playing instruments like piano, drums, and guitar. It was in 2007 when he started uploading his videos on the YouTube and became a sensation afterward.  His songs at YouTube got appreciation, and his style and voice as a young singer were applauded all around the world.

Justin Bieber Career

Though his earlier songs were the cover for the artist like Usher, Stevie Wonder, and Timberlake. But still, Justin would never have been here if he had not caught the eye of marketing executive Scooter Braun who was searching for new talented singers. He summoned Justin, listened to him and then adequately forwarded him to the ‘Usher’ for the audition.

The ‘Usher’ was equally impressed by the melodious voice of the Justin, and consequently, signed him to sing for them. It was the start of a career, Justin always wanted to have, and he got it by luck and voice.  Justin Bieber net worth increased once he established himself in the field.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

The Justin Bieber net worth grew steadily over the course of time. When we traced the property of Justin Beiber in 2010, he had around 600 thousand dollars to accompany him but with the passage of time money came fast and we witnessed a huge leap in the wealth of Justin.  But the success of Justin Bieber grew insanely high with the fame of his song ‘Baby’ which created a sensation in the music industry all over the world.

Naturally, that added to his repertoire, and he managed to extract more than 5 million in a couple of year time. After that, Justin Bieber net worth started to grow at a frenzied pace. From that vintage success of ‘Baby,’ Justin net worth has increased by 50-80 million dollars only on the behest of music sales and advertisement deals, though business deals and touring have also added to the income. Visit Justin Beiber Official Twitter

During his tours to different countries, he earned more than 10 million be the virtue of his enormous popularity among the youth of the world. By 2015, Justin Bieber net wealth has officially gone past 250 million dollars and is on the way up ever since then. Visit Justin Bieber Wiki.

Justin two-part albums ‘My World’ and ‘My World 2.0’ were a great success for him as both of them got over a million sales alone in the American peninsula.

What kind of Life Style Justin Bieber have?

The insane wealth of the singer has also brought a shift in his behavior. Even recently, the singer has been accused of erratic behavior and have also been arrested for more than once.  The police captured the singer for over speeding and resisting arrest. The behavior of Justin has been erratic at times and have led to his unpopularity among the saner class of artists. Most people believe that the singer will get mature with the passage of time and there is nothing to worry about at this point of time instantly.  After, Justin Bieber net worth and fame allows him a bit of luxury.  Isn’t it?

What are the major Achievements of Justine Bieber?

With his growing popularity, Justin has also received many prestigious awards. The guy has also been listed on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for 2017 and its Celebrity 100 list for 2016. The ‘Grammy’ has also nominated him for the best dance recording in 2016. Due to his popularity in the American sphere, he has been awarded American Music Award for artist of the year in 2010 and 2012. In Vivo, Justin Bieber has become the only celebrity to have crossed the barrier of 100 million, and he has done it at the tender age of 24.  Quite a substantial set of achievements for 24-year-old. Aren’t they? you may also Visit Justine Bieber Facebook.

Justin Bieber Movies

Who is the Current Girl Friend of Justin Bieber?

When it comes to girlfriends, Justin has never been short of them. He is supposed to have been in more than 15 relationships with girls of different type around the USA and Canada. The unstable behavior of the star has caused him to shuffle from one girl to another within few days. Currently, he is a love fest with ‘Sofia Richie’ who has been with him for now quite a while, but it’s hard to assume anything from this relationship too when we look at his earlier record. With Justin Bieber net worth and social standing, he sometimes goes erratic, though he will have to control himself in future to avoid controversies.

It is understandable that the guy won’t be too serious about her and would change his mind about her in a few months. The relationship of Justin with Sofia was also a source of a social media feud between him and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez who accused him of cheating. Thing went ahead even to the extent that Justin deleted his Instagram account after the relationship rift between him and the Selena Gomez.

Does Justin Bieber love Cars?

Aside from music, the young gun has a pretty subtle sense of cars and have a plethora of cars to himself. The favorite, though, is Cadillac CTS-V. Other are:

  • Campagna T-Rex 14R
  • Ferrari F430
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Frisker Karma
  • Lamborghini Gallardo Spider
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

These are some of the cars singers is in love with, though he is pretty bad at driving and has caused some nuisance for the police in his little driving stint. The singer has been caught driving restlessly and taking no care of the ethos needed to drive a vehicle. He drives a car while he is drunk with a haughty attitude.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

What about the House of Justine Bieber?

Justin Bieber has various places to make a stay out for himself. With mansions in Sydney and London, the millionaire house reflects Justin Bieber net worth and success at every little instant. Taking about his Sydney mansion, it is a five bedroom house with decorated washroom and infinity pool. The house is a captivation for the singer, and he seems to feel pretty comfortable there.

However, his mansion in the UK in the North London is not bad either. Though at initial stages of his stay in that mansion he displayed little interest in it, but recently. It seems that he has been awestruck by the beauty of estate, though it is not owned by him and he pays the rent £108,333 per month!

With the amount of success, Justin Bieber now needs to calm down and find out a way to curtail his overflowing emotions. Once he is able to control his extravagant passion he will be able to rule the music industry for a long period of time. So far in his short career, he has achieved many things that were not possible humanly for others to achieve. Justin Bieber net worth along with towering personality surely adds to his profile which makes him a formidable figure in the entertainment industry. If things went according to plans he will soon be the richest guy in the music industry.

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