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John Cena Net Worth, Earnings, House, Cars, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 10, 2018

Jon Cena legacy and persona speaks for itself. He gained fame all around the world with his unprecedented performance in the wrestling ring. The achievement of John Cena includes 15-time World Championship, 5-time United States Championship and 2-time royal rumble. These landmark achievements in the ring gave John Cena instant wealth and fame around the world. With his mind-boggling persona, the wrestler has built a legacy for himself that is unprecedented in the history of wrestling.

John Cena Net Worth

The John Cena net worth estimated to be above 35 million dollars. The wrestler amasses more than 3.5 million dollars each year along with lucrative bonuses. He also signs different advertisement projects each year that further adds to his already formidable wealth.

The wrestler is supposed to earn even more money in the next couple of years because of his various wrestling assignment. According to an estimate, the superstar is making more than $10 million dollars from WWE. Others stars who have competed Cena are Triple H and Randy Orton but were soon pegged back by the enormity of Cena’s fortune and demeanor. The annual salaries of other major stars are slightly less than John Cena. He is allegedly the most paid star in the WWE arena. Read Full Discussion of John Cena net worth.

John Cena Career

Rise to Fame

John Cena as exposed to bodybuilding early in his youth when he made determined efforts to makes his body perfect for the years to come. Before making it big on the stage, John Cena fought several dark matches before making it gigantic on the biggest stage. But on July 27, 2002, Cena was given a chance against Kurt Angle in the SmackDown. Although it was against his first match, the star came out with matchless aggression and style that made him famous in years to come.  The ruthless nature of his personality also contributed to his transformation into a worldwide star that we all cherish today.

The man may have lost matches during his lengthy career expanding to 15 years; the man certainly has created an unprecedented impact in the wrestling history. According to Forbes magazine, he is currently the most famous star in the world of wrestling. Timid in his approach towards opponents in earlier years of his appearance, Cena has evolved to become an unforgiving wrestler who does not shed any mercy on those who dares to challenge him in the ring. With his continuous success in the field, Cena roused fast to become the face of WWE.

The fame of wrestler can be measured by the fact that the leader remained the face of WWE in the last decade. He has spearheaded the campaigns like ‘Be a Star,’ ‘Tribute to the Troops’ so far in his career.

John Cena in Hollywood

The leader has not limited his activities to the wrestling field only but has contributed to the entertainment industry by participating in Hollywood. ‘The Marine’ and ’12 Rounds’ were the action assignments of John Cena where he has displayed brilliant skills. Multi-talented Cena has proven that he is the jack of all trade with his mind-boggling public appearances where he captivated the attention of his viewers and gains a place in their heart. ‘Trainwreck’ was another super hit movie by John Cena where he displayed his great set of skills. Can you believe that Cena has also produced music hits? If you don’t, check out his latest hits in music ‘ Basic Thuganomics’ that also featured on the WWE Sound Track Album. However, the popularity of the Cena rests on his songs like ‘ Untouchables’ and ‘HUSTLE.’ Both these songs were huge hits as they brought great sale and success to the Cena.

In recent times, Cena has featured into two songs ‘All Days’ and ‘Breaks’ along with rapper Wiz Khalifa. Just like his previous songs, the Cena got huge success by the large contingent of his Fan Club. It is also rumored that Cena might bag a lead role in comic book movie ‘Superior,’ though the authenticity of news is yet to be confirmed by John Cena. ‘American Grit’ will be another program to be hosted by the Cena. The success of the first season has compelled the channel to cast Cena at a hefty cost. The star is expected to take leave from the wrestling ring to shoot for the show later in the year.

John Cena Cars

John Cena is also a Car lover with a plethora of cars in his possession. Cena enthusiasm for cars does not seem to halt as the number of cars in his armory increasing day by day. Most of his cars are American muscle cars as he loves to buy each and every new model that is offered by the production company. Moreover, Cena has collected the cars from different time periods, which makes him the owner of various cars from a different era of time. With all the modern cars present, Cena still uses the Hornet SC/360 model of 1971. The use of this model is due to its comfort and uniqueness, and Cena feels comfortable using the car among daily life situations. Here is the list of some of Cena’s most cherished cars.

966 Dodge Hemi Charger, 1969 AMC AMX, 1969 COPO Chevrolet Camaro, 1969 Dodge Daytona, 1970 AMC Rebel Machine, 1970 Buick GSX, 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator, 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350, 1970 Plymouth Superbird, 971 Plymouth Road Runner. All these cars reflect the extraordinary wealth of the man who has poured unprecedented money on the collection of cars.

John Cena WWE

John Cena’s House

John Cena is a perfectionist and does each and everything to maintain perfection. It is no different when it comes to the house. John Cena own land in Nature’s Reserve in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, where he enjoys the blessedness of life with her girlfriend, Nikki Bella. John Cena has spent more than 8 million dollars to make the match it with his standard of perfection. The house includes fantabulous swimming poles and boat docks that make his house exceptionally charming but expensive too. The house has a separate cigar room where men are only allowed to enter. With an enormous guest house embedded inside the mansion, the house is a perfect manifestation of immense wealth that man possesses.

John Cena Girl Friend

Nikki Bella is currently the girlfriend of John Cena. The relationship between them started when Cena divorced his wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau. Nikki Bella, who was not signed to WWE at that time got into a relationship with the Cena. Since then, the couple has had a quiet life where both have gelled well together. Nikki Bella has also been accused of using Cena to ameliorate her personal career as a wrestler. It is widely understood among the wrestling fraternity that Nikki would have struggled to get any success she would not have been for John Cena. John Cena dismissed the news of his marriage with Nikki Bella in a recent interview. While discussing the prospect of his future life, the star said that Nikki might want to have babies after their marriage and he is in no position to take the responsibility of children as yet. Nikki, however, seems bent on setting up marriage with the superstar and is supposedly convincing him to marry her. But it is also understood that Cena is still not out of the hiccup he faced by the break of her marriage with Elizabeth Huberdeau and wants time to decide on that matter. The star, though, is aged 39 by today.

Comparison of John Cena Net Worth with other WWE Stars

John Cena towers above most of the contemporary WWE stars except The Rock who has a whole sum of wealth far above any other wrestler. Otherwise, other wrestlers like Daniel Bryon, Nikki Bella, and Triple H have struggled to match the money of John Cena. The account of his contemporaries is following: Comparison of John Cena Net Worth with other…

  • Daniel Bryan net worth    $2 million
  • Undertaker net worth    $16 million
  • Randy Orton net worth    $15.5 million
  • Triple H-net worth    $25 million
  • The Rock net worth    $185 million
  • Nikki Bella net worth    $4 million
  • Roman Reigns Net Worth $3.3 Million

John Cena Net Worth

#_John Cena Net Worth Sources

WWE $22,650,000
Non-WWE Acting $3,162,000
TV Appearances $945,000
Music $1,458,923
Endorsements $12,300,000
Merchandise $339,750
Total John Cena Earnings Since 2002 $40,855,673
John Cena Salary (average) $3,312,764
John Cena Salary 2016 $4,379,250
Taxes (39.6%) -$16,117,134
Expenses (10%) -$4,202,367
Investments (6% of John Cena net worth/yr) $3,765,455
John Cena Total Net Worth $24,301,626
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