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Jay Baruchel Net Worth, Movies, Career, Lifestyle, House, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 8, 2018

Jay Baruchel is one of the most famous modern day Canadian actors. He was born on the 8th of April 1982 in Toronto, Canada. His mother, Robyne Ropell was a freelance writer and his father, Serge Baruchel was an antique dealer. Jay Baruchel started his career on television. His first major role was in the 1996 television series, My Hometown. He made his film Canadian film debut in 1999 with a role in the movie Who Gets the House. The actor appeared in his first American film in the year 2000 in the movie Almost Famous. After the successful television and film debut, the Jay Baruchel net worth started increasing rapidly and he became a millionaire within a few years.

Jay Baruchel Net Worth

Jay Baruchel net worth is $16 million. The actor has appeared in many memorable movie roles in his short career. Some of his most successful movies include, How to Train Your Dragon, Million Dollar Baby, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Although Jay Baruchel is mostly known for light comedy roles, the actor is capable of pulling off serious and intense roles as well. he does not shy away from being the center of attention and has played a number of lead roles in his successful movie career. Today, Jay Baruchel net worth is mostly derived from his movie salaries. The actor has done some television work as well, but he is now more focused on the big screen. Other than being a prolific actor, Jay Baruchel is also a wonderful writer, a director, and a producer.

Jay Baruchel Career

Jay Baruchel Movies

Jay Baruchel has had his fair share of success in Hollywood. The actor was involved in one of the most successful animated movies of modern-day Hollywood, How to Train Your Dragon. In order to give you a better idea of Jay Baruchel net worth, we’ve compiled a list of 10 highest grossing movies of Jay Baruchel’s career. Here they are:

  • How to Train Your Dragon – This animated comedy was one of the most successful movies of 2010. It is the highest grossing movie of the career of Jay Baruchel. The movie made more than $217 million and won great reviews from the audiences all over the world. Jay Baruchel did voice-over acting for the lead character of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III in the movie.
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 – The sequel of How to Train Your Dragon was released in 2014. It could not reach the same level of success as the first movie, but it was fairly successful in its own right. The movie did a business of $177 million during its lifetime.
  • Knocked Up – This 2007, romantic comedy featured Jay Baruchel along with some big names of Hollywood like Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen. The movie did really well on the box office and had total revenues of $148 million.
  • Tropic Thunder – This comedy thriller came out in the year 2008. Jay Baruchel played the role of Kevin Sandusky in this movie. The movie total lifetime earnings of a little more than $110 million.
  • This is the End – This fantasy action movie came out in 2013. And it grossed $101 million during its time at the box office.
  • Million Dollar Baby – Jay Baruchel appeared in the supporting role of Danger Barch in this sports drama film. It was one of the most successful movies of 2004 with total earnings of $100 million.
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Jay Baruchel appeared in another iconic lead role in this fantasy action movie. Nicolas Cage was also a part of this movie. It was released in 2010. The movie did well at the box office with total lifetime earnings of around $63 million.
  • RoboCop – Jay Baruchel played the character of Tom Pope in this science fiction film of 2014. The total revenues from the movie were  $58 million.
  • She’s Out of My League – Jay Baruchel played the lead role in this movie. He played the character of Kirk Kettner really well. She’s Out of My League was released in December 2010 and it made $32 million during its time in theaters.
  • Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – This musical, romantic comedy was released in 2010 and it made $31 million during its time at the box-office.

Other movies of Jay Baruchel’s career have not been as successful as the ones mentioned above. However, those other movies have contributed towards Jay Baruchel net worth a little. Aloha, The Rules of Attraction, Goon, Cosmopolis, Fanboys, Art of Steal, Good Neighbors, and I’m Reed Fish are some other worth mentioning movies of Jay Baruchel’s career.

Jay Baruchel Movies

Jay Baruchel Lifestyle

Jay Baruchel likes spending time in Toronto and resides in the city. The actor frequently visits the Hollywood for the film engagements He was previously engaged to Alison Pill. However, the couple broke up in February 2013.

Jay Baruchel has a number of tattoos on his body. He likes watching soccer and is a big fan of the Scottish soccer club, Celtic F.C. Other than that he also likes watching ice hockey and is a big fan of Montreal-based ice hockey team, Montreal Canadiens.

Jay Baruchel Net Worth

Jay Baruchel House

Jay Baruchel has expressed on a number of occasions that he loves living in Toronto. The actor has a house in Montreal and he recently moved to Toronto and bought a house in the city. Although the house does not match the glamor and grandeur of a house of some of the most renowned Hollywood celebrities, it is fairly luxurious and comfortable.

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