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Gerard Butler Net Worth, Salary, Endorsements, House, Cars, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 10, 2018

Gerard Butler Introduction

Gerard Butler is a famous Scottish actor. He has appeared in a number of Hollywood movies. In addition, he has also made television appearances and has given stage performances as well. Gerard Butler’s full name is Gerard James Butler. He was born on 13th November 1969. Initially Gerard Butler studied law, however, he decided not to pursue law as a profession and turned toward acting.

Gerard Butler has appeared in many high profile movies including 300, Olympus has Fallen, Law Abiding Citizen, The Bounty Hunter, and the Ugly Truth. In Addition, he has also done voice-over acting in the famously animated comedy flick, How to Train Your Dragon. Gerard Butler through his successful acting career has been gathering a decent amount of wealth. Here are the details of Gerard Butler net worth, salary, houses, and cars.

Gerard Butler Career

Gerard Butler Net Worth

The total net worth of Gerard Butler is $30 million. He studied law and before turning to acting, he was a trainee lawyer. However, thankfully for him, he got fired from his role as a trainee lawyer and became a successful actor.

Gerard Butler started his acting career with the dram of becoming famous. In the start, he did different odd jobs. His lucky break came when he was given a role in a stage production of Coriolanus by the director Steven Berkoff. Gerard Butler made his film debut in 1997 when he appeared in the movie Mrs. Brown.

Gerard Butler Movies

You might remember Gerard Butler from his role in the movie ‘300’. However, the actor has some other pretty huge movies as well. Here are some of the most successful movies of Gerard Butler’s career:

  • How to Train Your Dragon – This animated movie came out in the year 2010 and dazzled the audiences with charming characters and interesting story-line. Gerard Butler did voice-over acting for the character of Stoick in this movie. The movie turned out to be the biggest hit of Gerard Butler’s movie career. It earned a huge $217,581,231 during its time at the box office.
  • 300 – This fantasy action, adventure film was one of the biggest hits of the year 2007. It was very well received by the audiences and the total earnings from the movie were $210,614,939.
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 – The second installment of the animated film ‘How to train your dragon’ came out in the year 2014. It was also a huge hit with total lifetime earnings of $177,002,924.
  • Olympus Has Fallen – The movie was released in the year 2013. It is the 4th highest grossing movie of Gerard Butler’s career. The movie earned a pretty good $ $98,925,640.
  • The Ugly Truth – This movie was released in the year 2009 and it grossed $88,915,214 during its time at the box office.
  • Law Abiding Citizen –  This drama thriller was released in the year 2009. It did quite well on the box office. And it had total earnings of $73,357,727.
  • The Bounty Hunter – The movie was released in the year 2010. It was hugely successful. The total earnings from the movie were $65,061,228.
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life – Gerard Butler appeared in this video game inspired the movie. His role was appreciated by the audiences. The movie came out in the year 2003 and did well on the box office with total earnings of $65,660,196.
  • London Has Fallen – The movie was released in the year 2016. It was received well by the audiences and it grossed $62,524,260 during its time at the box office.
  • P.S. I Love You – This movie was released in the year 2007. the total lifetime earnings from the movie were $53,695,808.

Other popular movies of Gerard Butler’s movie career include ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, Nim’s Island, Reign of Fire, Gods of Egypt, Timeline, Gamer, Mrs. Brown, Playing for Keeps, and Chasing Mavericks.

Gerard Butler Movies

Gerard Butler Salary

Gerardy Butler has received huge for his roles in different movies. Here are the details of estimated Gerard Butler earnings from different movies:

  • Gods of Egypt – According to reports Gerard Butler earned more around $2 million from his role in this 2016 movie.
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2 – The sequel to the animated movie, How to Train Your Dragon was a huge hit. It came out in the year 2014 and Gerard Butler’s estimated earnings from the movie were $2 million.
  • Olympus Has Fallen – This action thriller came out in the year 2013 and Gerard Butler earnings from the movie were approximately $1.6 million.
  • Movie 43 – This comedy flick was released in the year 2012 and according to reports Gerard Butler made $1.2 million from the movie.
  • London Has Fallen – This 2016 action thriller made Gerard Butler more than $1.7 million in earnings.

Gerard Butler Endorsement Deals

Just like other popular movie stars, Gerard Butler has also endorsed different top brands in the world. In 2014 he struck a deal with the renowned fashion brand Hugo Boss. He later appeared in advertisements of Boss. Bottled, a perfume brand of Hugo Boss. Gerard Butler has endorsed L’Oreal, Ford, Guinness, Polaroid, and SuperMax.

Gerard Butler House

Gerard Butler has a beautiful loft in the New York City. The residence has been beautifully designed and presents a picture of a well decorated ancient art gallery. From the 12 foot tall rustic doors to the gold leaf chandeliers, everything depicts the qualities and taste of Gerard Butler. The loft has been designed by Elvis Restaino, a renowned production designer. It is the first residential project of Elvis Restaino and he has tried to bring the fantasy of Gerard Butler to life in this wonderfully designed loft.

Gerard Butler Net Worth

Gerard Butler Cars

Gerard Butler net worth has allowed him to buy some pretty cool cars. Gerard Butler cars list includes a Range Rover Sports SUV in black color and a Mercedes-Benz SL550 in white colors.

Gerard Butler Net Worth Compared to Other Hollywood Actors

Gerard Butler has had a lot of success in the Hollywood and is continuing to rake up super hit movies. The actor enjoys a decent amount of wealth. When we compare the Gerard Butler net worth with that of other Hollywood actors, we find that Gerard Butler net worth is almost the same as that of Tom Hardy. The actors who have a higher net worth than Gerard Butler include Antonio Banderas, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, Edward Norton, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Bruce Willis, and Kevin Spacey. The actors who are behind Gerard Butler in terms of net worth include Zac Efron and Nicolas Cage.

The actor has a number of big-budget projects lined up for the years 2017 and 2018, so we can expect Gerard Butler net worth to increase considerably in coming years.

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