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Drew Brees Net Worth, Salary, Brand Endorsements Fees, House and Cars Collection

Posted By: joy root | February 18, 2018

When talking about a celebrity, one question is bound to arise as to what is their net worth. First, you have to know about the net worth as to what is net worth. The net worth constitutes a collective estimated cost of every asset in the people belonging to the date of the estimate is made. Some of the richest people in the world have a net worth of billions, but we are talking about celebrities relating to sports worlds. Although these celebrities might not have the net worth as much as the politicians or businessmen still some of them are making their name in top-earning athletes with huge net worth. Common examples of the top athletes with huge net worth’s are Ronaldo Cristiano, Shaquille O’Neal, Lebron James and Tom Brady.  Other than that many other popular athletic celebrities are making their way. ”Drew Brees Net Worth

Drew Brees Net Worth:-

The estimated net worth of Drew Brees is about $22 million.

He is among one of the widely popular athletes in the NFL Football game. In only 14 seasons of his joining the New Orleans Saints, Drew has made quite a roar in the NFL. His fierce gameplay along with many tactical plans has earned his Team the New Orleans Saints, quite a large number of victories and is starting to rise as one of the best teams on the NFL list. All of this fame and gameplay has not been left unrewarded. Drew Breese might not be as rich as Tom Brady the star quarterback from New England Patriots but is still in league with him.

At present, the estimated net worth of Drew Breese is to be at $141 million. This is quite a huge number. All of this net worth has been made solely during his time as the NFL player.  The net worth of the player is widely sought out by his fans and for those very reasons we have decided to cut it into chunks to let the fans be aware of the assets and earnings of Drew Brees. At the moment following are the means of income and assets that constitute the net worth of Drew Brees.

  • Signing Bonus
  • Salaries
  • Personal Investments
  • Brand Endorsement Fees
  • House
  • Car Collection

All of these assets and means of earning have contributed towards amassing this huge net worth of $141.6 million, and now we are going to explain each of it in detail.

Drew Brees Net Worth |Salary earnings | Brand Endorsements Fees | Private Investments| House | Cars Collection

Drew Brees Signing Bonus:-

Drew Brees is currently under the deal held in 2016 by New Orleans Saints. This deal allows him an extension for next one year with an existing deal of the previous five years. He gained a signing bonus of $30 million from New Orleans. This signing bonus is including in his annual earnings of 2016. The deal is to earn him a collective and guaranteed amount of about $24 million in 2016. However, the contract had a stipulation that signing bonus will be divided up to three next year. The other detailed earnings of Brees over the next four years are as follows.

Drew Brees Salaries:-

According to deal Drew Brees is to have the signing bonus be apportioned over next three years. According to this clause, he paid $17 million in 2016. For a more detailed view of salary earnings by Drew Brees in the years of his contract are as follows.

  • Drew made a total of $17.25 million in 2016, annually including all bonuses and facilities.
  • In 2017 Drew is bounding to make $19 million.
  • Drew Brees will make $6 million in 2018 annually.
  • In 2019 drew will make $6 million
  • He will make $6 million in 2020 annually.

The deal is to let Drew play until 2017 in the above salary apportionment. The next three years salary is apportioning by Drew’s signing bonus. The deal can be voided by the team in 2017 final day of the league year. Any further extension will carry on from this date.

Drew Brees Brand Endorsement Fees:-

Drew Brees is a local superstar in the New Orleans City. Due to his gameplay, he has a huge fan base, and this has made him widely sought after by brands in New Orleans and the whole of Louisiana State. These brands are willing to pay the star a huge amount of money for him being the poster boy for their brands. Currently, Drew is promoting lots of restaurants in the New Orleans City and is being paid a huge amount to do so. The exact figure he is earning from his endorsements is not known at present but is estimating to be around $2 to $5 million annually. Considering he just has to house up on TV and say a few lines were smiling instead of fighting and running on the field with his life it is easy money.


Drew Brees Personal Investment:-

All the athletes are now aware of the fact that no game is going to last long and if it still is not going to make money for keeping the lavish lifestyle, they have now. Due to these reasons, every athlete is investing his earnings into profitable business to earn a huge income return on a yearly basis.  Same is the case for the Drew Brees. Drew has made a personal investment of $117 million in various businesses over the period of 14 years. The nature of all these businesses is not undisclosing. However, there have been rumors of him doing investments in real estate business. You have to just buy the property and wait for an opportune time to either rent it or resale it. For drew who has a long career ahead of him this sitting back investment might turn out to be great.

Drew Brees House:-

One other thing that constitutes net worth is the living accommodation asset. Drew might have many estates but these are among his investments. He currently owns only one house of his own where he lives with his family. The house is bought in New Orleans near the Gulf of Mexico. This house bought by Drew Brees in 2011, but now the house market price of about $1.6 million.


Car Collection of Drew Brees:-

Drew Brees is a national; and local celebrity for the city of New Orleans, and after being a celebrity, he is a husband to a beautiful woman and a father to four children. He has to make his image ready for all the cases. In fact, for that very reason apart from living accommodation, Transpiration is the other thing that not only makes your image but also increases your net worth. Drew Brees is a fan of collecting cars. Especially he buys vintage cars and makes them work again. Apart from that, he has a collection of luxury cars from noted brand names. The estimated worth of these cars is around $4 million. The names of the cars are as follows.

  • Ford Mustang
  • Muscle Car
  • BMW
  • Tesla
  • Bugatti Veyron


Drew Brees Conclusion:-

The net worth of Drew Brees has grown over a period of 14 years after his time of signing with NFL team San Diego Chargers and after that New Orleans Saints. His net worth has been continuously increasing. His current net worth has seen an increase of about 150 percent in the previous five years, and if the things are going according to the way they are, it is estimating that this net worth will keep on increasing with a 150 percent growth.


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