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Bret Michael Net worth, Salary, Houses, Cars and More

Posted By: Ejaz Abbasi | January 28, 2019

Bret Michael was born on 15th March 1963 in Butler Pennsylvania US. His father name is Marjorie Sychak. Bret has two sisters named as Michelle and Nicole. According to his parents, he makes his middle name Maverick which famously named James Garner. Bret was diagnosed with diabetes 1 when he was just six years old. In 1984 he got the fame with his unique and beautiful voice. From that time he is struggling hard for a bigger name.

Bret Michael net worth

He is working for the charity work. Bret Michael is the famous American singer, songwriter, and musician. He worked as the lead singer and worked for the glam metal band Poison. One of the band album got #1 position which is named as Every Rose has its Thorn. Bret is working on several solo albums. On the other hand, his song got the #40 position on Billboard hot. In the same year of getting the fame, he got shifted to Los Angeles. Also, he is working on the movie soundtracks of the movie A Letter from Death Row, Songs of Life.

Bret Michael Net worth & Salary

Bret Michael net worth

Bret Michael net worth $18 million which is quite sufficient for him. This is the report of the year 2017, but in the coming year, he is the part of some of the bigger projects. These projects will increase his net worth also. He is doing the charity work also to help the poor, and for that, he is working a lot.

Bret Michael Relationships

Bret Michael net worth increased when he got into the relationship with Kristy Lynn Gibson. Both have two daughters together, but this relationship was not that much good, and both got separated in the year 2012. After that, he was involved in Pamela Anderson and make a sex tape together. This got the fame, and this tape released by Metro Studios in the year 7th September 2005. After the small time, he felt numbness and diagnosed as the hole in the heart. This was the roller coaster year of his life, but he recovered a lot.

Bret Michael net worth

Bret Michael Houses

Bret Michael net worth increased with the west lake property which is around $3.49 million. The area this house is covering is 2.6 acres which are in the middle of the city. His house also has a giant gym having six rooms in the house along with swimming pool and big garden. This is one of the beautiful houses to live in.

Bret Michael Cars

Bret Michael net worth includes his car collection on which he uses to travel around the city. The cars are of the latest models. Name and prices of these cars are not known to us. We will update them when we got the name.

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