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Bill Gates Net worth, Earnings, Business, House, Cars, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 7, 2018

Bill Gates is the owner of world’s largest software company, Microsoft. The company has helped Bill Gates to accumulate stupendous wealth and fame through the course of time. Today, at the behest of Microsoft success, Bill Gates has become one of the richest people on the planet earth. However, Bill Gates also started with ‘pennies in his pocket’ and rose to fame with consistent strive and struggle. As of now, Bill Gates net worth makes him the richest person of the present world.

Here is a look at his illustrious career.

Bill Gates Early Life:

Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington in 1955. From his early childhood, he started to show a particular interest in computer programming. With a pleasant family environment, Bill Gates flourished and gained confidence in his abilities. It was during his school days that he started showing signs of competitiveness and started performing very well in a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities.

Bill’s himself says that the role of his mother in the transformation of him into a successful businessman was of critical importance. Mary, the mother of Bill Gates, was a cherished philanthropist and a teacher who worked exceedingly hard to build Bill’s character and transform him into an able person.

Bill Gates Career

Bill Gates interests in his Childhood

Bill enjoyed reading books from a very early age. His interest in the books was startling to his parents who wondered what has gone wrong with Bill Gates! He explored encyclopedias and read volumes voraciously at the tender age of 13. He started to exhibit behavior that showed extreme disinterest in some of the everyday life activities and seemed bored by the monotony of life. Naturally, the family grew apprehensive about his odd behavior. When Bill Gates was enrolled in Lakeside school at the age of 13, he showed excellent skills not only in Maths and science but also in Drama and Arts. It was during his stay at the Lakeside School when he was first provided the opportunity to interact with the computer.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates, Computer Programmer, investor, philanthropist, and an author, according to the latest stats has a net worth of $88.8 Billion in October 2017. He still leads to being the Worlds Richest person. He estimated to be the first person to reach a Trillion dollar net worth by the end of 2024.

Bill Gates career

Bill thought carefully about the invention and came with a tutorial regarding the use of Computer. It was the first instance where Bill used his wit in the computer field to the right effect. Bill Gates also met Paul Allen at Lakeside school who was two years senior to him in school. Both of them befriended each other and shared their interest in the computer programming. Just like Bill Gates, Paul was also an innovation enthusiast, thus forming a formidable bond with Bill Gates. They often had a disagreement with each other, but both of them understood the importance of each other and mended ways after quarrels.

“Traf-o-Data,” a computer program that monitored traffic patterns in Seattle was developed by Paul and Bill in the 1970’s. The program got outrageous success, and they earned more than 20,000 dollars by the program. Bill Gates net worth increased insanely after the success of his first project. At that time, Paul wanted to start a company, but Bill Gates family was reluctant and wanted Bill to complete his studies and then venture into the field. The family also wished Bill to continue his career into law. Complying with the wishes of his parents, Bill Gates continued his education and graduated from Lakeside in 1973. Bill also got 1590/1600 in SAT that remained a record for several decades to come.

Bill Gates Net Worth 

Net Worth: $ 88.8 Billion

Gates family pursued him to enroll at Harvard University in Law. Gates unwillingly resigned to the wishes of his family but spent most of his time at University Computer Lab. He also remained in contact with Paul Allen. Both of them contacted MITS and demoed their skills. They were praised by MITS and were ultimately hired by the company. Gates left Harvard adding to the fury of his parents who wanted to make him a lawyer. After experiencing the atmosphere at MITS, both of them decided to start a partnership company by the name of Micro-soft. The chief aim of the company was to deal with Microcomputers and software. The opening of the company was not the brightest one, and it appeared shaky because of free pirated copies of Software’s that circulated among the computer enthusiasts.

The company also faced severe competition from MITS that competed against Microsoft in software development. Robert, the president of MIT, considered Bill Gates as a spoiled kid who was not only snobbish and proud but also sulky in his manners and behavior. However, Roberts soon sold MITS to another person and left the arena for Bill Gates to conquer. Later on, Gates sued MITS owner to get the rights to software that they built for Altair.

Bill Gates Business

After four years of its start, Microsoft amassed net profit of 1.5 million dollars and continuously out-competed their competitors. Moreover, the company also had about 24 employees who worked earnestly to make the company a success in the field of software production. However, Bill Gates net worth increased insanely after five years of hard work in the field. During 1979 to 1981, the company strength increased from 25 to 130 and revenue expanded to 17 million dollars. It was the start of a phase that was to be truly dominated by the Bill Gates. Bill Gates efforts were now producing results.

When did Microsoft venture outside of the USA?

Slowly in the 90’s decade, the company opened its offices in Japan, Great Britain. Paul Allen also left the company to invest in ventures of his liking.  In 1987, Bill Gates Company crossed the 1 Billion Dollar revenue psychological mark. Since then, the company has seen consistent growth, and Bill Gates has occupied the list of richest person on the earth nearly every year after the 1990’s.  It was 1999 when Bill Gates Stock Price experienced a significant uplift and Bill Gates worth increased to 1 billion dollars. Bill Gates net worth threatened to outclass his competitors when he reached 1 billion dollars.

Bill Gates shrewdness and ability to gauge the potential of other companies helped him to gain ascendency in the software arena despite stern competition in the field. Microsoft asserted its monopoly in the field, and consequently, got hold of the software market worldwide. With money pouring in, the company invested in its new adventures and managed to elevate itself to unprecedented heights. Slowly, Bill Gates net worth outperformed at his competitors.

Bill Gates Family 

Just like every other thing in the life, Bill Gates also managed to choose the perfect partner for himself. Bill Gates married Microsoft product manager Melinda French who caught his eye when he was only 23. Though interestingly, Melinda was much older than Bill Gates. The difference of 10 years between couple age was striking, but the couple chooses to pursue it on the basis of their mental congeniality. It has been an enthrallingly incredible journey through all these years.

The couple has enjoyed love and rational understanding through the course of the time.  Ultimately, the couple decided to marry on January 1, 1994, at the exotic location of Hawaii. Even Bill Gates has acknowledged the fact that he would never have received such heights without the help of his wife. To sum their relationship, it was a perfect relation coupled with love and intimacy.

As mentioned earlier, Bill has always remained close to her mother whose influence was unprecedented in transforming Bill’s life into a successful person. Just after his marriage to Melinda French, Bill Gates mother died and left a space in his life. Bill was shocked by the death of his mother, and it took him more than a couple of years to find ambition in life. During that time, the couple traveled throughout the world and discovered a new meaning of life.

In the year 1996, the couple was bestowed with first daughter, Jennifer. During the next decade, Melinda French gave birth to two other children: Rory, 1999, and daughter, Phoebe, in 2002.

What are Bill Gates Philanthropist activities?

Bill Gates net worth has also contributed to the welfare of the mankind. With wealth pouring in, Bill Gates started to take an interest in philanthropist activities. He began to realize that he must also contribute to making this world a better place. Bill Gates started studying Andrew Carnegie and other billionaire philanthropists.

Bill Gates and Melinda soon established W.H. Gates foundation in the year 1994. The aim of the organization was to support education and health worldwide, but the scope of the organization increased drastically with the passage of time. Once the Bill Gates organization got fame, the couple decided to start a new charity venture with the name ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.’ Bill Gates contributed more than 25 billion dollars at the outset of the foundation.

Within next decade, Bill Gate resigned from the post of CEO of Microsoft and started focusing more on the Melinda Gates Foundation. In recent years, Gate seems ever more passionate about the scope of the organization. Along with different awards from the globe, Bill Gates and Melinda were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama.

Bill Gates House

Only Bill Gates net worth could dream of a luxurious house worth Millions. Bill Gates owns a mansion in Medina, Washington. The house is expanded on 66,000 square foot, and arguably, has the best design and architect in the American peninsula. Bill Gates has also named the house as Xanadu.  The house is worth 70$ million dollars, and it took more than seven years for architects to design and build such an incredible house.

His house is reportedly designed by two of the world best designers Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Cutler-Anderson. The house includes all the items of family’s interest such as a swimming pool, a library and an underwater music system. It also includes a 1000 square foot dining room and a gym. Bill Gates still spends most of his time in the library reading and contemplating various disciplines. Allergic to noise, the house has been set in a way that allows serenity and calmness in the environment.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Does Bill Gates own a Private Jet?

Bill Gates also owns a private Jet Bombardier BD-700. The Jet is worth $45 Million dollars and is used by Gates when he wants to travel to different parts of the world for work purposes. Presently, the aircraft is mainly used to participate in seminars related to his foundations across the globe. With the speed of 925 km/h, the jet makes Bill Gates traveling comfortable. As evident, Bill Gates net worth is reflecting in his choices too.

Bill Gates Cars

Bill loves high-speed tech innovations and it is evident through his choices too. He has a plethora of cars that he sets close to his heart including 1988 Porshe 959 Coupe that was once the fastest car in the world. Though now 61 years old, Bill Gates still enjoys the ride with 1988 Porsche 959 Coupe. His other cars include

  • Porsche 911 Carrera
  • Porsche 930

Bill Gates Hobbies

Bill Gates has a set of unusual hobbies. While giving an interview to Reddit, the billionaire said that he uses his spare time playing Bridge. Bill Gates also accepts the fact that he has recently been obsessed with the game of Tennis and enjoys playing that in his free time.

And if he still has time, he spends it with her daughter and family. The last hobby plays a significant part in making him a real family man who never had discipline or relationship problems with his family. Uncharacteristic of the billionaire, Bill has managed to have a steady family life courtesy of his hobby to spend time with family.

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