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Antonio Banderas Net Worth, Salary, Endorsements, Lifestyle, House, and Many More

Posted By: John Wick | September 8, 2018

Antonio Banderas Introduction

Antonio Banderas is a renowned Spanish actor, singer, director, and producer. His full name is Jose Antonio Dominguez Bandera. He was born on 10th August 1960 in Malaga, Spain. His father, Jose Dominguez was a police officer in the Civil Guard. His mother Ana Bandera Gallego was a school teacher. During his childhood, Antonio Banderas was passionate about football and he wanted to play football professionally. However, he broke his foot when he was 14 years old and could not pursue football professionally. After that, he developed an interest in performing arts. He participated in a number of local plays and gave many street performances. His lucky break came when he finally got a spot with the Spanish National Theatre.

Antonio Banderas started his movie career with a role in the 1982 movie Labyrinth of Passion. Since then Antonio Banderas has appeared in a number of high profile movies and Antonio Banderas net worth has increased a lot. Some of the most renowned movies of Antonio Banderas career include Spy Kids, Shrek Series of Movies, Puss in the Boots, and The Mask of Zorro.

Antonio Banderas Career

Antonio Banderas Net Worth

The total net worth of Antonio Banderas is $45 million. Antonio Banderas has accumulated this huge wealth during his successful movie career. He has also earned a handsome amount of money while endorsing various brands.

Antonio Banderas is one of the most successful Spanish actors in the world. He has dazzled the audiences around the world with his amazing acting skills. His unique pronunciation of English language, on one hand, is a drawback for him and on the other hand, it gives him a distinctive edge over other Hollywood actors.

Antonio Banderas Movies

Antonio Banderas is one of the most successful Hollywood actors of all time. He has appeared in more than 40 movies. 8 of Antonio Banderas movies have crossed the mark of $100 million. Here are the 10 highest grossing movies of Antonio Banderas career:

  • Shrek 2 – The highest grossing movie of Antonio Banderas career is the second part of the animated comedy Shrek. The movie came out in the year 2004 and it nearly touched the mark of half a billion dollars with total gross earnings of $441,226,247.
  • Shrek The Third – The third installment of the Shrek series was released in the year 2007. It was quite successful as well. The total gross earnings from the movie were $322,719,944.
  • Shrek Forever After – The fourth movie of the Shrek series came out in the year 2010. It was also a huge hit with total earnings of $$238,736,787.
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water – The movie was released in the year 2015. Antonio Banderas played the character of Burger Beard in this movie. The movie was a huge hit on the box office with total gross earnings of $162,994,032.
  • Puss in Boots – Antonio Banderas continued to do well in animated comedies, with his role in Puss in Boots. He did voice-over acting in this movie. The total revenues from the movie accounted for $149,260,504.
  • Spy Kids – Spy Kids was quite popular among the kids back in the early years of the 2000s. The first movie of the Spy Kids series was released in the year 2001. Antonio Banderas played the role of Gregorio Cortez in the movie. The total earnings from the movie were $112,719,001.
  • Spy Kids 3D: Game Over – This movie of the Spy Kids series came out in the year 2003 and it had total earnings of $111,761,982.
  • Interview with the Vampire – The movie was released in the year 1994 and it was an instant hit with total earnings of $105,264,608.
  • The Mask of Zorro – This is one of the most iconic movies of Antonio Banderas. It kind of launched him into the mainstream Hollywood movies. The movie is considered as a Hollywood classic and it had earnings of $94,095,523.
  • Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams – The second part of the Spy Kids series was not as successful as the first one. However, it did more than decent revenue of $85,846,429.

Other popular movies of Antonio Banderas movie career include Philadelphia, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Evita, The Expendables 3, The Legend of Zorro, Take the Lead, Assassins, Desperado, and Haywire.

Antonio Banderas Movies

Antonio Banderas Salary

Antonio Banderas has earned huge salaries for his roles in different movies. According to reports, Antonio Banderas salary in 1996 film, Evita was $4 million. His salary in the 2001 movie, The Body was $12 million.

Antonio Banderas Endorsement Deals

The superstar Hollywood actor of Spanish descent has used his star power well. He has endorsed a number of high profile brands. The actor has his own line of perfumes by the name of Puig. Here is the list of Antonio Banderas Endorsements:

  • Puig
  • Anta Banderas
  • Nasonex
  • Police
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Wrigley

Antonio Banderas Lifestyle

Other than enjoying his acting and enjoying his richest, Antonio Banderas is involved in philanthropy. He and his former wife Melanie Griffith were awarded the ‘Stella Adler Angel Award’ in recognition of their charity work. Antonio Banderas has been married and divorced twice. His first wife was Ana Leza. He married her in 1987 and divorced in 1996. His second wife was Melanie Griffith. Antonio Banderas married Melanie Griffith in 1996 and divorced in 2014. Antoni Banderas has one daughter named Stella del Carmen Banderas. Antonio Banderas has a lot of interest in football and he supports his hometown team, Malaga CF in Spanish La Liga.

Antonio Banderas House

Antonio Banderas net worth has allowed him to have the luxury of buying multiple properties in different parts of the world. According to reports, the actor has a beautiful house in Los Angeles. The house features a large lawn along with a beautiful swimming pool. The price tag of this cool Los Angeles bungalow is around $16 million. Antonio Banderas also has a house in Spain.

Antonio Banderas bought another house in 2016 in Surrey, England. According to the details, this 5 bedroom house cost the Spanish superstar $3.3 million. The house is 6,000 square feet. It has a wonderful architecture and has a beautifully landscaped garden.

Antonio Banderas Net Worth

Antonio Banderas Cars

Just like his movies, Antonio Banderas likes to ride in style in real life as well. The actor has a Porsche 911 Cabriolet worth $125,990. The black colored sports car goes well with the style of Antonio Banderas. The actor has also been spotted in a Mercedes S-Class.

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