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Zaytoven Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & More

Posted By: Ejaz Abbasi | March 3, 2019

Zaytoven Introduction:

Zaytoven is known as a well-known and famous record producer, lovely DJ, and rhythm pianist who belongs from America. He got popular and famous and known for his cooperation with the Southern rap artists named Gucci Mane, Migos, and Future.


Moreover, he also has done jobs with the amazing artists in which Waka Flaka Flame, Young Scooter, Bankroll Fresh, and Young Dro are on the top of the list. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany on January 12, 1980. His father used to work as a church preacher. And his mother known as a choir director, who known as Xavier L. Dotson. He provided a chance to play instruments like the piano in church bands. This play of music from an early age which developed the passion in his heart. So far is his education is concerned, he studied and completed his higher school in the year 1999 and enrolled in a local barber school and completed graduation from the University.

Zaytoven Career


Zaytoven was born in Germany and currently lives in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California. He referred to his use of rapper Gucci Mane and offers contributed to more than one melody on each of Mane’s albums fairly. The set additionally has cooperated on several mixtapes. Zaytoven also got famous for other performances such as Soulja Boy Inform ‘Em, Young Jeezy, Usher, Upcoming, Gorilla Zoe, Migos, Nicki Minaj, and OJ Da Juiceman as well. Zaytoven became famous as a rap DJ and maker. He also created countless music, allows name for instance Money Guy, Bachelor Pad, The Dopeman’s Girlfriend, and as well as She A Groupie. Because of his albums, Zaytoven blessed with a significant fortune.

By the year 2015, his net worth increased up to the US $1.5 million which he is worth it. These performances helped become some performers into the well-known superstars. His real name is surely Xavier Dotson and born on a military bottom placed in Germany. He was brought up in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and Atlanta where he lives by the year 2015. He met many well-known singers, such as for example Soulja Boy, Youthful Jeezy, Upcoming, and Usher.

In Zaytoven’s music, you may also find influences type R&B and soul. But his only source of income is music. His net worth also increased by many films he had performed in. A few of them includes Birds Of A Feather, Weed Guy Film Series, and Finesse The Film as well. The year 2015 can be stated as another record for Zaytoven. He does the job together with rapper Chief Keef on a new fresh album. Something that will surely be worth listening and loving. With related to dating lifestyle, Zaytoven has already married. He resides along with his wife and their two children happily.

Zaytoven tells that they, in fact, make him busy therefore he doesn’t have time for any celebrations. He also practices Christian and takes to stability his faith and rap music as well, that often may sound sweet violent. Zaytoven was born on January 12, 1980. He’s an old man out of four kids and he was born in Frankfurt, Germany. His dad was known as a preacher who showed him helpful in a church and his mom was known as a well-famous choir director.

Zaytoven and his siblings had studied how exactly to play the musical instruments that have been present in the church bands. Zaytoven showed more interest in the instruments like piano and organ. When he was in college, Zaytoven started his career as a rap covert. It said that, in Atlanta, he enrolled up for a local barber university and started to cut locks, in order to his studio financed. He provides his professional name as Zaytoven from the German pianist and a composer Ludwig van Beethoven due to the many resemblances that both of the musicians own.

Zaytoven basically Started to deal with Gucci Mane. He announced to be a DJ and creator who spared some time doing the job with many other famous performers like Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Future. Zaytoven first started his profession by creating beats for regional San Fransico players like Messy Marve and San Quinn. He also started to sell beats to geographic area rappers.

It declared that, between the year of 2009 to 2015, he presents his released 15 combine tapes and additionally. He included 8 by itself in the year 2015. He spared some time working with Usher for the very best 40 hits. And with Migos because of their blazing 100 hits called, that called Versace. Furthermore, He had caused other important performers like Soulja males, Gorilla Zoe, Youthful Jeezy, and Juiceman as well. He also has given a Grammy Award in the year 2011. And it had been because of his enormous contribution and cooperation to the Raymond Album. Zaytoven declared to be a co-producer as well as an article writer for the one solo for Sean Garrett.

He declared to have the capacity to spot the gemstone in the dust and dirt and attains the prospect of reviewing an artist’s capability and ability and due to that. He has turned out many performers into the famous superstars. It has created the approved platinum maker a long way far away from your conflict. He has the ability to convey his poetry and his interest through strings, keys, and drumheads. He declared to be wearing a lot of hats and he continuously takes refreshing himself. And as well as his music, that has turned into an essential drive to today’s entertainment sector.

Zaytoven has mostly determined that he has the ability to move in one assortment to some other through the attainment of papers that extremely Usher’s hit one. And which involves claimed as number one. The other particular roles of Zaytoven are Def Jams, Big Bank Black own, Check it out which also involves the featured Kandi as well. The dismiss of amazing classic melody; Awesome has destroyed the record of the Rap and Hip-Hop famous charts.

He formerly the chance to have met with the rap legend, at the period in United States of America west coast. Who mentioned as JT the Bigga Figga. He created a process to Atlanta and created his way to make his brand as a  more useful producer and creator and an amazing article writer on the music picture. Zaytoven built a studio in the basement for documenting songs. It said that Mane and Zaytoven continued to have link instantly. In fact, it declared that they had an inconvertible difference

Zaytoven Net Worth:


Zaytoven is known as a great American DJ and record maker who earns a net worthy of the US $300 thousand.

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