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Sweet Saraya Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth, Affairs & More

Posted By: Ejaz Abbasi | March 6, 2019

Sweet Saraya Introduction:-

No Doubt, Sweet Saraya is a professional Wrestler. She is playing from the United Kingdom. Of course, she is also a promoter. Saraya has three children from Ricky Knight. She has promoted many wrestlers.

Early Age of Saraya:-

Her original name is Julia Hamer-Bevis. She was born in Penzance, Cornwall. Her stepfather abused her. She ran away from home when she was 15 years old. Sweet living on roads and use public pools to the bath. Sweet Saraya became a drug addicted and also was raped. Her mother refuses to help her during this period, and that is the reason she does not have any relationship with her mother now.

Sweet Saraya

The career of Saraya:-

In 1990, Hammer had a job as a chief a chief in Pontins holiday camp for summer. She then met Ricky knight in the hotel who is a wrestler by profession and part of the cabaret circuit. They found high bond together and soon she left the job and joined Ricky. They both made wrestling costumes and rings. After a few months, Knight said that he wants to be a part of the show, so she joined as manager in the corner with him. Knight made her debut as Saraya.

Saraya joined sensational Superfly as their manager at the end of the summer. Knight motivated Saraya to become a wrestler. Sweet Saraya to agree, and she was a fast learner. She debuts at the end of that year against Nikki Best. On the other hand, Saraya now has won World Association of wrestling once. This award is given to her in November 2011. Her net worth is $ million.

Relationship details of Sweet Saraya:-

Sweet Saraya married in May 1990 with Ricky Knight. Ricky Knight is a professional wrestling trainer and promoter. He is an owner of the United Kingdom. Sweet Saraya has three children named Paige, Zac Zodiac, and Roy Knight. No other details or extramarital status are found. She has two children of her own, and one is adopted. Two of her children are a professional wrestler.

Sweet Saraya

Interesting about Sweet Saraya:-

Saraya  57 kg in weight and her height is 5ft and 7 inches. Her moves are DDT, Facebuster, Samoan Drop, and Rope-hung.

Sweet Saraya

Sweet Saraya Net Worth:-

Saraya a famous and professional wrestler from the UK. In fact, she also is a promoter for the wrestler as she has introduced many wrestlers. When she just 15, she left her house. Before that time she was living with her mother and stepfather. Sweet Saraya abused by her stepfather. Her famous moves are DDT, facebuster, rope-hung, and a Samoan drop. Her height is 5ft, and 7 inches and her weight is 57 kg which is the just perfect combo. Actually, she got married to Ricky Knight who is also a wrestler in May 1990. Saraya has two children who are professional wrestlers also. Saraya also trains many wrestlers and made their debut in this industry. Her net worth is $ 2 million which is quite justifiable.

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