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Shane McMahon Bio, Age, Height, WWE Career, Net Worth, Personal Life And More

Posted By: Rimsha Afzal | June 17, 2018

Shane McMahon Introduction:

Shane McMahon (born on January 15, 1970). He recognized as a well-known American businessman and professional wrestler. Who is also known as the owner of WWE and the vice-chairman of Wecast Holdings Inc. He is presently working as the on-screen commissioner of WWE’s weekly television show SmackDown Live.

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon is the fourth generation wrestling promoter as being a member of the McMahon family. He started working in WWE at the age of 15, beginning in their warehouse, where he completed merchandise orders. McMahon also became a referee, producer, announcer, and a wrestler on-screen. While also being WWE’s Executive Vice President of the Global Media behind the scenes of WWE. He belongs to the McMahon family. And is the grandson less McMahon, grandson of Vincent J. McMahon, who is the son of WWE Majority Owner/Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon and late WWE CEO/current Administrator of a Small Business Administration Linda McMahon, the big brother of WWE executive/personality Stephanie. As being a wrestler, he achieved the European Championship and the Hardcore Championship as well and has battled in the main event of multiple WWE pay per views. He is best known for his high-risk moves.

Shane McMahon Biography:

Shane McMahon was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland on January 15, 1970. He got training under Phil Nurse. Shane completed his elementary education at Maryland Graduate School and went to the University of Maryland for his higher educations. More information about his parents is unknown.

Shane McMahon Business career:

In the year 2006, Pride Fighting Championships took place Pride 32 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Paradise, Nevada. Shane McMahon also included in the attendance at the occasion, which resulted in speculation that WWE can consider by promoting MMA occasions. On 17th of November, WWE and Dream Stage Entertainment officials, the parent company of Pride Fighting Championships, appointed a meeting at WWE global headquarters located in Stamford, Connecticut.

The meeting fully based on the probability of the two groups doing some business together in the coming future. In the year 2007, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, which is the president of DSE, declared that Station Casinos, Inc. magnate Lorenzo Fertitta, who is also known as one of the co-owners of Zuffa, a parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, had managed a deal to gain all the assets of Pride FC from DSE after Pride 34 in a deal worth approximately USD 70 million,

Shane McMahon Professional wrestling career:

Shane McMahon

World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment

Early years (1989−1997)

Shane McMahon started his career by renewing his name as Shane Stevens in the year 1989 at a Survivor Series and was first to perform to walk out to make the audience happy at WrestleMania VI. He also performed during the year 1991 Royal Rumble match. McMahon later abandoned behind his refereeing duties and decided to play the role of a backstage official at WrestleMania VIII in just one turn to break up a storyline brawl between Randy Savage and Ric Flair. McMahon will particularly work behind the scenes and be releasing WWF.com in the year 1997.

The Corporation (1998–2000)

Shane McMahon started his acting profession by his first performance efficiently in the year 1998 when he became one of the main WWF executives negotiating with Mike Tyson during the time of Tyson’s heavily-hyped involvement in WrestleMania. He was a recurring part of his father’s on-air feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He declared with Jerry Lawler on the 1999 video game WWF Attitude as well.

The Alliance (2001–2002)

In the year 2001, Shane appeared his third face on-airing by once again feuding with his father, Vince. The feud with Vince was because of the elder McMahon’s (kayfabe) affair with Trish Stratus and Vince’s spite and need to divorce Linda McMahon. As bad luck would have it, rival World Championship Wrestling (WCW) stocked to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) before one week of the Father versus Son match at WrestleMania X-Seven. Regarding the storyline, Vince wished that Ted Turner write the contract at WrestleMania X-Seven.

With Vince’s ego rising the best of him, Shane could seize the chance and buy WCW himself, to the shock of Vince. McMahon won by defeating his father at WrestleMania X-Seven, in a Street Fight. When he was At Backlash, McMahon made a debut his theme song “Here Comes The Money”. And became the person in a Last Man Standing match against Big Show. McMahon played his performance the Leap of Faith (from the top of the scaffolding), and knocked himself and Show out. Test raised McMahon to his feet, for the purpose McMahon to achieve the victory.

Feud with D-Generation X and Bobby Lashley (2006–2007)

Shane McMahon started as the heel in the procedure for the first time since mid of the year 2001 by again siding with his father to rise in the feud with Shawn Michaels. In the year 2006 Royal Rumble, Shane finished Michaels by getting him out over the top rope. After some weeks of attacks from behind by Shane, one of that saw him force a senseless Michaels to kiss Vince’s rear end, Shane and Michaels faced each other in a Street Fight on the 18th of March 2006 episode of Saturday Night’s Main Occasion. In a fashion that was similar to the real-life Montreal Screwjob. Shane threw Michaels in the Sharpshooter as Vince labeled for the bell and offered Shane the victory. The McMahons’ feud with Michaels turned to a religious turn just after WrestleMania 22. Where Michaels won by defeating Vince McMahon.

McMahon in 2007

This feud later turned to Triple H, who the McMahons had included in the list to take out Michaels. Triple H was irritating with this, as it was beyond from his quest to achieve the WWE Championship. Triple H will begin up bashing Shane with his the signature weapon. The sledgehammer, in what was connected to be an accident that threw Shane out of the ring for a while.

McMahon in November 2008

Shane McMahon returned to come to his father know that, Vince, about the “guest referee” for the “Battle of the Billionaires.” He informed him that their enemies on the Board of Directors had achieved the vote, 5–4. The McMahons wanted for Shane to be the referee. Instead, the guest referee shifted out to be the McMahons’ old rival, the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. During the time of  “Battle of the Billionaires” match at WrestleMania 23, Shane’s try to interrupt on his father’s behalf was finished by Austin.

Feud with The Legacy and sabbatical (2008–2009)

After many injuries that Vince Shane McMahon survived on the June 23 episode of Raw when a sign thrown on top of him during the time of his hosting of the “Million Dollar Mania” sweepstakes. Shane was requesting for the Raw roster to be standing together during what was a turbulent time. After Stephanie slapped him being, Shane eliminated the segment by announcing her that from that day onwards. He was intended to watch Stephanie run Raw “right into the ground.

McMahon during a Raw show in April 2016

In the year 2016 episode of Raw, Shane McMahon came back to WWE for the first time in about seven years, interfering his sister, Stephanie McMahon, and received the “Vincent J. Shane declared that the reason he had come back was that he intended to control Raw, by leading to Vince holding Shane in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32 against his enemy

In the month of July, after the declarement of the back of the brand extension with SmackDown moving to Tuesday and airing live every week. Vince held an appointment Shane as being the storyline commissioner of the SmackDown brand and Stephanie as being the commissioner of Raw before giving them task to name a general manager for their coming shows. Shane hired Daniel Bryan for the general manager of SmackDown.

Personal life of Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon got married to Marissa Mazzola on 14th of Sep, 1996. The couple blessed with three sons. Whom they named Declan James, Rogan Henry and Kenyon “Kenny Jess. Declan James was born on February 13, 2004). Kenyon”Kenny” Jess was born on March 26, 2006, and Rogan Henry was born on January 20, 2010. His sons were there to appear at WrestleMania 32, to give them company McMahon to the ring in his match against his opponent The Undertaker.

In the year 2006, he became one of Detail magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Men Under 42” in the annual “power issue.” On 19th of July, 2017, McMahon involved in a helicopter crash but fortunately saved.

Shane McMahon Net Worth:

McMahon’s net worth calculated in and estimated around $35 million. He had won many wrestling matches which helped him increase his net worth. Shane also gained many championships which took him to the peak of glory and success.


Shane McMahon who was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is a well-known pro wrestling personality. He is the winner of many WWE championships. His main profession is wrestling through which he is earning a respectable amount of net worth. He married to Marissa Mazzola and blessed with three children.

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