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Ricardo Quaresma Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Family, Net Worth and More

Posted By: Aqib Khan | February 6, 2018

Ricardo Quaresma Biography

Once touted as a next big thing in Portugal football, Ricardo Quaresma, aka the wonder kid during his youth days failed to capitalize the much-needed start.  Previously played for the mighty clubs like Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Chelsea, the enigmatic Quaresma most of the time had the problem with the coaches out there. Especially during his campaign at the Spanish club and one of his recent Turkish club Besiktas.

Ricardo Quaresma

The 34-years old winger is currently playing for Besiktas. But the thing which has kept him under the low is his changing faithfulness as he had failed to become the regular team member at any of the club. Even when he tried his luck at the UAE Pro League and Turkish Football League. The Portuguese star is now at the twilight of his career. And now the words which sum up his entire career are ‘under-rated, egoistic, wasted-talent, unfortunate.’

The thing which would give football fans better know about his talent is during his youth days he was rated above his teammate Cristiano  Ronaldo. But as of now, he’s nowhere in the scene when it’s about the comparison with current Portuguese legend.

Ricardo Quaresma Early Life

Ricardo Quaresma

Things weren’t that ideal for the Portugal-born striker, but the only way he took out of all the mess situation was playing football or playing football even better. Although there isn’t much about winger’s early life, what we all know is hailing from the wrecked up family as his father and mother separated. Quaresma fainted all these wrongs with his excellent power show with the football.  With his superb performances, the aggressive winger was good enough to make rounds in Portugal Football as the ‘wonder kid’ or the next Luis Figo.

Quaresma was spot on with his early campaigns at Sporting Lisbon and remained up to the hype. Which touted him as the next big thing in Portuguese Football. Many of the football critics were of the view that Portugal star’s disturbed childhood was something that pulled him to do go an extra mile in the game of football.  As of now, 34-years old Quaresma said to have a negative impact on all the happenings around him. And that had also come on as a hurdle in his once flourishing football career.

Ricardo Quaresma Early Football Career

Quaresma in one of his recent interview told that the thing which went wrong for him as he always wanted to get achieve things quickly. Same goes for the football career of Portugal national Team player as only 15 he went on popping into Sporting Sub-15  with later playing on at Sporting Sub-17, U-19, B and then getting onto represent Sporting CP. What came as more of a surprise pleasure to the youngster was getting it to Barcelona at 19. Even though Quaresma and Barcelona story isn’t the best of the stories. But yet it tells how the next big thing in Portugal football went on wasting his special talent.

Ricardo Quaresma Portugal National Team

If you think Quaresma, who failed to raise eyebrows in club football went on doing something big for the national team. You’re exactly wrong as he has only been able to make 72 appearances. The other thing making it completely an ordinary career, with his this much number of outings, he only scored.

But what you can’t take away from Quaresma is his year 2016 at Portugal National football team as it was his best so far in the career. Which is going through its twilight. Apart from being the part of Euro 2016 winner Portugal side, he smashed four goals out off 17 games in the year. With making his best year so far regarding his performance with the national team. It will be relevant to mention here that he came out as a substitute to Ronaldo after he forced to leave the field at Euro 2016 Final due to injury.

Ricardo Quaresma Club Career

There are around half dozen of clubs with whom Quaresma has been taking turns, with not fitting well in anyone out of them expect Porto. In his 4-seasons of stay at FC Porto, the Portugal-born star showed the glimpse of what he’s capable of doing.

Things for young Quaresma started with playing superb for Sporting CP and then on the way were his short time-period in Barcelona, Port, Inter Milan, Chelsea (Loan), Besiktas, and Al-Ahli respectively. As of now, the star player has been again playing for the Turkish giant football club Besiktas after again trying his luck at Porto for two seasons 2013-15.

Ricardo Quaresma FC Porto

The aggressive winger played 114 matches with Porto during 2004-08 campaign and stood up with smashing 24 goals.

Later on, in 2013-15 seasons, Quaresma joined this Portugal club yet again but couldn’t do something extraordinary on the board.

Ricardo Quaresma Transfer

The transfer has been the only continuous thing to happen now and then in Ricardo Quaresma’s career. The thing which should be kept noted here even with traveling and transferring to around half-dozen of clubs, the Portugal star couldn’t prove out to be the right fit for any out of them in the longer run.

Ricardo Quaresma Family

Termed as a bit arrogant on the football pitch, Quaresma is exactly opposite when it comes to family life. The Besiktas star manages most out of his time for his three children at home; two out of them are the daughters. His wife, Dafne, also written as ‘Daphne’ feels herself as the ‘very proud woman ‘ to have a caring beau like Quaresma.  The former Barcelona star is quite vocal about his family life as this is something he has been enjoying for quite some time.

It should be kept noted here that Quaresma is a different person when it comes to his attitude and doings with family. Telling about his dealing with kids, Quaresma once in an interview told that ‘I am the joker, who lets them walk and lets them do everything.’ The Besiktas star footballer is also taking the family outing and refreshments as it works out as a fresh breeze for the family, which is an outdoorsman by heart.

Ricardo Quaresma Affairs

Quaresma, once the ‘poster boy’ of the game of football isn’t one easy going in real life and that makes only chosen, specific people gathering him around. His relation with Daphne has been making rounds for so long as they had been dating before tying the knot and beginning a new life. Before getting into relation with Portugal-born Daphne, Quaresma had a previous relation, from which he had a daughter, named Ariana. Details about star player’s previous relation aren’t known as this was something he kept under the wraps, away from the limelight.

Ricardo Quaresma Girlfriends

Daphne Quaresma turned out a real partner for the flamboyant footballer and he doing something different as he used to do with his faithfulness with clubs out there and remained solely for Daphne. Things went superbly between the couple and then next on the cards were something even more special for the couple. The wife, Daphne has been up all the praises for the husband, Quaresma, who tries to manage most of his time out for the family.

Who is Ricardo Quaresma Wife?

Ricardo Quaresma

Daphne and Quaresma started a new journey with accepting each other as the partners for life. The ladylove seems to enjoy every of the bit of her life with the star footballer whether it is in Istanbul, Portugal or elsewhere. The former Porto star responding it back equally tries to best out of his time for the family, especially his wife, Quaresma.

Ricardo Quaresma Son

Ricardo Quaresma’s affection with son is a no hide, especially if you follow the star footballer on his Instagram, as he proudly shares his photos with his son Ricardo. Up the latest, he has been sharing his 3-years old son’s photos while playing football and also hinted about his bright future in this game. The young Ricardo enjoys spending time with his father and regards him as a role model.

Ricardo Quaresma Controversies

A big ‘No’ to Frank Rijkaard

In the world, where thousands of footballers dream to get Barcelona jersey on, Ricardo Quaresma was yet lucky and later unfortunate enough to play for the Spanish club for one year, while he was just 19. In his 22 games at Barca he could only score one goal, and later he said no to play for the Spanish bigwig club, and the sole reason was Coach Frank Rijkaard. The young Portuguese footballer was of the view that he was getting insufficient time, which won’t make him get used to the conditions ground. Moreover, he also opined that he asked to join the club and play with the same style, but after coming here, coach isn’t ‘ok’ with his style.

Ricardo Quaresma accused of flashing genitals and urinating on kitman

Things have been changing in between Besiktas and Quaresma now, and then as sometimes its good and the other days, it gets worst. Like always the board member and the coach have been a real headache for the star striker as back in 2012 he alleged of exposing genitals and urinating on the kitman by the Besiktas board member Ahmed Nur Cebi. The Portugal National team footballer was quick to react this time as he was keen to sue the Besiktas chief for this statement.

Ricardo Quaresma robbed of items worth 80,000 Euros

The star player was robbed at gunpoint back in 2012 when he on the move on his luxury cars in a Lisbon neighborhood. According to the sources, three masked men robbed former Barcelona star of expensive jewelry, designer watch, and cash; worth 80,000 Euros.

Ricardo Quaresma detained for misbehaving

Months after he robbed he taken into police custody after he misbehaving with a woman, to whom he thought had robbed her mother.

Ricardo Quaresma Net Worth

Ricardo Quaresma

His loyalty to the teams has been performing as the hot-tempered guy couldn’t manage to have enough good times to bring best out of himself. His longest affiliation till the date of writing came up with FC Porto, where he spent 2004-08 after getting it all done with big Spanish Barcelona just in one season. Injury and lack of form were also the issues but what usually kept him out of the favor was his attitude issue. As Quaresma was once labeled the next biggest thing in Portugal football. He got on to have done much with big money in the beginning as he went on to play Barcelona from Sporting CP for €6 million.

Next, onwards after FC Porto, Quaresma only had a short stint to offer in various clubs, namely Inter Milan, Chelsea, Besiktas, and Al-Ahli.  His journey with Besiktas from 2009-12 also turned out some bright mark on his tantalizing career, but he gave it up then due to the difference with management and coach of the Turkish club. This time he went across the board and tried his luck at the UAE Pro League for Al-Ahli, before heading his way back to the Besiktas.

The Annual Salary of Ricardo Quaresma in 2012 is 3.75 million EUR.

The estimated net worth of Ricardo Quaresma is $25 million.

Ricardo Quaresma Cars Collection

The Portuguese hunk isn’t one of the car-enthusiasts as his body and style are showy enough to make it to the hots. It will be relevant to mention here that, keeping it up on the trends; Quaresma keeps some luxury calls in his collection including the Audis, Range Rover, Mercedes and other.

Ricardo Quaresma

Ricardo Quaresma House

Ricardo Quaresma known for keeping up things in style; same goes for his choice in his place of residence. His house in Cascais, Portugal has been a perfect example of his tastes as it situated in scenic natural surroundings and what works as an icing on the cake is the modern-day architect and the amenities at the place. The in-house swimming pool, gym and exercise room along with the rooftop natural sights, the house had the greenery with setting lavish green grounds.

Talking about the price of Quaresma’s Cascais house, according to some of the reliable sources it worth around $ 0.4 million. There might be some other houses in the country as of investing purpose, but the details about them aren’t known.

Ricardo Quaresma Style

Quaresma has always been on top when it comes to style and attitude. The body language he carries on with something even getting the worst day on the field is something keeps him way above other star footballers. Quaresma’s style statement has been strong enough to follow across the globe by many of the crazy football fans across the globe; Whether its hairs or no hairs, the Portugal-born star has always been giving the models run for the money with his well toned-physique and styling habits.

Tattoos on the hunk’s body work out like icing on the cake, and his unique hairstyles have been one another reason for him to be in the news. One can’t forget the hairdo Portugal star got for the Euro 2016. Being one of the Romani-descent. His body and beauty hands-in-hands have been giving sleepless nights to the female fans out there.

Interesting Facts about Ricardo Quaresma

Ricardo Quaresma said to be the next big thing in Portugal football or next Luis Figo in the making. What came reality was nothing worth-waiting as Quaresma could do little of what he was capable of doing.

Quaresma taken as a better player while growing as both of them hailed from the same club, back in Portugal.

Quaresma went on playing for Barcelona at the age of 19. But gave up after playing one season as he wasn’t ‘ok’ with the coach Frank Rijkaard.

Ricardo Quaresma Tattoos

The Besiktas star has not the only body covered with tattoos as he doesn’t mind tattoos even on his face. But this either doesn’t take anything away from the flashy hunk.

Ricardo Quaresma and Ronaldo

The long relation short, they have been brothers bonded by the love of football and with the aim to take Portugal to new heights with their skills in football. Hailing from the similar first club, football critics have been terming both of them the next big things in Portugal football. But came reality was King (Ronaldo) kept the promise, but Gypsy (Quaresma) failed to live it up to the hype.

Ricardo Quaresma Online Appearance







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