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Pepe Footballer Bio, Age, Height, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth and More

Posted By: Aqib Khan | February 10, 2018

Pepe Biography

The right-footed Aggressive defender Pepe shocked the world with his individual and team performances with the prominent football clubs like Porto and Real Madrid. Now headed to Turkish football club, Besiktas JK, the Brazil-born star previously went on representing the national Portugal football team instead of the country of his birth. The experienced defender, who had 10-years of attachment with Real Madrid went on going out for the  Turkish club as he got the one-year contract from the Spanish Club when he was asking for the two-year contract.


Pepe – Story Behind The Name

Only the diehard fans of Pepe would be aware of his full name that is Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira. It will be pertinent to mention here that ‘Pepe’ came out as the nickname of the former Real Madrid star but later its acceptance among the football-enthusiasts made it more famous than his full name. Pepe, once in an interview told that from where this nickname came and outsmarted his original name ‘Kepler Laveran Lima Ferreira’.  Portugal’s national team defender told that ‘My name in Brazil is quite difficult to pronounce. My coach and my father called me Pepe because it was easier. And that how it has stayed.’

Pepe Early Football Career

Pepe was unstoppable right from the word ‘go’. His attitude and aggression made him an extraordinary asset for the teams he used to play during his early career.  Pepe, born in Brazil went on playing for the local club Corinthians Alagoano, but something which was still the same as of now is his attitude. During the Sao Paulo Youth Cup, the 13-years old Pepe went furious on the field and smashed the opponent’s player on his face. Things got worse for the budding footballer as one of the influential media personality called up to ban Pepe for playing football anymore.

Before turning 18, Pepe made his mind to not to play for the native country as it lacked recognition so he went on signing in with Maritimo in Portugal.


Pepe Portugal National Team

Pepe didn’t mind waiting a bit for playing Portugal national team as after becoming naturalized he popped up into the Portuguese squad for the UEFA Euro 2008 qualifiers. In the meantime, before showing off his skill with Portugal national side, he went on playing for Maritimo and then transferring to Porto.

Pepe Club Career

Maritimo 2001-2004

Porto 2004-2007

Real Madrid- 2007-2017

Besiktas 2017-Present

Pepe Real Madrid

Pepe’s affiliation with Real Madrid have been lasting for a decade; this chapter of glory came to end as the 34-years old defender was eyeing a 2-years contract from his Spanish Club, but they were eager to give him only one year of the contract.  The hoopla was all around about Pepe switching the club since the end of 2016 but things went across the bar when Pepe remained vocal about the issue. At that time, football-fans got a sigh of relief as Pepe asserted that he’ll wait for Real Madrid till the last minute. After things didn’t move the way, the star defender wanted, the move was on the cards but the question which kept making rounds was what will be Brazilian-born’s next stop.

Pepe Transfer

With the news of Pepe leaving Real Madrid started making rounds, the buzz about star defender joining PSG went viral. As expectations are always different from the reality, so was the news for Pepe’s fans, who joined Turkish football giant Besiktas in June 2017.

Pepe Early Life

Pepe was the laziest kids around but things were quite different when it was about playing football. The passion of football was there for young Pepe right from the very first and that made his move to Portugal before turning 18, instead of playing for the native country, Brazil. Pepe was same carefree as other children around; while growing up in Brazil he was in stuff like spending most of the time out playing football and doing all the foolish stuff what children of his age could do.

The young Pepe who had always been lively about playing football was smart enough to go on leaving his native country along with a friend named Ezequias.  Pepe wasn’t completely 18-years old when he moved on to Portugal and signed in with Maritimo. People have always been wondering that what lead Pepe to ditch native country, footballer-fertile Brazil to represent Portugal. The footballer star himself once told that it was the lack of recognition that made him going out for Portugal and leaving the native country. The thing which is lesser known about Pepe’s early football career at Brazil is an altercation during Sao Paulo Cup that would have worked as a full stop to the budding career of Pepe. Now Beskitas defender, Pepe only aged 13 at that time and the altercation put a black patch on his flourishing career.

Pepe Family

Pepe’s parents, father Anael and mother Rosilene have always been the working force behind as they pushed the aspiring footballer out of their young son to go on to achieve more and more for himself. The star defender’s father was the civil servant in Brazil and that wasn’t enough to fulfil Pepe’s football expenses, at least the expensive Umbro boots. Things weren’t that much easy for Pepe as there’s quite a bit emotional story behind the defender getting his first expensive shoes, Umbro boots. Pepe’s father used to sleep in the car during the work trip to make sure he saves enough of the hotel expenses that could get his son pair of Umbro boots.

Pepe didn’t put all the efforts in vain and responded equally to making a big name for himself and his family.  The thing which has stayed for Pepe since his childhood with even climbing up success ladders rapidly is his parent’s advice to stick with humility whatever the circumstances.

Pepe Affairs

Even though Pepe is recognized as one of the bad-boys of football; he doesn’t have much to go on when it comes to affairs, dating or ditching. The former Real Madrid star turned out to be the one-man woman from the days before he signed up for the Spanish football club.

Pepe met Ana Sofia back in 2007 when was playing for Port Fan Club. Then onwards things changed for the legendary defender, who then onwards starting dating Ana. Things have been pretty well in between the couple and as of now Pepe and Ana are blessed with two daughters.

Pepe Girlfriends

Ana Sofia Moreira

You don’t have to look many names on the list as it isn’t one of the fouls Pepe committed on the field. Pepe has been loyal when it comes to building relationships, his relation with Ana Sofia is one example, and his 10-years affiliation with Real Madrid is another.

Who is Pepe Wife?


Ana Sofia isn’t a celebrity but has enough of the fan following with being the wife of star footballer. Sofia gets her bachelor’s in medicine and is also known for her volunteer work for the children’s hospital located in Portugal, named Little Johnny. Moreover, Ana doesn’t miss any opportunity in supporting his husband; especially when he got himself indulge in some trouble.

Pepe Daughters

Pepe-Sofia couple is blessed with two daughters. The first baby girl they got was in August 2012, to whom they named Angeli Sofi Moreira. The other baby-girl, the couple is blessed with is named Emily Moreira Ferreira.


Pepe Controversies

The Portugal National team footballer, Pepe has bunch full of controversies and that has been enough to earn him repute as a bad boy on the football field.

Those who think that Pepe got overly aggressive after becoming the star are wrong; this attitude has stuck with him since his youth days at Brazil club Corinthians Alagoano. During a youth cup match, the 13-years old Pepe was aggressive enough to get into an altercation with the opposition’s player. And things went uglier as the young defender was enough ferocious to throw a punch on opponents face. The horrific incident even asked for banning Pepe from football but what saved him from this was his young age of 13.


In 2009, Pepe banned for ten matches after he attacked Getafe’s Javi Casquero and Juan Albin.  The Portugal National team footballer did worst with kicking Casquero twice and then punching Albin in the face. Things didn’t finish here for the aggressive defender as he went on yelling at the opponents ‘son of bitches’.  Red Card wasn’t something enough to his attitude and he was awarded a 10-match ban along with it.

The next victim of Pepe’s aggression was Malaga star Duda who received a dangerous kick from the Real Madrid defender during the on-field tackling process. Surprisingly, Pepe wasn’t sendoff for this wrongdoing. Many of the football fans were hasty enough to call it a deliberate antic from Pepe’s side, but soon after Duda’s wife Tweet put all this to rest. ‘I know a lot of you are angry about Pepe’s tackle, but I know it was unintentional and that he is great friends with my husband,’ tweeted Duda’s wife along with a photo of Pepe with her children.

Pepe has a history of turning red-hot during the El Clasico. The one of the most condemnable incidents took place during 2012 Copa del Rey El Clasico when Real Madrid’s defender stepped on Leo Messi’s  hand during the 68th minute at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The football-fans condemned this sort of attitude from Pepe once again.

During the FIFA World Cup 2014, Pepe was sent off the field with the ‘red card’ after he was caught up in the camera head-butting the Germany star footballer Thomas Muller.

Pepe Net Worth

Pepe’s journey to the big started after he got on to play for the Porto from Maritimo. At that time, the budding star footballer cost Porto €1 million and three players namely, Evaldo, Antonielton Ferreira and Tone, a sendoff to Maritimo in the deal.  Pepe arrived for Real Madrid after €30m paid to Maritimo back in 2007. After his 10-years of glory at Real Madrid and achieving everything which is humanly possible, Pepe is all set to carry on things for the Turkish club Besiktas. According to the most reliable sources, former Real Madrid will be getting 3.35 million euros as an annual salary. Moreover, three million euros were also given to the star footballer as a sign-up fee.  It will be pertinent to mention here that performance bonuses for the footballer remain there on the cards separately.

Pepe Annual Salary 2015: 5.72 million GBP

Pepe Estimated Net Worth: $15 million+

It will be pertinent to mention here that deal with Turkish giants have continued the moolah flow swift towards Pepe as it was during his stay at Real Madrid. It won’t be hasty to call that former Real Madrid defender will get a noticeable hike in bank power over next several years. At the same, it should be kept noticed that 34-years old star footballer is in the twilight of his career and not many offers seem to be up on the grab for him next to Besiktas.

Pepe Cars Collection

Although, Pepe isn’t a car-enthusiast but has to keep some of the road giants in his collection following the trend. It should be noted here that Pepe has some best cars in his collection including the Range Rover and Alfa Romeo. Moreover, during his stay at Real Madrid, he also remained up with the latest models of brand Audi as it was the proud sponsor of Spanish football club.

Pepe House

Pepe, who plays for Portugal national team, went on playing for Real Madrid since 2007. Following it, he got a luxury home for himself in the Madrid city. According to the sources, his fancy house in Madrid costs something around $1.5 million. Moreover, the luxury house comes with all the modern-day amenities.

Interesting Facts about Pepe


Pepe is a Brazilian.

Yes, you heard it right; the aggressive defender was born in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil. Before turning 18 he along with his club-mate he moved to Portugal to represent Marítimo. Later on, he got the Portuguese nationality and played for the Portugal Football National team.

Pepe dumped Brazil Football National Team Offer.


In 2006, he was approached by then’s Brazil football team coach Dunga, who offered him a possible call-up in the national team but the star defender went on saying ‘no’ straight away as he was all waiting for the Portuguese citizenship, so he could represent Portugal football team.

Pepe Rag to Riches.

Pepe’s rise isn’t a fairytale; there are tons of efforts behind. During his childhood, he asked his father for the Umbro boots but he shocked to hear the price of these shoes. His father knowing the importance of this comfortable pair of shoes went on living in the car when on the move instead of the hotel so he could buy his son Umbro boots.

Pepe the ‘Bad Boy’ of Football.

The former Real Madrid defender has hundreds of controversies to his name that has resulted in dozens of sent off from the field. Most highlight controversies of his career include stepping onto Messi’s hand during El Clasico and hurling abuses and throwing kicks and punches to Getafe FC players on the field.

Pepe turned Good Boy.

More often you find Pepe’s name caught in some sort of controversy, especially when it’s about El Clasico. But one can’t take away the off-field goodness out from the star defender, who once distributed nine tons of food to the poor people in the Spanish capital. The food packages distributed to around 200 impoverished families in the locality.

Pepe News

The former Real Madrid defender didn’t too long to continue his glory with his new side, Besiktas; as he scored on his debit against Antalyaspor. The thing which might have made Pepe feel low about his outclass performance on the day was Besiktas fans weren’t allowed to the stadium that day as they banned due to the Super Cup violence.

Pepe and Ronaldo

Pepe and Ronaldo have been there long for each other as the Portugal National team players have also been exhibiting their skills for Real Madrid for long. Now as Pepe has made it to the Besiktas, he has sent a straightaway clear message to Ronaldo to switch from Real Madrid to the Besiktas.

Pepe Online Appearance







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