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Mario Gotze Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth and More

Posted By: Basit | February 13, 2018

Mario Gotze Biography

Once touted as the wonder kid, and later on got the hat as the hero of Germany’s FIFA World Cup 2014 final, now Mario Gotze isn’t in best of his touch. The frequent injury attacks have hampered his performance, and his tug of war between Bayern Munich and BVB has left him fan-less as of now.

Mario Gotze Biography

Besides all this, one can’t take anything away from the attacking midfielder, who has won 5 Bundesliga titles collectively for Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Currently, Gotze sustained a partial ligament tear, which has left him on the bench for at least 6-weeks. Amid all this one can predict his comeback for BVB in mid of January 2018, but even then he seems to be a doubtful starter at World Cup 2018, which will be taking place in Russia.

The German pundits, analysts and team officials have always been up with praises for this young man, who is only 25 years of age and is currently fighting to save his career. There might be many factors behind sudden fall of the young man, who once regarded as ‘one of the greatest talents we have ever had ‘by Matthias Sammer. The most prominent factors behind Gotze’s fall is his health condition as he’s suffering from the metabolic condition, which has even led him to fatigue, muscle disorder, and even the weight gain.

The thing which made him unpopular among German football fans was his too and fro moves in between the two rival clubs Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. The German star was born and bred at BVB, but later he left his boyhood club for Bayern Munich. Later in 3 seasons after, Gotze had his comeback to his first club, but fans don’t seem very much pleased with all this.

Mario Gotze Early Life

Things were very much clear for Gotze, who had that X factor to go big in the game of football. Soon after starting on with the local clubs, the flamboyant striker popped into the Dortmund youth system. This arrival from low to high works as a game changer for this young man as this German club worked out as a home for the wannabe footballer.

Mario Gotze went on climbing stairs at the youth system of Dortmund as he, later on, played for the under 17 and 19 sides there.  It should be kept noted here that World Cup 2014 her joined the ranks of BVB at youth system just at the age of 9.

Mario Gotze Early Football Career

Mario Gotze carefully nurtured at Dortmund as he came under their youth system at the age of 9. If you’re assuming that the German star might be a late starter to the game, then you’re wrong as before joining the youth camp at German bigwig, the striking midfielder was very much part of the clubs like Ronsberg  Jugend and Hombrucher SV Jugend.

Gotze had that much-needed X Factor which took him miles but what made him even more prominent was joining Dortmund youth system.  Gotze flourished under the youth system of Dortmund and later went on playing for their under-17 and 19 sides before making it to the senior side.

Mario Gotze Germany National Team

The limelight and fame have been spot on for Mario Gotze, who once touted as the wunderkind of German football. He lived it up to the hype, and the perfect example for all this is his goal in World Cup 2014 Final against Argentina after coming on as a substitute.

Now only 25 years old, Gotze has much more talent to take the football by storm, but injuries have been keeping him away from the football pitch.  Not to forget, due to health issues and injury intervention, Gotze is also struggling to get in place on the national side in 2017. SO far in his career for the national team, Gotze has played 63 games and have netted the ball for 17 times.

Mario Gotze Biography

Mario Gotze Club Career

Borussia Dortmund 2010-2013

Bayern Munich 2013-2016

Borussia Dortmund 2016- 2020 (4 years contract)

Mario Gotze Dortmund

Unarguably, Dortmund is like home to the flamboyant striker, but his inconsistency and hasty decisions left him homeless at one stage. This situation took place after former BVB star made his comeback to the former side from Bayern Munich. Most of the football fans weren’t pleased with his move to come back; even they are the one who wasn’t even in good vibes when budding star left BVB ahead of the semi-final to get in for Bayern Munich.

If the sources are meant to be taken seriously, it won’t be wrong to say that Gotze opts the decision of leaving BVB as what all he wanted at that time was to get under the wings of Pep Guardiola, then’s  coach of Bayern Munich.

Mario Gotze Injury

The fluent running career of Mario Gotze seriously hurdled by the injuries intervention. Only 25 years of age, Gotze is out of the game for last several months and even before that the health issues have restricted him from doing something that he has been actually known for.  Precisely, last one and half-year have been quite annoying for Gotze as he hasn’t been the consistent performer, right after he made a comeback to BVB from Bayern Munich.

Amid all this disappointment, what worked out as complete chaos was Gotze’s ankle ligament injury, which made him stay out of the game for even longer.  The six weeks rest due to the ruptured ligament is due on January 15 and right afterward comeback, eh would eyeing to exhibit best out of him to make the sure place in the squad for World Cup 2018.

Mario Gotze Transfer

There isn’t much cooking about Mario Gotze’s transfer as he’s back to his boyhood club and is under the four years contract with Bayern Munich, which will due in 2020. It will be pertinent to mention here that Gotze isn’t in great touch since his arrival back to BVB, and amid all this, some of the buzzes around suggest that Liverpool is interested to snap this young man. The aggressive mid-fielder only limited to the bench as his health issues, and now the ruptured ankle ligament has kept him out for at least 6-weeks.

Mario Gotze Family

Having father as a professor at Dortmund University, Mario Gotze and sibling never changed their mind as they were very much sure to become the star football one day.  Gotze, the product of Dortmund youth academy, went on winning it big since his childhood as the titles like ‘wunder kid’ ‘talent of the century’ were there to bring the best out of him.

His allegiance to Dortmund taken nothing short of an oath as this was the club where he bred and nurtured, but the turn of events went him on playing for the arch-rivals BvB’s arch-rivals Bayern Munich.  Not to forget, Mario, not the only lad bred and nurtured at Dortmund youth academy as both his brothers, elder brother Fabian Gotze and younger brother Felix Gotze also got the much-needed boost to their rising football careers at the BVB youth academy.

It should be kept noted here that Fabian Gotze also had the strong allegiance with Dortmund after coming up to the second side from youth rank and under 17 and 19’s. Fabian had to end his career at the age of 25, while he was showing off his skills for Unterhaching. On the other hand, Felix Gotze, who also honed his skills at the Dortmund youth academy is now up in playing for the Bayern Munich after getting into the under 17 and 19 at Munich as well.  Moreover, Mario is back with Dortmund after spending three seasons at the rival club, Bayern Munich.

Mario Gotze Affairs

The 25-years old star football has been making his way into the headlines now and then with his relationship with the German model Kathrin Brommel. What’s more satisfying to the relation is the German wonder kid is one-woman-man. It should be kept noted here that the ladylove has also been very much vocal about the relationship apart from featuring in the stands to cheer out for one of the most talented modern-day German footballers.

Both of them are top of their careers so as of now they have all the concentration and attention towards it but with the things going on they are very optimistic that they’ll be tying the knot and making babies in future.

Mario Gotze Girlfriend

Ann-Kathrin Brommel

They have been hanging around to the beaches and cinema very much, and the shutterbugs have been doing their best to get the photos of their for fans. Talking about the relationship, the German model seems to love every bit of Gotze as she once said: “I would love him to purpose.” At the same time, she also revealed plans of tying the knot in coming years.

Mario Gotze Biography

Mario Gotze Controversies

Regarded as one of the most promising German talents, Gotze’s move to Bayern Munich in 2013 turned out to be a black patch on his repute as the club, where he bred and nurtured wasn’t very much pleased with what he was doing all around. Joining the ranks of arch-rivals left the BVB fans disheartened and what turns out to be more to all this was joining back Dortmund three years after.

What made Gotze feel amateur in the eyes of football fans was to and fro motion in between the arch-rival clubs.  It should be kept noted here that with making a move back to BVB, Gotze told that he’s doing so as he has realized his previous move to get into Bayern Munich was a wrong one.

Mario Gotze  Net Worth

The German national team star and Dortmund’s very own Mario Gotze bitten off the scene as of now due to the health issues and injuries surrounding him. But this hasn’t curtailed his bank balance as he is under the contract with Dortmund that will be keeping him pampered until 2020.

What’s even more to the story is he’s only 25 years of age and is still capable of doing much more on the field. It should also kept noted here that Gotze has been the shining star for Germany since his arrival and what made him even more prominent was his goalscoring heroics in the FIFA World Cup 2014

Mario Gotze  Annual Salary

$15 million

Mario Gotze  Estimated Net Worth

7 million EUR in 2016

Interesting Facts about Mario Gotze

Coming on as a substitute for Germany on World Cup 2014 Final, Gotze took things to the next level as he stood up scoring the only goal of the match. Before he asked to join come on as a substitute coach Joachim Loew said him, “Show to the world that you are better than Lionel Messi.”

He left Dortmund for Bayern Munich and that too at the last minute when BVB was gearing up to play the semi-final against Real Madrid.

His move to Bayern Munich worth £31.5m and now his comeback to BVB last year was the result of £21.7m.






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