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Lucy Fallon Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Net Worth, Affairs, Personal Life and More

Posted By: Noor Ul Huda | October 5, 2018

Who is Lucy Fallon:-

Lucy Fallon is an American actress, and she got famous at a very young age. Her famous work is Bethany Platt who broadcasted on ITV. It was a soap of Opera Coronation Street. She earned success from that role and got the award for the best newcomer in 2015. Fallon was only 14 years old when cast for this role. She played this role between the years 2000 to 2007.

Lucy Fallon

The early life of Lucy Fallon:-

Lucy Fallon was born on 13th November 1996. Her father name is Andrew Fallon, and he is an engineer by profession. On the other hand, her mother name is Angela Fallon, and she is an accountant. Lucy has two other siblings Laura Fallon and Rachel Fallon. Laura joined Hodgson Academy. Laura studied at Blackpool Sixth Form College. She has completed her BTech in fine arts with distinction. Fallon was doing many part-time jobs before her fame. She was also working in a bar on Blackpool Pier. She also gave an audition for a dancer. Then she got the role and started her acting career.

Professional Life of Lucy Fallon:-

Lucy Fallon was doing a lot of jobs before coming to the media. She was an outstanding student on the other hand. On 29th January her character was announced Fallon was just 14 at that time. This character was of Mia Cookson and have the siblings named Amy and Emily Walton. She cast at the age of 19 years in this character. Fallon had a strong character in the show since it started. She was the base of many stories in the show such as Child Harassment, Diet and exercise obsession, a victim of child grooming, and bullied. This became the reason to increase her praise in the media. She won the 2017 inside soap ward for the best actress also she has won the award of best newcomer in 2015.

Lucy Fallon

Achievements of Lucy Fallon:-

Lucy Fallon has received a lot of achievements in her life. First of all, Fallon has got the distinctions between school and college. She has done BTech in fine arts with distinction. She was an outstanding student.

For the role of Bethany Platt Fallon has got a lot of praise from media, and for this, she also won the award for the best newcomer in 2015.  For the same role of Bethany Platt which is a soap serial Fallon again got the award for the best actress in 2017. She was amazing in the role that is the reason most of the audience love to see her in that role.

Latest work of Lucy Fallon:-

There are no updates about her latest work. She still has the contract with her soap serial which is already on air.

Lucy Fallon

Interesting Facts about Lucy Fallon:-

Lucy always loves to wear lighter shades of Pink because they can contour the face well. Her eyelashes are too short, and this is the reason she has to put two coats of sex mascara to make them look long.  Lucy uses face hangover so that her skin looks a shiny look. This is a must in her makeover.  Fallon always uses the moisturizing cream when to remove makeup and before going to bed. This is one of the tips for her audience also never go to bed before moisturizing.

Lucy Fallon and Relationships:-

She was living with her parents when she met a young guy named Ryan. Both were living together in a flat, but they separated their ways after three years because the acting career of Fallon was the problem for Ryan. Lucy is lucky in love, and she found a new guy named Tom who is an insurance leech after three weeks of her breakup. Both are together now and shifted to Lucy’s new house. On the other hand, Lucy has introduced her new boyfriend to the media. They are happy together which they showed on all of their social media accounts.

Lucy Fallon Net worth:-

Lucy Fallon has still worked in one soap serial, so her net worth is not that much. We have estimated it and its £200,000 per year from the role of Bethany Platt. She is struggling hard to make more money in the coming years. We wish them the best of luck for that.

Lucy Fallon

Lucy Fallon Houses:-

Lucy was living in a flat with her boyfriend Ryan, but after the breakup of 3 years, they left the flat. After three weeks of the breakup, Lucy introduced the media with her new boyfriend named Tom. Lucy brings him to her newly purchased house. Lucy shares the news of the new house with her Instagram followers with a key. She also was happy that now they are grown up and owners of the home.

Lucy Fallon Car Collections:-

No car collection details founded from the sources. We will update them very soon.

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