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Lauren Branning Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Affairs, Facts, and More

Posted By: Nazia Mughal | October 8, 2018

Lauren Branning Biography

Jacqueline Mary Osborne was born on Oct 29, 1992, in London, England. She best known for playing Lauren Branning in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. Lauren won her “Best Newcomer” at the national television awards 2012 and “Best Actress” at the inside soap awards 2013.

Lauren Branning

She has been active since 2006. Lauren introduced by Kate Harwood in 2006 and then by Bryan Kirkwood in 2010. She is a marked trader, beautician, waitress, company director, and website designer.

Her family is Branning. Lauren’s father is Max Branning while her mother is Tanya Branning. Her brother is Oscar Branning, and her sister is Abi Branning. Her half-brother is Bradly Branning.

Lauren Branning Storylines

Lauren Branning

The eldest child and daughter of Tanya Branning and Max Branning, Lauren moves to Walford with her parents and younger sister, Abi Branning in July 2006. In 2007, Lauren uncovered an affair between her father and half-brother Bradley Branning’s fiancée, Stacey Slater, after accidentally filming them kissing on her video camera. Lauren burns the footage onto a DVD, which is played on Christmas day, exposing Max and Stacey’s affair to the Brannings which results in the break down of her parents. It ultimately revealed that Lauren is a culprit, but Tanya decides to confess to the crime and imprisoned, pleading guilty to attempt murder. This distresses Lauren who shows her intentions to spare her mother facing a jail sentence. Later, Lauren found guilty of GBH with intent and sentenced to two years under supervision.

In 2008, Lauren found herself being groomed by pedophile Tony King stepfather to her best father, Whitney Dean with whom he is having the sexual relationship.

Lauren moves away from Welford when her father gets into debt, leading to the family possessions taken by bailiffs. She celebrates her 16th birthday at a party in R&B nightclub where her uncle Jack Branning is shot by Kylie.

Max returns to Welford when Lauren uncovers that Tanya has stopped her treatment, begs max to stay revealing her illness to him, prompting Max to remain in Welford. Soon Lauren gets into the habit of drinking, but later she promises her family not to drink excessively anymore.

Lauren meets her estranged cousin Joey Branning and becomes attracted to him. Later there remains a clash between their relationship.

Laure’s primary storyline concerned a school girl romance with Peter Beale and caught in the middle of her parents.

Lauren Branning Career

Lauren Branning

She started her career in 2006. Inside soap called the role of Lauren a pretty one. Jossa won best newcomer award at the National Television awards 2012.  A writer for the daily mirror told that she could perform to an amazing level, but her problems caused by Brannings. In August 2017 she long-listed for sexiest female at the Inside Soap Awards. She got her fame because of Lauren’s Dairies.

Facts About Lauren Branning

Lauren defined by BBC as an outsider who does not care about what people think. Lauren is very sharp and picks on everything going around her, she learned the hard reality that secrets destroy people, and this has made her vulnerable.

In April 2011, it revealed that Lauren is having a relationship with Ryan Malloy. An anxious girl came to forward when Lauren came to know the Cancer of her mother. She starts drinking after taking the stress of disease of her mother. Alcohol said to comfort blanket for Lauren.

It also revealed in 2012 that Lauren falls in love with her cousin Joey Branning the more time they spend together and their feelings for each other.  Lauren is later dumped by Joey after Derek blackmails him.

Lauren introduced by executive director Kate Harwood in 2006. It announced in May 2010, and actress Madeline Duggan would play her.

Laren started appearing in her internet spin-off series “Lauren Dairies” and the second series started in 2011.

On Sep 2017, the announcement made that Lauren had axed from the show by executive consultant John Yorke, along with Lorna Fitzgerald. An official spoke person told that Lauren would leave. She has been there to work effectively, but they wish her a good future. Her exist expected to air during the Christmas period of 2017.

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