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Lady Blossom, Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & More

Posted By: Ejaz Abbasi | March 3, 2019

Who is Lady Blossom:-

Lady Blossom is a professional wrestler. She has fought much time as a wrestler and now well known for her these skills. On the other hand, she was a famous model who works for many ad shoots.


The early life of Lady Blossom:-

In the start, she came as a model. She went to the US with her then-boyfriend Chris Adam. They separated in the 1980s, and 1990 Lady Blossom found a new boyfriend named Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The career of Lady Blossom:-

He was introduced as the wrestler with her ex-boyfriend Chris Adam. She billed it as Adam’s ex-wife. His feud was with Austin. She afterward has the catfight with the Adam, and his Mrs. Lady Blossom and Adam wrestled in many inter-gender team matches. Also, they have played single games.

She gives her debut as Blossom on 1 June 1991 in the episode of WCW she defeated Bobby Eaton by helping Austin. One of the more wrestling competition took place in August 1991 they both used brass knuckle in this game.

In late 1991, she retired from the profession when she was pregnant her last appearance was on 19th November 1991 in Clash of the Champion.

Blossom Career

Relationship details:-

Blossom had a relationship with the professional wrestler, Chris Adam. They stayed together for five years. Have a daughter collectively named Jade. They separated in the 1980s. They both never married. She then married a wrestler named Billy Jack to stay in the United States. Both divorced soon. In 1990, she started her affair with Stone Cold Steve Austin. The couple married in 1993 and had two daughters together.


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