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Kady Mcdermott Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Personal Life and More

Posted By: Nazia Mughal | December 7, 2018

Kady Mcdermott Biography

Kady Mcdermott was born on Sep 4, 1995, in Stevenage, England. She is a freelance makeup artist who got national fame as a personality on ITV2 reality series Love Island. She specializes in eyebrows as a makeup artist. Kaddy has developed an enormous social media presence, with 950,000 followers on Twitter. Her nationality is British. She is also a makeup artist, and she admits that her cosmetics line is her ‘main priority,’ and she also launched a campaign to inspire girls for her products.

Kady Mcdermott

Kady Mcdermott Family life

Kaddy is close to her mother and revealed that she calls her every day without fail and has never lived away from her.

Kady Mcdermott Career

Kady considered to being addicted to the 2017 series of Love Island and frequently gave her comments about the show. She told that her secret to successful work is that she turns off her phone during work or meeting with her friend. Moreover, she is a makeup artist and launched her brand for some beauty products.

She is highly popular on Instagram and has more than 1 million followers. She is also famous on Twitter with about 311K followers.

Besides her growing career, Kady hopes to be able to be the part of dance reality show ‘strictly come dancing’ someday. Kady is the new face of Love Island. She is making her name there at such a young age. Viewers have been voting for a new girl and guy to join the show, and they liked the look of 20 years old Kady who was instantly whisked into the Villa.

Kady Mcdermott

Kady Mcdermott Personal life

She remained in a close relationship with her boyfriend, Scott Thomas from Love Island. They were both finalists on the 2016 reality series of Love Island. They finished at the third place. And went on a romantic holiday to the Maldives after the show. Since completing the show, Kady has moved in together with Scott and reared a pet dog, Cody. Currently, it reported that the couple has no plan to get married for the time being and focus on their careers.

Before joining the show, Kaddy went on a few dates with Sam Reece. During the show she was paired with Scott, after Scott, she also dated with newcomer James Khan.

Brother of her boyfriend Scott has a twin brother named Adam Thomas who stars in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale.

A source told that her relationship with Scott is facing split and both of them are sad about the situation. They are no longer seen together. A source also told that Kady was enraged when Scott entered her house drunk. There was a hand shoving between them. As a result, Kady called the police and Scott spent the rest of the night in a cell. It blew out of proportion, and they were both embarrassed the next day.

Kady Mcdermott

Kady Mcdermott Facts

Kaddy enjoys drinking shots and tells that she can do 3 in a row sober. Once her account of Twitter was hacked, and some X-rated pictures posted there.

Kady became involved with the health and fitness market since the show. And later started her fitness regime online ‘bikini plan’ with a personal trainer, Sam Whitter. She goes to the gym 5 days in a week, out of which she trains with Sam 3 times. She also claims that she enjoys to go work to the gym and it takes her mind off things and uplifts her mood on a bad day.

Kaddy also launched her range of beauty products such as eyelashes and lip glosses branded by ‘by kady.’ She claims that her products are 100 percent animal free. She received some comments from critics during the launch, but it is successful and currently expanding.

Kaddy also exposed that she is working with an animal sanctuary based in Tangier, Morocco called SFT.

She was signed on as a judge together with her boyfriend Scott for Miss Manchester 2017.

According to Kady, she is a straightforward girl, due to which some people do not like her. She likes guys, not lads. She also told that she does not like those people who are too serious and also does not like those who do not have any ambition. Her this statement tell that that Kaddy has some definite aims in her life about her future and she plans everything.

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