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Fandango Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Net Worth, and More

Posted By: Saba Altaf | March 9, 2018

Curtis Jonathan Hussey is his original name, and he is a professional American wrestler. He is currently the part of WWE Smackdown band and famous with the ring name of Fandango. His career started in 1999. Fandango most of the time become the part of promotions from September 1999. He also performed in different promotions in New England and won the New England Championship. He became the part of WWE and assigned to DSW. Contract of WWE signed by him in 2006, and he is still their part from 2006.

Who is Fandango?

Fandango is one of the famous wrestlers who has signed to the WWE. He started his career in 1999 and most of the time become the part of promotional championships. He took part in the New England championship and won that. Fandango is the promotional wrestler and started his career with the promotional fight. He became the part of the tag team championship with Damian Houston and the SCCW Lightweight Championship. Fandango signed the contract with WWE in 2006. His debut in the WWE as Fandango in April 2013.

The Early life of Fandango

Curtis was born on 22nd July 1981 in Standish, ME. He is currently living in Portland mine. Fandango is the fan of video games and Final Fantasy series, especially of Final Fantasy XIII. According to him, Shawn Michael was his inspiration for coming in the wrestling, and he has a lot of tapes of WWE and WCW championships. Fandango was the wrestling lover by heart this is the reason he made it his passion and entered in the career in 1999.


Professional Life of Fandango

Fandango signed a developmental contract with WWE and DSW in 2006. This was the debut of his career with the best organization. The date of his debut was November, 9. Fandango was lost the match with David Heath and consistently started losing for several weeks he got the success in DSW. Fandango was the part of DSW in the year (2006-2008).

At that time Florida Championship Wrestling was on its start this is the reason he joined them for the year (2008-2010). On 26th June Fandango was debuted from FCW and defeated the tag team partner Robert Anthony. He got the success with both as the tag team as well as the individual.

After Rek was called the main roster of the WWE. Curtis named himself Curtis Jonathan and became the villain. At the beginning of 2010, he played a battle for the Raw brand.


Fandango was the television wrestler of the NXT series but not got succeeded afterward on 1st February he won the arm wrestling. Curtis was the part of Champion Pursuits in the year (2012-2014). He played the match on 23rd October 2012 he was the part of Smackdown taping. He played as the ballroom dancer Fandango in a dark match. Fandango is still working for the Breezing from 2016. Played a lot of matches with them.

Achievements of Fandango

Curtis has won a lot of awards and achievements in his life. Some of them are here so you can have the idea of his success.

Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) tag team championship two times in the history.

North Championship Wrestling 1 time.

North tag team Championship Wrestling 1 time.

PLW New England Championship.

WWE won NXT in the season four this is one of the remarkable success in the history of Curtis.

SCCW lightweight Championship 1 time.

Ranked on #59 out of 500 wrestlers.

Latest work of Fandango


Curtis is still the part of the Breezing and working under them from 2016. Also, he is the signed wrestler of WWE. Some of his tournaments expected near future.

Fandango and Relationships

Fandango is in a relationship with Maxine she was the fiancée of Derrick Bateman before having the relationship with Curtis. He also has the feud with Derrick Bateman in 2012 after stealing his fiancée.

Fandango Net Worth

Fandango has the net worth of $3100, 000 which is good and reviewed last year according to the sources. He is still working on some of the projects to earn more than this in next year.


Fandango Houses

He is living in his own home no other details are present till now.

Car collections

Curtis is using the best car to travel.

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