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Elias Wrestler Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Early Life, Career, Net Worth, and More

Posted By: Saba Altaf | March 9, 2018

Jeffery Logan Sciullo is one of the famous American wrestlers who is working with WWE and performed under the band of Raw. His ring name which got the fame is Elias which is the short form of his name Elias Samson. He was born in Pittsburgh, US and started playing for the US. Elias has got a lot of awards for his good performance in the full span of his career. Samson is a food lover type of person and love to eat the food which tastes and smells good.

Who is Elias Wrestler?

As the name is depicting the wrestling career. Elias is one of the famous wrestlers of America who has got the fame with the ring name of Elias. His original name is Jeffery Logan Sciullo. He was born in Pittsburgh, US and always played for the US. He is the famous member of a Raw band of WWE, and his ring name is Elias. This is the short form of his full name Elias Samson. Samson also got other ring names also, but he got the most fame from this name.

Elias Wrestler

The early life of Elias Wrestler

Elias was born on 14th February 1988 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. He started his career on 7th June 2008. He is at the start of career but a bright wrestler. Elias got the training from some of the best trainers such as Shirley Doe, and Super Hentai. He was the good learner and learned fast everything about wrestling quickly. Elias was the promotional wrestler, and in the start, he was the independent wrestler. He got some of the greatest successes during his career journey.

Professional Life of Elias Wrestler

Elias Wrestler

At the start of the career, Logan was just playing some promotional battles and was an independent wrestler after his debut pm 7th June 2008. WWE signed him for the year (2014-2017). In these years he got the name of Elias Samson. His NXT debut launched on 24th April 2014, and he worked for the enhancement of his talent the other member of the team was Buddy Murphy. He used the periodical appearances in the year of 2014 and 2015.

Samson gave his debut as the drifter in August 2015. It was the character of the musician, and this match recorded as “NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.” He appeared in the ring with a guitar and got defeated by Bell Dempsey. Logan joined the tag team classic of Dusty Rhodes and his partner in the team was Tucker Knight, but this battle was not so good because his team eliminated from the tournament.

He is still the part of the Raw band and uses to play every battle with them. His contract has renewed for (2017-present). The character of Elias has created for the video game of WWE 2k18. This is one of the downloadable characters.

Achievements of Elias Wrestler

In the small career of Elias, he also has won many achievements some of them are here for the audience.

He won the award of IWC Super World Heavyweight Championship 1 time in his career

Elias won IWC Super Indy Championship 1 time.

He got the number 152 rank out of 500 best wrestlers in the PWI for the year 2017.

Elias was the part of the most of the episodes of NXT he is working hard to make new records in the career. These are fewer awards for him, but he will do more good work in coming years.

Latest work of Elias Wrestler

Elias is still the part of WWE and working with the Raw brand. His character introduced in the video game of WWE 2k18 which is now a downloadable character, and many users will love the feature of the character. This will surely increase his net worth, and he has some of the mega projects in the coming years.

Elias Wrestler

Interesting Facts about Elias Wrestler

He has made his debut on Monday Night.

Elias was the part of WWE from the year 2014 till now this is the smallest journey, but he became an as famous wrestler for them.

He debuted as the drifter in August 2015

Elias got the training from the Iron City academy in Pittsburgh. This is one of the famous and best academies to get the training.

Elias Wrestler and Relationships

Elias is Single and still not the part of any relation. His marriage details are also not present maybe he wants to secure his personal information from the world.

Elias Wrestler Net Worth

The net worth of Elias is good it’s $13 million approx. According to our sources. This is the report of 2017, and he still has the contract with WWE that means this number can increase more than this.

Elias Wrestler Houses

He is living in his own house, and no other property details are disclosed about him till now as we get the information we will update it.

Elias Wrestler Car Collection

He is using one of the luxury cars to travel, but the model of the car is unknown to us.

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