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David Warner Bio, Age, Height, Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

Posted By: joy root | September 12, 2018

David Warner Biography:

David Warner the left-handed flamboyant Aussie opener, David Warner is known for giving sleepless nights to the bowler. Previously only recognized as a T20 specialist. David Warner went on getting a well-technique proper batsman label with scoring big runs in Asian conditions. Especially, his stats against India are commendable, and that is one of the reason. Even besides his thuggish behavior, he was named vice-captain of Australian cricket team, back in 2015.

The thing which makes ‘LIyod’ more prominent on the board among other big names in Aussie cricket teams. His rise to the international cricket as he became the first Australian cricketer in 132 years who got on to show off his skills. The national side without even playing the single first-class game before. David Warner made his debut back in 2009 with playing T20 match against South Africa. He ruined the Proteas bowling attack comprising of likes of Steyn, Ntini, and Kallis.

David Warner

David Warner Family:

The Australian cricket vice-captain has now become a pure family man. Who comes up with the decisions that make his family feel comfortable. His parents especially father Howard Warner has always backed him in every thick and thin. Now Warner is giving back the same way. David Warner’s father worked out as a salesman on hardware and tools. But after the southpaw became the regular member of the Australian cricket team things changed for the Warner family. The 31-years old star cricketer gifted house to both of his parents and also paid their debts years back. Moreover, warned also made his father retire from the job. So he could watch him play all across the globe.

The Aussie star cricketer, who was once termed brash isn’t the very same as his family lives with. The presence of two daughters and a wife has changed a lot. He’s up with more of the sensible thoughts.

David Warner Early Life:

It wasn’t a rose of beds for David Warner. Who opened up his eyes and grew up in housing commission in Matraville in Sydney’s south. The only thing which always remained on top on the mind of young Warney was cricket as he spends most of his early life on the cricket grounds. The young David Warner realized his parents couldn’t afford his cricketing expenses around> so right from the go he had to look after the way which would least affect his parents pocket. With buying SS Jumbo as his first bat, Warney only took that beast out for match days. He knew if it gets damaged there is no chance he would soon get any replacement for it.

At the same time, the Australia cricket vice-captain wasn’t lucky enough to get the toys while growing up; most of the time. When Warner used to ask his parents for toys, the answer was straightaway ‘no.’ Knowing the answer wouldn’t change anytime sooner, Warner left asking for the toy again.

David Warner Education:

David Warner attended Randwick Boys High School in Sydney. The Australian cricket vice-captain shared his High school certificate report-card on social media for his fans, and it left them with wide smiles as the teacher gave the remarks like ‘David only wants to be the class clown.’ As a reminiscence, David Warner also told that one of his teachers told that he’d be good at nothing. At the same time, he also wrote that ‘I practiced what I knew best and that was cricket.’ The thing which many of the students could relate with is the Paddington-born was never good at mathematics.

David Warner

David Warner Personal Life:

Life hasn’t been the same for David Warner. Who once slammed by the former cricket greats for his thuggish behavior on and off the field? Now with the responsibilities surrounding. Warner has turned out totally a different person, who only loves the bat talk. The Aussie young man who used to hang out with mates at the bar is not. The very same now a she’s most of the time accompanied by his wife and daughters, even on the foreign tours. The thing which made the swashbuckling opener more controlled than ever is the vice-captaincy of Australian cricket team. He is now taken as one of the examples to go out for in the Australian domestic circles.

Up the latest, he has been commenting over Ben Stokes street brawl controversy. And also gave his view about the damages alcohol can actually cause. While commenting, Warner kept in view his condemnable incident as he punched Joe Root on his face in Birmingham at the bar. “I have learned from my mistakes. If you put yourself in situations where you are out after midnight. And have alcohol in your system… you don’t want to put yourself in that situation. I have been there before, and it is not a pretty place to be,” David Warner told.

David Warner Girlfriend:

David Warner’s relationship status got into headlines when news-hubs claimed that Aussie promising star is dating Candice Falzon. Who herself was the prominent face of Australian sports. The vibrant Warner wasn’t reluctant to keep his love-life away from the shutterbugs. Remained vocal about his relationship with the former professional iron woman.

David Warner Wife:-

Things worked superbly for the couple; David Warner and Candice Falzon, and finally the time came in April 2015 when Candice changed her surname from Falzon to Warner.  The wedding day of the couple was something to be remembered for so long as Candice flaunted her in custom-made $25,000 wedding dress and the star Australian cricketer was left in tears of joy as he was excited to kick off his new career.

It will be relevant to mention here that the Aussie couple has some great understanding and love to get hands-in –hands through very thick and thin of the life. The thing which would come surprisingly for many of the Warney fans is his wife is more of a fitness-geek, who can even swim for around 10 kilometers in the response of Warner’s only 100-meters.

David Warner

Who is Candice Falzon:

Candice Falzon, David Warner’s wife, is an Australian professional ironwoman, who also showed off her skills as a model and a live surf saver. Candice made a name for herself in the Australian sports within no time as she first competed professionally in the Ironman series at the age of 14 and 2-years after she stood up as the NSW state ironwoman champion. She started dating the Australian cricket team opener, David Warner back in 2013. As things remained working well in between Warner and Candice, they finally upgraded their relationship status with tying the knot in April 2015.  It will be relevant to mention that now the mother of two, Candice previously had affairs with high-profile sports celebrities such as David Carney, Brent Staker, and Braith Anasta.

David Warner Daughter:

The David Warner- Candice Warner couple had their first child in September 2014, to whom they named Ivy Mae Warner.  Later on, the couple had their second daughter on 14 January 2016, who was named India Rae.

David Warner House:

The Aussie star cricket is now a family man, and that has made him adding more and more in his net worth and going around for savings and investing in real estate and other such ventures. At the same time, the Australian vice-captain doesn’t shy away from flaunting exhibiting his eye-catching lifestyle. With the happening around, it won’t be a hasty conclusion to predict David Warner becoming the $50-million worth man before he enters into the 40s.

David Warner is known for his exuberant lifestyle in Australian sports-circle, and that made him even more prominent on the board among other sports celebs out there.  The hard-hitting left-handed batsman lived in his $6.25 million worth Coogee mansion before getting a new place for himself and the family.

The Australian star cricketer sold his Coogee mansion for $7 million and decided to build a dream-home for this purpose he got on to shift $2.3 million temporary home in Maroubra as his family planned to build their dream-home around 800-meters near this temporary house.

David Warner New House:

David Warner’s South Coogee mansion was one of the most exquisite living places across Australia, which the star cricketer bought around back in 2014 for the cost of $6.25 million. The cricketer, who is making an exponential growth as a businessman sold his mansion in the first half of 2016 for the staggering amount of $7 million.

David Warner’s fans were excited about the move as the Aussie star hinted about something bigger and better coming.  The sources, later on, revealed that Warner along with his family had shifted his family in Maroubra home, which he bought for $2.3 million. It will be relevant to mention here that next on the cards is ‘forever home’ for the Warner family, which they are getting build in front of their eyes as it is around 800-meters away from their new place. The Australian cricket’s vice-captain is expected to shift in his new house or ‘dream house’ in the first half of the year 2018.

David Warner

David Warner Cars:

The Australian opener is quite vocal about his lavish lifestyle as this is something which gives him solace after decades of hard work.  Apart from spending big bucks on fancy houses and other personal ventures, Warney doesn’t mind himself studying with some best automobile beasts in the business. Love for such lavish cars isn’t something new for the Australian cricketers as the magical spinner Shane Warne has been on the top of the charts when it comes to owning fascinating cars.

The hard-hitting opener is also on the same route as of former leggie as he has got some prestigious cars in his collection. One of the most prominent cars David Warner got added in his collection was the Lamborghini Huracan, which he bought for $450,000 back in 2015.

David Warner Lamborghini:

David Warner got his Lamborghini Huracan 2014 model with a V10 engine, which could reach the speed of 325km/hr. This beast was bought for $450,000 back in 2015. It will be pertinent to mention here that Australian star-cricketer had to mind to keep this purchase away from the limelight but what made it make a place in the headlines was the revelation from a teammate regarding David Warner buying one gem of a luxury car.

David Warner

David Warner Net Worth:

David Warner is pure business as at the moment he is one of the highest earning cricketers across the globe. Although, his name gets overshadowed amid the like of Virat Kohli, Joe Root and Steve Smith one can’t deny the fact that David Warner is on the boom when it comes to empowering back accounts. The reliable sources have hinted that the Australian vice-captain treasures something around $1 million from Cricket Australia yearly other than match bonuses and the fees of Test matches.

The Australian opener trousers around $4million annually with his current Cricket Australia contract and the IPL salary. At the same, the Australian star got more of the boost with grabbing the mighty endorsements. David Warner is a kind of character in the cricketing field, who keeps entertaining cricket fans with his on and off-field campaigns.

David Warner Estimated Net Worth: $20million+

Warner Endorsements: $1million annually

David Warner Cricket Australia Salary: $1million Annually

Warner IPL Salary: $1.07million

David Warner Personal Ventures and Investments: $10 million

It will be pertinent to mention here that some of the reliable sources also told that David Warner gets more salary from the Cricket Australia as compared to the skipper Steve Smith. The reliable sources claimed that as a Test cricketer, Warner ends up getting $2million annually from the Cricket Australia.

David Warner Endorsements:

The vibrant full-of-life cricketer is always a hot property to get on the board for endorsements. Same goes for Australian vice-captain David Warner who finds his place in the headlines across the globe 365-days a year.

Following it, the star cricket has been earning big money regarding the endorsements as he has big brands like Asics, Nine Network, and Gray Nicolls as clients.  The enthusiastic athlete makes $1 million a year with sole credit to the endorsement and other such deals.

David Warner Personal Ventures and Investments:

With more of the responsibility on shoulders, David Warne has come up with more of the business-minded approach as he wanted to invest for the kid’s future. Analyzing the current circumstances, it won’t be wrong to say that Warner has around $10 million nested in the form of investments and personal ventures.

David Warner Properties:

David Warner isn’t reluctant in investing in the real-estate like his captain Steve Smith. But here it should be kept noted that Warner had invested more of the amount in real estate and properties.  It should be added here that back in 2014, Warner bought Coogee mansion for $6.25 million and later in 2016 he sold this mansion for over $7 million.

David Warner Racehorses:

Australian star’s love for the racehorses is no hide, but what may come as a surprise to many of his fans is he has also invested some noticeable amount in the racehorses. According to the reliable sources, David Warner has his money invested in at least of six racehorses.

David Warner Vodka Line:

The Australian vice-captain is also known for making savvy investments in other companies too. Following it, he has also invested in the Vodka Brand 666.

David Warner

David Warner Book Range for Children:

The flamboyant opener is also up with the books range for children, named ‘Kaboom’. These reading books for children are about a boy named David Warner and the hurdles he faces to play cricket.

David Warner Controversies:

When David Warner’s bat isn’t talking there is much more to him, that can secure place for him int the headlines, and that is his on the field and off-field activities. Once the ‘Bad Boy’ of the Australian cricket team has now changed a lot; thanks to his marriage and the vice-captaincy of Australian cricket team.

During the ICC Champions Trophy 2013, David Warner punched English cricketer Joe Root on his face during late night outing at the bar. Later on, the Aussie star keeps away from the cricket grounds for a while.  Warney told that he punched Joe Root as he was mimicking Hashim Amla along with making fun of the beard.

After being away for a while from the cricket grounds. Warner himself landed himself in trouble again during Australia A vs. South Africa A match. Warner caught up in a heated argument with the Proteas young man Thami Tsolekile which later followed up the altercation on the field. Finally, Vaughan van Jaarsveld intervened and calmed down both the players in the act.

David Warner’s war with the journalists has always been the talk of the town. During IPL 2013, when Robert Craddock highlighted the negative side of the IPL, Australian opener’s photo appeared near it. What came next was dozens of abuses by David Warner on Twitter against the senior sports journo.

Interesting Facts about David Warner:

The American star actress Jennifer Aniston is the favorite actress of David Warner. Either it won’t be wrong to say that the gorgeous female star is also the first crush of the Australian cricket team vice-captain.

David Warner’s wife, Candice Warner, is even fitter than him and when it is about workouts. The former ironwoman outsmarts the Aussie star cricketer easily.

The 13-years David Warner was asked to switch to right-hand batting as he used to very often up in the air with left-hand. Following the instructions, he did so but later on his mother asked him to go on with his natural style and play left-handed.

The Aussie vice-captain is also the proud author of the book ‘Kaboom,’ which is the book for the kids.

David Warner once missed Sydney Cricket grade cricket match to watch horse racing. After this incident came under team management’s observation, he has reprimanded accordingly.

David Warner Early Career:

Warner always believed ongoing one-extra mile; therefore, he spends most of his time practicing hard. His under-16 runs record for the Sydney Coastal Cricket Club. One of the testimonies of his extraordinary abilities with the bat. From there onwards, he made his first-grade debut for the Eastern Suburbs at the age of 15 and later toured Sri Lanka with Australia under-19. Next on the cards for young Warney was the contract with the state team. The thing which makes David Warner standout on too among another star cricketer. His selection to the national team, without any first-class cricket performance. With getting in this way for the Aussies. David Warner became the first Australian cricketer in 132 years to get a place in the national side without playing a single first-class game.

David Warner

David Warner Australian Cricket Team:

The flamboyant opener regarded as the T20 specialist. He proved it in his debut T20 game against South Africa. He dismantled the Proteas bowling attack single-handedly. His raining fours and sixes innings opened up his ways for the ODI side but at the same time. He had to wait a bit to get his chance in the prestigious test format.  It will be pertinent to mention here that David Warner made his Test debut in 2011 against New Zealand.

David Warner IPL Career:

He made an entry in the IPL with joining Delhi Daredevils for IPL 2011; with spending 5-years with DD, Warner picked up by the Surisers Hyderabad at the IPL Auction 2014. It was the much-needed turn for the Warner, who later on got the chance to captain SRH in the IPL.

David Warner

David Warner IPL 2017:

Warner’s consistency in the IPL makes him more prominent on the board. At the same time, his captaincy has also lead Surisrer Hyderabad stood out as champions in IPL 2016. The IPL 2017 season was also superb with the bat for Australian star and also for his team. Before it knocked out by the Kolkata Knight Riders in the quarter-finals.

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