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Von Miller Car Collection, 4 Cars Owned By Von Miller

Posted By: joy root | January 15, 2018

Who in this world is not a fan of cars? Almost and near about every living being who has seen high-end cars wishes to be their owners. Companies are making lavish and luxury cars every day with enhanced features. These cars do attract the eyes of the celebrities as well. Many of the celebrities do not just settle on one car. Instead, they have a whole collection of luxury cars. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo has 13 luxury and expensive cares of noted brands in his collection whereas Tom Brady and NFL star quarterback has eight luxury cars in his collection. Car Collection is also an important hobby of nearly any celebrity and when you are in sports profession being an athlete cars depict your inner self. ”Von Miller Car Collection” contains all the information about Von Miller Cars.

Von Miller Car Collection:-

The celebrity for today’s car collection details is Von Miller. Von Miller is the star player of the Denver Broncos. He is acting as their linebacker since his time of joining the team. He made a deal with Denver Broncos for six years and received a signing bonus of about $21 million and is bound to make another $71 million over the period of 6 years in his salary income as the team’s linebacker.

Von Miller is spending all this money to fulfill his lifelong desires. He has now a big mansion in suburbs of Denver where he is also keeping a moderate four car collection of luxury cars. Four might seem like a low number but considering him being a newcomer to a team this much is also enough, and it also shows that he likes to be moderate even on his spending as a star.

Von Miller Car Collection, 4 Cars Owned

Von Miller Categorizes His Car Collection:-

Von Miller in an interview categorizes his car collection. He says that he has only four cars, but he is categorizing them in A and B Mode. The A Mode being the fast and aggressive one in which he arrives at his plays and parties. The B mode is the moderate type, which he uses during his off time from football. Von Miller Car Collection. This mode also comes with elegance and beauty along with Style and Power. The following are the four cars that are currently owned by the Denver Broncos Star Player.

Von Miller Chevrolet Camaro SS:-

The first car in his collection is the Chevrolet Camaro SS. This is the car that he has categorized as the A mode. The car was custom modified in its interior after purchase to look like a Batmobile. Von Miller Car Collection. The car with all its modifications is an elegant piece of machinery. The car cost about $70,000. Von uses this car on occasions like going to a match or a special party.

Von Miller Car Collection, 4 Cars Owned

Von Miller Chevrolet Camaro SS

Miller Chevrolet Camaro SS

Von Miller BMW Hybrid i8:-

The next car in the collection of Von Miller is BMW Hybrid i8. This car despite being a hybrid is a powerful one that has not speed but good looks too. Von has categorized it into B mode for driving around town when he is off the season. The car is not only eco-friendly but is also equipped with many great features. The cost of the car is about $145,000. The looks and features of the car make the price worth it.

Von Miller Ford Focus:-

Later in 2016 Von Miller also purchased one of the Ford Focus Pickup Trucks for traveling around time. The price of the truck is about $50,000.

Von Miller Ford Focus

Ford Focus

Von Miller Ferrari:-

One other lavishing and expensive increase in Von Miller’s car collection is the addition of the Ferrari model. The carnet about $1.7 million and added to grace to his car collection.

Von Miller Car Collection, 4 Cars Owned

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