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Top 10 Richest Comedians of 2018

Posted By: John Wick | September 7, 2018

We get rare chances to enjoy a good laugh in the hectic routines of life. With misery and pain around us, we wish to find people who can help make us laugh. As evident, it’s hard to make people laugh because of their subjectively different tastes and attitudes. The comedian in the list has somehow carved a way to make people of different nature laugh. In return, they have earned a considerable amount of money to become the richest comedian in the world.  So let’s have a look at the Richest comedians in the world.

Top Ten Richest Comedians

10. Ellen DeGeneres (Net Worth – $200 Million)

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is not only a Richest comedians but also a producer and writer. She is the only women comedian on the list of the richest comedian in the world. It seems like women have had a tough time making people laugh! Anyways, the lady has amassed more than $200 million dollars in her career expanding over 40 years. The primary reason for her wealth and popularity was her hit sitcom ‘ Ellen’ in 1994. The sitcom elevated her to the list of top comedian, and eventually, the money gods also showered wealth on her which she grabbed with both hands. Interestingly, she announced her to be lesbian in the year 1997 when she was touching the heights of fame throughout the world.

The confession on her part made ABC issue a parental warning before the start of the show. Naturally, this created an extra nuisance for the company though she gained popularity with the passage of time and consequently the money followed. ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ was one of the biggest signings for the girl as she annually amassed more than 70$ Million dollars from that show. With her incredible wealth, she has always lived a life of luxury with cars and posh houses. Her interest in luxury items is seemed to have decreased in the recent past because of growing age and lethargy. Presently, she is the 10th richest comedian in the world owning more than $2 Million.

9. Adam Sandler (Net Worth – $300 Million)

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is a superstar of the Hollywood. The movies starring him have earned a stupendous amount of money ranging from $ 2 billion to $3 billion dollars in net worth. The money movies made also had a share in sales for Sandler, and with such a high amount of sales, the superstar has earned a huge amount of money in the recent times. However, the best money grabbing hit for the Adam was his blockbuster hit ‘Billy Maddison’ that made him a giant in the industry and started an era of significant success for the comedian.

After initial success in the comedies, he has also started his production so that he can concentrate even more on making himself a millionaire. He makes more than 20$ million dollars per role. So the massive amount combined with years of presence in the market makes him a money giant in the market. With his vast wealth; he is our 9th richest comedians on the list.

8. James Douglas (Net Worth – $350 Million)

James Douglas

He is one of the most favorite comedian of all times with the net worth of 350 Million. Recently inducted into ‘Television Hall of Fame’, the actor has accumulated ridiculous wealth through his career as a comedian.  James Douglas is the 8th Richest Comedians in the world.

7. Matt Stone (Net Worth – $355 Million)

Matt Stone

Matt Stone is the jack of all trades. It is the subject of little doubt that the comedian can fit into a plethora of roles on the behest of his ability to imitate and infuse creativity in the roles offered to him. The ability has not only earned him generous fame from his fans but has also contributed in making him the 8th richest comedian on the planet earth. The highly revered movies such as ‘South Park,’ ‘Team America’ and ‘The Book of Mormon’ made him a significant fortune, and for a short while in the recent past, he was supposed to cross his competitors to become the top richest comedian in the field.

The comedian has a contract with ‘Comedy Central’ that splits the revenue by 50/50 between the networks and Stone. At present, Stone stands at 355$ dollars money. That brings him a spot in the list of the richest comedian in the history of comedy.  Regarding his personal life, the actor seems reluctant to reveal much of his personal life details to the public and manages to keep a segregation between both the fields. He is presently living in a four-bedroom house that is worth 3.4$ million. However, the location of the house has not been disclosed so far.

6. Jay Leno (Net Worth – $360 Million)

Jay Leno

With the on-screen presence of more than forty years, the comedian has seen it all on the biggest of the stage. The start of career was insignificant as he got little roles at the start of his career and earned just enough to keep his living going. ‘The Tonight Show’ has been the major stay of comedian where he has served most of his comedy career and amassed great wealth. The fame further glorified his career, and he earned millions of dollars from this one show.

In the year 2014, the comedian retired from the show but remained one of the cherished comedians in the market. According to an estimate, the wealth of Jay Leno continues to increase even after his retirement from the show because of his investments in different fields around the world. He currently lives in Villa that is worth 10 million dollars in a location undisclosed to the media.

5. David Letterman (Net Worth – $400 Million)

David Letterman

David Letterman is the owner of stupendous wealth ranging from 400 million dollars to 420 million dollars. Just like many other contemporary comedians, he also owns a talk show that brings him most of his wealth. The ability of David to make the cuff remarks made him the most present-minded comedian in the whole industry. ‘Late Night Show Starring Johnny Carson’ made him a separate identity for himself.

Later in his career, the revered actor has moved to CBS ‘Late Show with David Letterman’. The comedian has amassed most of his wealth by hosting comedy shows but has also ventured into the different businesses that also made him good fortune. Now when he is retired, he feels a rejuvenated pleasure in reading books and staying away from the society. David Letterman is the 5th Richest Comedians in the world.

4. Bill Cosby (Net Worth – $400 Million)

Bill Cosby

‘I spy’ was the comedy series of mid-sixties which brought the comedian fame and following in the entertainment industry.  ‘Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids’ made him so much fame that he became the superstar of 70’s kids who saw him as an entertainer and educator of the decade. Following the success of the show, he started ‘The Cosby Show’ in 1984 which made him widespread fame and recognition around the globe.

He has also starred in many other shows like The Cosby Show and acquire an insane amount of wealth for his participation in those shows. However, on the personal note, the life has not been an easy affair for him. Over 40 women accused him of sexual misconduct. Though allegation far from proven, but they have cast a spot on the character of the superstar. Bill Cosby is the 4th Richest Comedians in the world.

3. Matt Groening (Net Worth – $500 Million)

Matt Groening

Do you like animated movies? If you have, then you would also have wondered the architect behind such these shows has some origin, it dates back to the genius of Matt Groening who has mastered the skill to produce animated cartoon shows that have also made him the 3rd wealthiest man on the earth.

The comic strip ‘Life in Hell’ also contributed to his fame and the interest of people in the show made him unprecedented money and wealth. ‘The Simpsons’ is the latest masterclass of the comedian which is reportedly creating more than 60$ million in per annum for the comedian that makes him one of the richest comedians in the world.

2. Larry David (Net Worth – $800 Million)

Larry David

‘Seinfeld’ is one of the most popular shows of the current century without any semblance of doubt. The popularity would not have surged without the presence of its writer Larry David Field. Every Sitcom is making him rich, and he reportedly amasses more than 10 million dollars from one show.  The confidence that he got from the ‘Seinfeld’ success also encouraged him to start ‘ Curb Your Enthusiasm’ that was also a hit but faded earlier in comparison to the master class ‘Seinfeld.’

The comedian is supposed to make most of his money through syndication of the show and DVD sales which are estimated to be more than $650 million dollars. All that stupendous wealth makes him one of the richest comedian on the planet. He is thinking of starting a new show in the near future so that he can explore new waters and taste even incredible success.  Larry David is the 2nd Richest Comedians in the world.

1. Jerry Seinfeld (Net Worth – $820 Million)


Jerry Seinfeld is the biggest ever thing happened to the comedy industry so far. NBC’s ‘Seinfeld’ is the trademark show in America industry which has outperformed all the other shows on the market. Jerry Seinfeld gets his share of wealth by the sales of the show DVD’S along with syndication fee too.

Although the richest comedian in the world has not been the part of the movie industry, he has still amassed considerable wealth by participating only in the comedy show.  Currently, he is also making a lot of money by trying his luck in a vehicle show which has also been Successful Across American peninsula. Jerry Seinfeld is the Ist Richest Comedians in the world.

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