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Landon Collins House, Address, Area, Location, Price, Rooms and Other Features

Posted By: joy root | December 9, 2018

House is the basic necessity of life since ancient times. All of the human knowledge has been gained to improve the basic human needs on the first hand and then came the further advancement in relative fields. Every person in this world works to have better living accommodations along with other necessities like food and travel. For the celebrities of the world today, these houses are more than for just living instead they are using these houses to show off their lifestyles to their fans. Here the article below ”Landon Collins House” especially concerns with the houses owned by Landon Collins the NFL star.

Landon Collins House:-

Landon Collins is the professional American Footballer. He is playing for the NFL team New York Giants as their Strong Safety player since his pick up back in 2015 NFL’s draft. Ever since then he has shown his marvelous speed and offensive abilities on the field that has won the hearts of millions of Giants fans. Landon is still a rookie in the NFL and is offered a rookie contract of four years. This rookie contract is for a total amount of about $6.12 million along with guaranteed salary earning of about $4.06 million.

Landon Collins hometown along with his childhood home devastating in the incident of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. Ever since then Collins had a longing for a home of his own. After becoming the NFL celebrity along with perks of high income, Landon Collins has now fulfilled his dreams by buying himself a lavish apartment of a home in California City. The details are as follows.

Landon Collins House Address:-

Landon Collins bought himself the house in the California City. The house is an apartment he bought in one of the expensive apartment buildings of the city.

Landon Collins House Price:-

Landon Collins bought this apartment after receiving a signing bonus from his deal after his pick up in 2016. The apartment bought by Collins for a price of about $1.7 million.

Landon Collins House Price
House Price

Landon Collins House Area:-

The apartment is quite spacious and boasts a total area of about 250 square meters. The apartment offers various features in it.

Landon Collins House Rooms:-

The apartment is offering two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The flooring is of hardwood whereas for bathrooms the flooring is consistent of marble.

Landon Collins House other Features:-

The apartment is on the upper floor of the building that presents the owner with one of the most beautiful views of the city. The view can be enjoyed from a spacious living room that opens itself up into the kitchen. Other than that following features are held by the apartment:-

  • Building a gym allows access to residents
  • Rooftop swimming pool for residents
  • A spacious basement car parking garage with named parking for residents
  • Gated community with only access to residents
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