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Kirk Cousins Family Tree, Father, Mother, Siblings, Relationships & Children

Posted By: joy root | December 16, 2018

A family is the most important part of life. You will always need the support of your family if you want to make a difference in this world. Kirk Cousins Family.  Some of the famous people quote that it was their family that stood with them in the harshest of times during their struggles to fulfill their dream. Some of the celebrities are however not so blessed when it comes to families. They either have a bad family life or none at all but instead of mopping on the fact they decided to make better use of their abilities and fulfill their goal in life. This is relatively true for sports celebrities. In America Baseball and NFL football are two popular family sports and the star athletes of this sport are mostly there due to their hard work and family supports.

Kirk Cousins Family:-

Kirk Cousins is the acting quarterback for the Washington Redskins NFL team. He was drafted only as the insurance policy in case the quarterback Robert Griffin III got injured. He got his chance in the limelight after being the starter of the 2014 season and made an impact on his team. Kirk Cousins Family Tree. The fact is evident from him being the first NFL player in history for consecutive two years of franchise tagging by an NFL team. This has also increased his fan base and the fans of Kirk are eager to know about his family details along with various other details. For these fans, we have compiled the information about Kirk’s family that we could scavenge.

Kirk Cousins Birth Place:-

Kirk Cousins is an American by birth and by ancestry. His family lineage goes back to times of American Civil War. Kirk was born to a family who was residing in Orlando, Florida at the time of his birth but later moved to Barrington Illinois. Kirk Cousins Family Tree. From there on they migrated to Holland, Michigan and spent their rest of the lives there. In football Kirk Showed interest at his high school years.

Kirk Cousins Father Name:-

The name of Kirk’s father is Don Cousins. He was a Senior Pastor by profession who was working at the Discovery Church of Orlando, Florida. His upbringing can be seen in Kirk’s character of him being a devout Christian in his life. Kirk’s father although did not have any prior connections to sports but still urged his son to make better use of his abilities for pursuing football. Kirk Cousins Family Tree. It was due to his pushing and support that Kirk is where he is today.

Kirk Cousins Family

Kirk with Father

Kirk Cousins Mother Name:-

The name of Kirk’s mother is Maryann Cousins. She is the simple housewife that lived all her life for her husband and his family. She was a devout Christian like her husband and raised her children with that same faith. Although it was hard for her to move all around the country she withstood all that moving and still raised her children fine in the end. Kirk’s loves his mother and admits her support in his struggle for football.

Kirk Cousins Siblings:-

The Cousins household had three children over the course of years. Kirk was the oldest son of his parents with two other younger siblings. One of his siblings was brother and other was a sister. Kirk Cousins Family Tree.  Their names are as follows.

  • Kyle Cousins
  • Karalyne Cousins

Kirk Cousins Relationships:-

In his life, Kirk only had one serious relationship and that relationship ended in a marriage that is still growing stronger than ever. Kirk stated dating a girl named Julie Hampton in 2012 and after a year and a half of dating, he prospered her for marriage which she accepted. Kirk Cousins Family Tree. The proposal was also one of kind. Kirk made the proposal for the balcony of Speaker of the house.

Kirk Cousins Family

Cousins with his Wife

Kirk Cousins Children:-

As of March 2017, Kirk made a tweet that he and his wife are expecting baby boy this year. The child is yet to be born.

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