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Drew Brees Family Tree, Drew Brees Wife, Childrens, Mother & More

Posted By: joy root | February 13, 2018

Family is one of the most important parts of any personal life especially for the celebrities; it is the family that set the course of their future often. Drew Brees Family Tree. Celebrities do have some figure or role model in their family that guides their way through the life to pursue their talents.

Drew Brees Family:-

Drew Brees is one of the most popular American Football players in America today. He is acting as the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints NFL team. Due to his fierce and tactical gameplay, he is considered one of the Tactician Quarterbacks in the history of NFL. Drew Brees Family Tree.  Apart from football Drew is also performing community and charity services for people of New Orleans. Drew was always a football lover and according to him his pursuing of the football is in his genes.

His uncle was a football player and quarterback for a college team while his maternal grandfather is a football coach with third-most victories in high school level football in Texas history. His father and mother were also great athletes from their high school days. All of this contributed towards Drew to pursue his talents in sports and especially in Football field. The family details of the player are sought after by his fans. To quench this urge to know about the Drew Brees’s family here is a family tree guide to help his fans understand him better.

Drew Brees Father Name:-

The name of Drew Brees’s father is Eugene Wilson “Chip Brees II.” His father is a Trial Lawyer by profession and is quite well known in Texas. His father was a great basketry ball player back in his high school and college days and even played for a team called Texas A&M Aggies Men’s basketball team. Drew Brees Family Tree.  Despite being good at sports, he pursued his law career but always had time to play some sport with his sons especially after his divorce.

Drew Brees Mother Name:-

The name of Drew Brees’s mother is Mina Ruth. She was also an attorney by profession. In her high school days, she was an All-State in three different high school sports. Due to his father and mother both being in athletic sports Drew and his brother naturally was better in sports. Drew and his mother had a public argument, and things were rough between them since 2006. After a while, things were starting to patch up between two, but his mother committed suicide. The reason for suicide was a drug overdose. The suicide is committing in 2009.

Drew Brees Mother Name

Drew Brees and his Mother

Drew Brees Grandfather:-

According to Drew, his grandfather is the reason that Drew was attracted to football. His grandfather was a man of strong character who with his abilities led third most victories for Texas school in Texas History. Drew Brees Family Tree. He is 91 years old and still alive today. Brees often visits him and considers him the reason that brought him to the football field.

Drew Brees Uncle:-

One other person that had great influence on Drew for joining football was his maternal uncle, Marty Akins. Drew Brees Family Tree. He used to play for a college level team Texas Longhorns as their quarterback from 1975 to 1977.

Drew Brees Uncle

Drew’s and his uncle together in this pic.

Drew Brees Siblings:-

While growing up, Drew Brees had a younger brother named Reid Brees. After his parents divorced each other, they shared the children custody. It was hard for the boys to go through this and they bonded with each other greatly. Reid Brees also had a talent for sports and used to play Baseball. During his college days, he played as the Outfielder for the College Team Baylor Bears Baseball team.  Drew Brees Family Tree.  His team made it into 2005’s college world series. After that, he quit the sport and is now living in Colorado. He is working in the sales department of a firm.

Drew Brees Sister:-

After his divorce, his father married a daughter of deceased U.S. representative Jack English Hightower named Amy Hightower. Drew Brees Family Tree. His father had a daughter and Drew and Reid’s half-sister named Audrey.

Drew Brees Relationship:-

In 2003 Drew Brees married his college sweetheart named Brittney Dudchenko now known as Britney Brees. They are currently together and living happily with their four children in New Orleans.

Drew Brees Children:-

As a result of his marriage with Brittney, he is now a father to four children. Three of them are boys, and one is a girl. The names of the boys are as follows.

  • Baylen Brees
  • Bowen Brees
  • Callen Brees

The name of his daughter is Rylen Brees.

Drew Brees Children

Drew Brees Children and his Wife

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