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DeMarco Murray Facts; 16 Unbelievable Facts of DeMarco Murray You Might Not Know

Posted By: joy root | February 18, 2018

Today we have selected the American Football player known by the name of DeMarco Murray. DeMarco Murray is the Running Back for the NFL team Tennessee Titans since 2016. DeMarco Murray Facts.  He was drafted first by Dallas Cowboys in the 2011 NFL draft as the 71st pickup of the third round. Later he was traded with Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL and lastly is currently settled with Tennessee Titans. During his seven years of the NFL and his time at three different NFL teams, DeMarco Murray has gained a lot of fame as an experienced player. His fan base is eager to learn about their favorite celebrity’s life and amazing facts that revolve around him. For these fans, we have collected a list of unbelievable facts that they might not know. These DeMarco Murray facts are as follows.

DeMarco Murray Facts:

DeMarco Murray Childhood:-

Name of DeMarco Murray’s parents is Kevin and Lorraine. Both of them got divorced because of some personal issues. They used to live in Las Vegas, Nevada and after the divorce, it was tough for them to handle the children with weekly moves to each of their parent’s house. To resolve that issue, boys were raised by Kevin and girls were raised by Loraine. This divorce had a deep effect on DeMarco Murray’s personality while growing up.

DeMarco Murray Father’s Motivation:-

DeMarco Murray’s father used to be a valet for a Hotel named The Strip in Las Vegas. Their house was ion low-income neighborhood with only necessities of life. DeMarco Murray father made sure that his boys would get the necessary education to get out of this neighborhood and make a better life for themselves. All of the Murray boys were efficient players than they were students. One time Kevin punished DeMarco Murray by pulling him off the football field, to make him learn the importance of education. This one time was enough for DeMarco Murray, and he got himself a great education for Oklahoma State.

DeMarco Murray Facts; 16 Unbelievable Facts

DeMarco Murray Athletic Brothers:-

Kevin Murray started training and playing with his boys at a young age. He trained all of his sons in Youth Football League. It was because of that early teaching that all of Murray brothers were athletic in their sense. Other brothers of DeMarco Murray have played football at some level either in junior college or college. DeMarco Murray was the only one who played in NFL while his other brothers graduated with degrees from universities.

DeMarco Murray Marriage:-

Murray finally decided to marry his longtime girlfriend Heidi Mueller back in June of 2015. They both were dating since 2008 and engaged in 2013. DeMarco Murray Facts.  They set the date of marriage in June of 2015, and the ceremony was held at Four Seasons hotel in Dallas, Texas.

DeMarco Murray Wife’s Past:-

Before marrying DeMarco Murray, Heidi Mueller was an actress. She was one of the key players for a famous Opera called Passion. DeMarco Murray Facts.  She also performed in various films. Heidi has not acted since the year 2011.

DeMarco Murray Cheating Scandal:-

In November of 2014, DeMarco Murray was accused by his former Oklahoma Teammate Brendan Clay, for cheating with his wife and sleeping with her. DeMarco Murray Facts.  Clay also posted the indecent text screenshot on social media accounts. However, DeMarco Murray and his girlfriend and later wife stood with him during all this never believing these accuses. The faith can be seen with their marriage decision in 2015.

DeMarco Murray Children:-

DeMarco Murray DeMarco Murray has a daughter from his wife long before they were married. Savannah Murray was born in June of 2013. DeMarco Murray Facts. This little angel has been the center of social media popularity polls due to her cuteness. DeMarco son expecting to be born on the same day when they DeMarco and Heidi tied their wedding knots.

DeMarco Murray Highschool Sports Teams:-

Murray attended the Bishop Gorman High School in his hometown Las Vegas, Nevada. For his school, DeMarco Murray was one of the fine athletes that played three sports in the combine. DeMarco Murray Facts. These sports are as follows.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field

For his high school football career, DeMarco Murray selected for consecutive three years as the All-Conference Team. He also played the key role in winning his high school team the three consecutive Conference Championships.

DeMarco Murray Facts; 16 Unbelievable Facts

DeMarco Murray College Offers:-

DeMarco Murray offered scholarships from the following schools as the running back player.

  • Miami State
  • Penn State
  • Texas A&M
  • Oklahoma State

He also offered the position at U.S. Army All American Bowl team as well. However, DeMarco Murray decided to side with Oklahoma State.

DeMarco Murray College Debut Records:-

During his first year at Oklahoma as the Sooners redshirt player, he made the following records.

  • By making four touchdowns in his debut game, he became the first player of the school to ever hold this record.
  • He made the Oldham Sooners record for the third longest touchdown run. He made the touchdown run of about 92 yards. The match was against Utah State and was in 2007.
  • He also tied the record of the Adrian’s Peterson for the freshman record in 2007.
  • He was the fifth player of the Oklahoma State football team to have made it in the Big 12 Conference history list by achieving 60 career touchdowns.

DeMarco Murray Other College Records:-

DeMarco Murray also holds the Oklahoma University’s following series of records.

  • Most points scored
  • Touchdowns made
  • Most all-purpose yards
  • Kickoff returns

DeMarco Murray NFL Draft:-

DeMarco Murray applied for the 2011 NFL draft. He is picking up by the NFL team Dallas Cowboys in the 3rd round as the 71st pickup. The team offered him a rookie contract of about $2.97 Million that also included the $622,000 signing bonus.

DeMarco Murray 2014 Season and Injury:-

In 2014 NFL season, DeMarco Murray suffered a broken hand injury before the 15th week. He underwent surgery for the hand and despite having bandages played for the team. DeMarco Murray Facts. The 17th week his hand still in bandages, DeMarco Murray broke the “Single Season Rushing record” by making 1845 yards. He earned the following titles that season.

  • League’s MVP conversation
  • NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year

DeMarco Murray Facts; 16 Unbelievable Facts

DeMarco Murray Philadelphia Eagles:-

In 2015 after the end of his contract with Dallas Cowboys, DeMarco Murray was in free agency. Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL took this great opportunity under consideration and signed the NFL champion for a five-year contract.  DeMarco Murray Facts. The contract was worth about $42 million. DeMarco Murray joined his college football quarterback Sam Bradford as his running back.

DeMarco Murray Trade to Tennessee Titans:-

In 2016, DeMarco Murray along with another player from Philadelphia Eagles trading with Tennessee Titans for one of their players. By making a total of 12 touchdowns in 2016 season, DeMarco Murray gained the 6th rank in all of NFL best Rushing Back in 2016.  DeMarco Murray Facts. Due to this stunning seasonal play, DeMarco Murray also got the 33rd rank in NFL top 100 players list.

DeMarco Murray Comforting Fans of Dallas Cowboys in Their Tragedy:-

Back in 2015, DeMarco Murray comforted a family of Dallas Cowboys fans when the raged stuck their house. The Livermore family was die-hard fans of Dallas Cowboys and was net with a fire tragedy that left their house burned down to ground.  DeMarco Murray Facts. Many of the Dallas Cowboys memorabilia items were also destroying. DeMarco Murray caught the air of this news and invited the Livermore brothers to a fun night of comfort and support in VIP event in Plano, Texas of Dallas Cowboys. DeMarco Murray signed their jerseys and also had dinner with them.

DeMarco Murray Facts; 16 Unbelievable Facts

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