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Antonio Brown Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts about Antonio Brown That You Might Not Know

Posted By: joy root | December 19, 2018

Antonio Brown is an acting wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His fame is getting bigger and bigger due to his phenomenal play in the field. He can break through any defense and this has received him not only awards but also lots of money and fans. These fans are what makes a celebrity great. Every celebrity’s fans want to know all about their idol’s life. They want to know the most amazing of the facts that are revolving around the life of the celebrity whether it is from their past or present or can be of the future coming events. Same is the case for Antonio Brown and his fans are eager to know about him. For these very reasons, we have prepared a guide consisting of few of the most amazing facts that fans need to know about Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Antonio Brown Facts;

Antonio Brown Friends With Rock:-

Antonio is a real pal with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He and Rock workout under the same trainer and are kind like gym partners. Antonio claims Rock to be his mentor for improving his games. According to him Rock advises him to smile more, work hard more and stay humble while doing so. Rock said that he believes in Antonio’s effort and knows that he can be even greater than his current image.

Antonio Brown Foodie:-

Antonio Brown is a foodie in his eating habits. He takes much care of his eating habits. He says that he likes to have food that is enriched with proteins. Breakfast is his most favorite meal of the day. He takes eggs and other whole grains with essential fats. For lunch, he likes to have Bison steaks. He claims that nutrition is the reason for his success in the game. The more his nutritional health is the more his gameplay will be better.

Antonio Brown Facts; 15 Unbelievable facts

Antonio Brown Work Out Fanatic:-

Antonio is a work out fanatic. During his offseason time, he likes to spend most of his time in the gym with one of his childhood friend a Cornerback for Denver Broncos, Kayvon Webster. He compliments Kayvon for pushing him since childhood for getting a bigger body and keeps pushing his limits. We have always been pushing each other, says Antonio.

Antonio Brown Childhood Nickname:-

He so skinny it is his middle school and most of the high school days that he was nicknamed as Boney Tony.

Antonio Brown Muscle Freak:-

Antonio is also working hard in the gym along with his nutritional diet because he is a fan of putting up muscles. He says that more muscle means more strength and more strength means more endurance on the field. Muscles are the only thing in football that will get your game better. Although he hates leg days but is strictly following all the leg exercises to make his running faster.

Antonio Brown Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts

Antonio Brown As A Swimmer:-

Apart from the tough workout routine and nutritional diet plan Antonio also takes food care of his Cardio health. He took cycling and swimming as his cardio exercise but from these two he likes swimming much more. According to him, swimming has dual effects. After all, the pounding on the field joints need some relax time to repair and swimming does so perfectly. His daily laps of swimming are 36.

Antonio Brown Hates Alcohol:-

Antonio is a strong hater of alcohol. He avoids any alcoholic content as to him it is a means to deteriorate one’s perfect God Given health. Whenever he is on the party in clubs with his teammates or friends he avoids alcohol. Instead of alcohol, Antonio makes good use of water. He drinks a gallon of water a day to keep his metabolism in perfect working condition.

Antonio Brown Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts

Antonio Brown Charity Foundation:-

Antonio despite his hectic work routine makes up time for charity. He has made a foundation in the neighborhoods of Miami with name Brown’s Foundation. The foundation aims to help poor children of Miami in getting them proper food at least for breakfast. Apart from that he also makes seminars with the appearance of chefs in schools to teach children how to make their own food if their parents don’t have time with simplest of food items at home.

Antonio Brown Motto And Slogan:-

He wears a chain with a Silhouette of a man with a football pointing towards the sky. Antonio calls this logo of his slogan and motto “Chest Up, Eyes Up, Prayed Up”. This means that always believe the best of you while standing strong and resolved along with your handwork and faith in God. He made this motto his life slogan when he was struggling as a teen in the Liberty City when of the roughest neighborhoods in Miami City. This Logo and Motto are now a part of both his foundation and Clothing line.

Antonio Brown Badge of Honor:-

Having only played five seasons, Antonio has made quite an impression in the NFL world. This has earned him lots of badges and trophies. He is very fond of all these accolades of his career and calls them “Badge of Honor”.

Antonio Brown Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts

Antonio Brown Motivation:-

The only motivation while living on the streets of Liberty City Miami was his inner voice. He kept on struggling even when there were haters to his efforts. He left the Central Michigan University’s senior year for being able to draft for NFL. People commented on him being nothing more than a backup but he never paid heed and now he is star NFL wide receiver of the renowned team.

Antonio Brown Fearless:-

All the wide receivers are afraid of someone on the opposing team. When asked by Antonio he replied that I am not afraid of anyone in particular. The game is all like chess just make the right move and you can break through any defense.

Antonio Brown Pilates Lover:-

Brown other than gym and cardio training have also undertaken Pilates. He considers it important for keeping his body tuned for a long time.

Antonio Brown Reason for Wearing Number 84:-

Antonio finally decided to let people know of his reason of wearing number 84 Jersey. It is a reminder to his struggle that he was rejected by 32 NFL teams multiple times including his current team today. I choose the number because 8 times 4 are equal to 32 and wearing this number is an added motivation before any game.

Antonio Brown Admires His Team Leader:-

Antonio is good friends with his team quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He admires him lots not only as a person but also as an NFL player. According to him despite him performing greatly in 12 seasons of NFL he can still go strong with lots of gas in next couple of seasons.

Antonio Brown Facts; 15 Unbelievable Facts

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