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Amari Cooper House, Address, Area, Location, Price, Rooms, Other Features

Posted By: joy root | February 18, 2018

Celebrity homes are among the hottest debated topics on the internet. Amari Cooper House. Multiple celebrity websites are providing fans of these celebrities with all the necessary details about their houses. Celebrities own the lavish and expensive houses in the expensive area of their hometown and sometimes own multiple properties around the nation. For the fans of American Football, we bring the details about your favorite celebrity’s house.

Amari Cooper House:-

Amari Cooper is the Wide Receiver for the NFL team Oakland Raiders. He was picked up by a team as the 4th overall pick up of the first round in 2015 NFL draft. Ever since then, Amari has proven his worth for being the number four. His start of the NFL was not that good but he overcame the losses and is now continued to glory and fame due to his splendid play in these recent three years. Amari Cooper House. All of his offensive play on the field has made him one of the best wide receivers in NFL today. He has made it on to list of Top 100 players of NFL for three straight years.

With all of this fame, there also came much fortune. Amari Cooper has a contract deal of about $22.5 million with his team along with various other sources of incomes as well. Amari Cooper House.  All of these allowed Amari to buy himself all the things he once desired and that includes buying himself a luxury house.

Amari Cooper House Address:-

Cooper bought himself a beautiful and luxury house in suburbs of California City. Amari Cooper House. The address of the house has been kept in secret as Amari is known to be discreet about his personal life. It is located in an unincorporated community in the suburbs of California and is deemed to be the expensive property area too.

Amari Cooper House, Address, Area

Amari Cooper House Area:-

The house boasts a total area of about 12,000 square feet. The house itself holds many of the amazing features.

Amari Cooper Price:-

Cooper bought this house back in 2015 right after signing his deal with Oakland Raiders. Amari Cooper House.  At the time of buying the house, it listed at a price of about $1.6 million but the recent increase in property prices made its worth about $1.7 million.

Amari Cooper House Rooms:-

The house has about two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Amari Cooper House. Master bedroom renovating according to Amari’s taste. The flooring of the rooms is of hardwood, whereas for the bathrooms and living room, it is of marble and granite.

Amari Cooper House Other Features:-

The house also has the following other features.

  • A modestly sized lawn in front of house
  • Swimming pool with a Jacuzzi in the backyard
  • Gym room with state of the art equipment
  • Living room overlooking the lawn
  • Den or an office room
  • Kitchen filled with all necessary equipment

Amari Cooper House, Address, Area, Price, Rooms,

Amari Cooper House Garage:-

Cooper owns four luxury sports cars so his house garage had to be big enough to hold them and it is. Amari Cooper House. The spacious garage is complimenting with a stretched driveway for easier mobility of cars.

Amari Cooper Mom’s House:-

Cooper on March 20, 2017, posted Instagram pictures of his mother along with a Range Rover and a lavish house behind her. Amari Cooper House. Mari stated that he always wanted to buy his mom her favorite car and her dream house while living life of suffering in Projects. Although it took 20 years he did make it into a reality.

Amari Cooper House, Address, Area, Price

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