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Amari Cooper Facts 20 Unbelievable Facts about Amari Cooper That You Might Not Know

Posted By: joy root | February 18, 2018

Amari Cooper is one of the renowned footballers of 2017. He is the acting wide receiver played for the NFL team Oakland Raiders since his pick up back in 2015 NFL draft. Amari Cooper Facts.  Amari Cooper has made it into big names of the NFL. In a just short period of time since his joining of Oakland Raiders. This not earned him respect from his rivals but has also gained him a lot of fame among Oakland Raiders fans. All of these fans are eager to learn more and more about the life of their beloved celebrity. For these fans, we have gathered a list of best facts revolving around the life of Amari Cooper. These facts are as follows

Amari Cooper Facts:

Amari Cooper High School Football:-

Cooper a student at Miami Northwestern High School in Florida. Since long when the major player at the University of Alabama. Amari Cooper Facts. He playing under the famous football coach Billy Rolle. During his junior year, Amari Cooper suffered a terrible knee injury but still managed to obtain his team 16 catches for 175 yards with four scores.

Amari Cooper Attended The school With Vikings Quarterback:-

The Minnesota Vikings fierce quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has made quite a roar in the NFL world with his splendid play during his Rookie Year. Amari Cooper went to the same school as the Teddy Bridgewater. Amari Cooper Facts. Cooper and Bridgewater were each other’s primary target during the Gridiron season.

Amari Cooper Not On The Top 5 List:-

It is hard to believe that Amari Cooper not on the Top 5 Wide Receiver coming out of high school list. In fact, according to major sporting critics, he was the “6 best wide receiver” coming out of High school. ESPNU also named him to be the 7th Wideout player coming out of high school in the country.

Amari Cooper Faced Much Criticism By Sports Websites:-

Only ESPNU gave Amari Cooper the place on their list of Top 50 players coming out of high school. Amari Cooper Facts. They gave him the 46th rank while other major critics like 247 Sports and Scout.com ranked him 55th and 86th bets player coming out of high school respectively.

Amari Cooper Facts 20 Unbelievable Facts

Amari Cooper Choosing University of Alabama:-

Amari Cooper chose the University of Alabama as he knew his position. Statistics during his high school football career. He was also offered scholarships from the following universities.

  • Miami State
  • Ohio State
  • Florida State

Cooper confirmed his commitment with Alabama on 22 September 2011.

Amari Cooper Broke Record in his Freshman Year:-

Amari Cooper was among the top recruits for University of Alabama football team. He gave them his worth by putting out best game in his freshman year. During his freshman year, Amari Cooper made 11 touchdowns along with 59 receptions for 1000 receiving yards. Amari Cooper Facts. The number of 11 touchdowns is important as it broke. The record for the College team held for nearly 62 years. The previous record holder was Al Lary. Amari Cooper also held the best receptions and receiving yards stats as compared to Julio Jones.

Amari Cooper Facts 20 Unbelievable Facts

Amari Cooper Broke Julio Jones Records:-

Julio Jones was one of the Best players that the University of Alabama ever had. Amari Cooper Facts. He simply great but Amari Cooper turned out to be brilliant as compared to Julio. Amari broke several of Alabama’s team record and most of them were made by Julio Jones. His college stats are as follows.

  • 228 career receptions
  • 124 single-season receptions
  • 3463 career receiving yards
  • 1727 single-season receiving yards
  • 224 single-game receiving yards
  • 31 career touchdowns
  • 16 single-season touchdowns

Amari Cooper Junior Season:-

During his Junior Season at Alabama. Amari Cooper was awarded Biletnikoff Award. Amari Cooper Facts.  The award is presented to Nation’s Top receiver.

Amari Cooper All-American Teams:-

Copper was also named as the Southeastern Conference’s Offensive Player of the Year title during his time with Alabama. Amari Cooper Facts. He also received many other titles from All-American teams.

Amari Cooper Facts 20 Unbelievable Facts

Amari Cooper Heisman Trophy:-

The candidate for the Heisman trophy and invited to New York for the presentation ceremony. Amari Cooper Facts. However, he finished third on the list of candidates right behind Marcus Mariota and Melvin Gordon.

Amari Cooper Alabama Summer Camp:-

Although many of his fans are aware that he offered positions from Ohio State and Florida State but the majority might not know that. He is not offered scholarship from Alabama University straight off the bat. Amari Cooper Facts. Instead, he performed for Nick Saban in the Alabama Summer Camp and received the offer afterward.

Amari Cooper Similar in Qualities To Julio Jones:-

It is now a well-established fact in American Football world that. Amari Cooper shares near about same abilities as the previous Alabama player Julio Jones. Amari Cooper Facts. First of all, they are both Wide Receivers of Alabama football team and set many of the team records. One of the most amazing traits of both players is that they set the record for “most Receiving Yards in a single game’ against. The Tennessee Titans team. This team is well known for his defensive play.

Amari Cooper NFL Draft:-

Cooper came true to all expectations of the fans. Picking up as the 4th overall pick up in the 2015’s NFL draft by Oakland Raiders.

Amari Cooper Facts Unbelievable Facts

Amari Cooper Jersey Number:-

He wears the Number 89 jersey as the Oakland Raiders player. Amari Cooper Facts. Other notable players that wore this number are as follows.

  • Ronald Curry
  • James Jones
  • Trey Junkin
  • Alexander Wright
  • Bill Miller
  • Gene Prebola

Amari Cooper First NFL Penalty:-

He received his first NFL penalty while playing against Cincinnati Bengals. Amari Cooper Facts. Oakland Raiders also lost that game. Cooper flagging for making Offensive Pass Interference.

Amari Cooper NFL’s First Catch:-

His first NFL catch thrown to him by Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

Amari Cooper Facts Unbelievable Facts

Amari Cooper Touchdown Reception Catches:-

Cooper’s first ten touchdown reception catches were thrown to him by quarterback Derek Carr in NFL while. The 11th catch thrown by backup quarterback Connor Cook.

Amari Cooper Bought His Mom’s Favorite Things:-

After becoming a professional American Footballer and receiving the huge amount of money in salary earnings. Amari Cooper decided to fulfill her mother’s wishes. He bought his mother her dream house and her dream car Range, Rover. Posted a message of it with photos on his Instagram page.

Amari Cooper Private Life:-

Amari Cooper is known to be one of the deserving players in Football today.Amari Cooper Facts.  Not much is known about his private life as to whether he is dating a girl or is married. He has kept his private life strictly secretive.

Amari Cooper Only Brother:-

Amari Cooper was the only brother of four sisters. All of his sisters are older than him.

Amari Cooper Facts Unbelievable Facts


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